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Student Pilot Training Podcast




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This podcast is for people interested in obtaining their private pilot certificate. It starts at Ab-Initio (for absolute beginners) and takes you through the theory required to help obtain your private pilot certification. The show is also worthwhile for current certificate holders to revise their knowledge.
Recent Episodes for Student Pilot Training Podc...
DATE: Thu, 14 Dec 2006
SIZE: 8.61 MB
#15 Radio Calls Redux

This episode falls under the category of Radio Operations. Follow me along my radio calls during a long navigation that takes me through all manner of airspace, including: GAAP CTAF CTAF (R) Class C Class D Military Lanes Restricted Zones SARTime Flown Lately? Geoff.

DATE: Sat, 02 Dec 2006
SIZE: 8.23 MB
#14 Abnormal Operations

This episode falls under the category of emergencies and covers: Fire Engine Starting Taxiing Take off/Landing Birdstrike System/Electrical Failures Line up, Geoff.

DATE: Fri, 03 Nov 2006
SIZE: 7.55 MB
#13 Airworthiness and Loading

This episode falls under the category of general knowledge and covers: Competition Winner! Trading an Adventure Certificate of Airworthiness Maintenance Release Minimum/Mandatory Equipment List Loading Tailwinds, Geoff.

DATE: Sun, 22 Oct 2006
SIZE: 13.1 MB
#12 Student Milestones

This episode features SPT podcast news and goes over some of the more common training milestones. It covers: Listener Milestones SPT Guessing competition (Your chance to win a scenic flight!) My current training Mic Fright First Solo Stalls Stalling Myths Spins Restricted License Cross Country Solo Can you guess the big news? Geoff.

DATE: Thu, 19 Oct 2006
SIZE: 0.00 MB
#11 India and podcasting woes - NO Podcast with this entry

Well.. It has taken me quite a long time, but I am back in Australia... for now. I have been jetsetting back and forth to Bangalore, India for my company. We are in the process of outsourcing a large quantity of our working force. This isnt your run of the mill service desk, this is the outsourcing of 2nd and 3rd level support, which most I.T. companies seem to be doing nowadays. So where does that leave me and the podcast. Well for starters, I had recorded a number of shows on my laptop before my initial trip to India, but that turned sour when the laptop was misplaced (read stolen). I will be re-recording those shows and getting back on track and will take my podcasting equipment on future trips as I still have around two to three more 4-5 week trips remaining. Some housekeeping, I have had brief conversations with some listeners who asked how I was going and where I have been hiding, thanks for those emails. Some BIG news, I missed flying so much that I just had to do something spontaneous. If you know a little about my background from listening to the show or by reading this site, you may venture a guess as to what that is. The first person who can correctly identify the big news (email me) by the time the next podcast is released (approx. 5 days), you will win a scenic flight around Sydney Australia (overseas people can claim that prize within a 24 month period if you can make it to Australia). Summer is coming (downunder anyway), Geoff.

DATE: Fri, 12 May 2006
SIZE: 1.21 MB
#10 Holiday Update

A podcast update A quick message about the podcast and my holiday. Welcome home, Geoff.

DATE: Sun, 26 Feb 2006
SIZE: 8.27 MB
#9 Fundamentals of Navigation

This episode falls under the the category of navigation and covers: Basic principles Great circles True direction Magnetic variation Relative Bearings Longitude/Latitude The nautical mile The triangle of velocities Altimetry Inbound, Geoff.

DATE: Tue, 31 Jan 2006
SIZE: 12.4 MB
#8 Radio Procedures

This episode falls under the the category of general knowledge and covers radio procedures. We go over: More radio phraseology Clarity of transmissions Expressing time Class G transmission types Radio operations in the vicinity of Class G airfields Radio procedures for non-towered airfields Discretionary broadcasts Unicom Enroute radio procedures Acquiring weather in-flight Notarizing ATIS in-flight Radio procedures for GAAP airfields (with live examples) Radio procedures for Class C airports See the blog for the ATIS in-flight note example. Ready runway 11 right, Geoff.

DATE: Thu, 26 Jan 2006
SIZE: 14.4 MB
#7 Aerodromes, ALA's and Take-off/Landing Performance

This episode falls under the the category of operation and performance and covers ALA's and take-off/landing performance. We go over: Basic regulations of licensed aerodromes ALA definitions Splay/Obstacle clearance requirements Suitability of a take-off/landing area Take-off/Landing definitions Take-off/Landing performance Factors affecting take-off/landing performance Listener email: Simplifying Clouds Listener email: PPL minimal aeronautical experience Request: Send in flight school information for any school that is willing to provide a discounts to non-pilot listeners to take a TIF! Links relevant to this episode: hp?pod_id=17618 :: Vote! Cleared for touch and go, Geoff.

DATE: Tue, 17 Jan 2006
SIZE: 14.3 MB
#5 Basic instruments/equipment, acronyms and radio emergency procedures

This episode falls under the the category of general knowledge and covers basic instruments/equipment and radio emergency procedures. We go over: Who has control? Flight training up to GFPT The '6 pack' The Transponder ELT's Some aviation terminology, acronyms/abbreviations Radio emergency procedures Links relevant to this episode: ng1.html :: Incorrect Lift Theories - I forgot to add this link in the last episode show notes. tion/aviation.htm tm - AVWeb's emergency checklist article If you have a training story, feel free to send it in to me. Cleared for takeoff! Geoff. - Had an unusual attitude lately? If not, try aerobatics.

