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Wholly Scrap! The Scrapbooking Podcast




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Wholly Scrap Scrapbooking Podcast, where we help you get the most out your scrapbooking hobby. Well talk about tips and techniques, and give you lots of ideas and interviews that will help you add meaning and FUN to the hobby you already love -- scrapbooking. Join host Angie Pedersen on a whirlwind tour of just about everything scrap-related.
Recent Episodes for Wholly Scrap! The Scrapbook...
DATE: Tue, 23 May 2006
SIZE: 31.1 MB
Wholly Scrap! Ep4b May 23, 2006

Episode #4b: How to Jumpstart Your Scrapbook Journaling34:01 minutes; 31.1MB  Links Mentioned During the Show Listener Comment Line: 206-202-3122 My podcast blog: My Typepad blog: My website: SurveyMonkey.comSkype.comh ttp:// (free sound-editing program) How to Podcast post on Michelle's Scrapability blog: Kaboose Acquires Two PeasPhotoshop Elements 2006 Scrappy AwardsLeave Memories ClosingKI Memories Color Theory ContestScrapbook Answers' Girls Weekend3M Super 77 "Can Do" ContestMemory Makers to Fulfill PaperKuts SubscriptionsTonya Doughty Designing for Prima MarketingClose To My Heart, new summer Idea Book Adams Media's Letters to My MotherThe Scrapbook Rewards Visa CardMaking Memories Signs with ShopatronScrap City: Scrapbooking for Urban Divas and Small-town RebelsScrappy Marketing Scrapbooking Basics class at BNU, in the Life Improvement campusEssentials of SB Journaling at WOWPapa Bear's Journaling PromptsJournaling Resource BooksPen on FireList Your SelfThe Photo ScribeTurning Memories Into MemoirsPersonal Journaling magazineKatie's Monthly Memory RoundUp:'s monthly ebookThe Book of Me series: Podsafe Music Credits, downloaded from "Drive Away" by Matthew Ebel"Aguamala" by Carne CrudaNOTE: This podcast is not affiliated, supported, or sponsored in any way by Wholly Scrap!, LLC, a scrapbooking store in New Hampshire.  

DATE: Sun, 07 May 2006
SIZE: 25.6 MB
Wholly Scrap! Ep4a May 7, 2006

Interview with Ronna Penner of Scrapdelic.com28:04 minutes; 25.6MBResources mentioned:'s video podcast:

DATE: Fri, 31 Mar 2006
SIZE: 50.8 MB
Wholly Scrap! Ep3 2006-March-26

Episode #3: Scrapbooking Podcast Pioneers & Interview with Laurie Terry from Pressed Petals[show notes to come!]   Podsafe Music Credits, downloaded from "Drive Away" by Matthew Ebel "Flowers & Balloons" by Bliss Station "Get the Picture" by Lynn Julian NOTE: This podcast is not affiliated, supported, or sponsored in any way by Wholly Scrap!, LLC, a scrapbooking store in New Hampshire.

DATE: Mon, 20 Feb 2006
SIZE: 39.7 MB
Wholly Scrap! #2 -- February 17, 2006

Episode #2 Show Notes Podcast Administrative Notes Listener Mail Personal Notes from Angie: My articles in Scrapbook Answers & Memory Makers, and marketing consulting Scrapbooking Industry News An interview with Sara Naumann from Hot Off the Press My Scrapbooking Philosophy  Links mentioned during the show: My blog at Typepad: Wholly Scrap, LLC the store:  (not affiliated with this show) Michelle's podcast-listening tutorial Kim Dushinski's blog: (mis-stated as BoxerScrapb everydaydan Angie's CHA Round-up Nancy Nally's blog: Epson CreativeZone Hot Off the Press Podsafe Music Credits, downloaded from "Drive Away" by Matthew Ebel "Flowers & Balloons" by Bliss Station NOTE: This podcast is not affiliated, supported, or sponsored in any way by Wholly Scrap!, LLC, a scrapbooking store in New Hampshire.

DATE: Fri, 03 Feb 2006
SIZE: 32.2 MB
Wholly Scrap! #1 -- January 29, 2006

Episode #1 Show Notes Wholly Scrap! #1 January 29, 2006Introduction to MEScrapbooking Industry News via SB Industry NewsInterview with Angie Warhurst of Links mentioned during the show: My blog at Typepad: angiepedersen.typepad.comMy website: www.onescrappysite.comTwo Chicks DesignsMoments DefinedKaren Foster Designs Podsafe Music Credits, downloaded from"Drive Away" by Matthew Ebel"Get the Picture" by Lynn Julian"Little Secret" by Julie Gribble

Recent Comments for Wholly Scrap! The Scrapbook...

Great show, its fun and entertaininig

Submitted By: funkyfoxz@... (on 5-2006)


I thought you did a wonderful job (#3 was the first I heard). I would like to make a couple of suggestions from a listener point of view. 1. Watch that you swallow your words at the ends of sentences. This is a common problem when people are used to speaking at home and not on the air. You need to be sure that you have enough air in your lungs to finish your sentences. I noticed it when you were talking with the woman from Pressed Petals. 2. Watch what is called "patterning" as you speak. This will also help solve problem #1. When people are speaking in front of a group or in a play for the first time, they have a tendency to say each line in the same pattern, such as starting on a high note and ending up on a really low note on the end. It makes listening rather monotonous and important points can be missed because they are on the wrong end of the sentence. 3. When doing a telephone interview (and I've done a bunch as I know you have) as an interviewER instead of an interviewEE, be sure to allow enough time for the interviewee to finish their sentences or thoughts. When you plan your questions, also plan a couple of comments to get them back on track. For instance, you could have asked the Pressed Petals lady (sorry, I'm horrible with names) WHY she liked putting letters on squares? Did she prefer checkerboard effects or did she just not have the ability to make decent circles (you know what I mean?)? It was one of those comments she made that didn't appear to have any relevance but was just left hanging with no follow-up. 4. Since you aren't doing a hard news interview, you might prep your guest for a few moments before the broadcast or something. Or you could email a set of questions you know you'll be asking and add some as you go to give it a little more unrehearsed quality. Some people can't think on their feet. Good luck with your broadcasts--I think you're on the right track! Kathy Parrish

Submitted By: webmaster@... (on 4-2006)

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