DATE: Tue, 17 Jan 2006
SIZE: 9.50 MB
#6 Balanced flight, trim, stability and control

This episode falls under the the category of general knowledge and covers balanced flight, trim, stability and control. We go over: What is balance? stability? control? Centre of pressure/centre of gravity and moments Stability vs control Longitudinal/directional and lateral stability Seconday effects of roll and yaw Rudder deflection in crosswinds Listener email: Conversion training (into other ICAO countries) Links relevant to this episode: hp?pod_id=17618 :: Vote for the show Cleared to land! Geoff.

DATE: Sun, 15 Jan 2006
SIZE: 15.2 MB
#4 The atmosphere, clouds and publications

This episode falls under the the category of meteorology and navigation, providing an introduction to the atmosphere, clouds and aviation publications and maps used by a VFR pilot. We go over: Lift - incorrect theories (Thanks to David Wright for the email reminder) Official theory answers versus real answers The atmosphere (Air, Boundary Layers, Pressure, Density) ISA, ELR and Deviations Synoptic charts Atmospheric Heating, Cooling, Inversions Introduction to wind Cloud types Common Australian Aviation Publications Common Australian Aviation Charts Pilots' Logbook Extra: Basic CTAF radio calls Some links relevant to this episode: http://www e/avdocs.asp Remember to visit the website at to support the show and vote on Podcast Alley. Happy Flying! Geoff.

DATE: Fri, 13 Jan 2006
SIZE: 13.7 MB
#3 The airframe and physics of flight

This episode falls under the category of Aeroplane General Knowledge and covers the airframe components and the forces that act on an aeroplane. We go over: aeroplane and the control surfaces, stating their primary effects Axis of controls The forces of flight and how they interact with each other to produce the desired result P-Factor, coordinated take-off Daily, pre-flight and post-flight inspections Securing the aircraft of the ground Extra: Introduction to basic radio calls and phraseology There are a number of other licensing options for pilots, which may include different theory and examination requirements along with different medical requirements. Have a chat with your local school for more information. Remember to visit the website at to support the show and vote on Podcast Alley. Have you taken a TIF yet? Geoff.

DATE: Tue, 10 Jan 2006
SIZE: 8.29 MB
#2 Getting started in flight training

This episode is all about getting started in flight training. Obtaining a pilots license is "as hard as it will be, perhaps more, hopefully less", however the the more committed you are to learning to fly, the easier everything will fall into place. Here are some points mentioned in the show: PPL(A) will cost on average around $15,000 (AUD) 50 to 70 hours of that will be actual in-flight training Theory is a major component of learning to fly and will take up most of your time Groundschool is a good alternative for people who prefer classroom style learning over self-study Learning to fly may be difficult and financially heavy but it will be a memorable experience Take a TIF (Trial Instruction Flight) with a school (or a number of schools) before committing to the type of aircraft you wish to learn in or the school you choose If you have any reservation about not being able to pass a decent medical, spend the money and go see a DAME (Designated Aviation Medical Examiner) Ensure you have the funds available to atleast complete the first 20 hours of training in the first few weeks to enhance your training experience and help retain the new skills Don't always choose the cheapest school and preferably stay away from the schools that promise you a PPL for a fixed cost, usually their goal is to get you in and out the door as quick as possible Regularity in training is critical to progressing Get a feel for different schools by talking to the students already attending Take responsibility for your learning! Current Pilots: Take a flight review every year or try for a new endorsement! What is airmanship? Airmanship is an integral part of competency in aviation and is defined as the combination of knowledge, skills and attitide required to operate an aircraft in all foreseeable situations. Situational awareness is a key to this. Being situationally aware means to be see the big picture, at all times, by continually collecting and judging information, from sources inside and outside the cockpit. In flight a pilot has to be several minutes ahead of the aircraft, not several seconds behind it, in order to perceive what’s going on and be able to impose sound judgement on every change, from a minor distraction to a major in-flight emergency. Most studies of aircraft accidents or incidents reveal that is wasn't a single cause but a series of related events or actions that were allowed to progress without intervention which then lead to the unplanned termination of the flight. Quote for the episode: A U.S. Navy pilot once wrote "In aviation you very rarely get your head bitten off by a tiger - you usually get nibbled to death by ducks" Keep punching holes in the sky, Geoff.

DATE: Mon, 09 Jan 2006
SIZE: 1.41 MB
#1 Introduction to the Podcast

Introduction to the Student Pilot Training Podcast. Hi there, My name is Geoff, I am from Sydney Australia and am currently completing my instructor rating. This podcast is designed to help student pilots and people interested in aviation, to learn the theory behind the private pilot certification. Current pilots may benefit from the podcasts and hopefully provide some feedback on how to improve the material. Here are some links that are applicable to this podcast: Take care and happy flying! Geoff.

Recent Comments for Student Pilot Training Podc...
Great podcast!

Great podcast!

Submitted By: wadlust@... (on 10-2012)


There are lot of schools that are providing you the right training and then there are schools they are providing you the right accommodation and some with both so it becomes very hard where to go in that case contact to get the exact information and the best guidance for flying and for ground studies. this is your one stop solution to all your needs from taring , ground studies , medicals , books and each and every thing and that to in the most easiest of ways, mail us at AVIATORWORLD@YMAIL.COM 00917842416194,00639352522906.

Submitted By: AVIATORWORLD@... (on 12-2011)

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