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 No rank this month is a video podcast featuring the gadget loving hottie, Cali Lewis. The hottest gadget news is delivered to you in 3-5 minute shows 2-5 days a week. Subscribe and vote!
Recent Episodes for Geek Brief TV
DATE: Fri, 25 Jun 2010
SIZE: 24.7 MB
GBTV #779 (small) | Bloopers, Gaffs, and Gibberish

Bloopers, Gaffs, and Gibberish We all make mistakes.  And I'm no exception.  Here's some of my... shall we say.... less appealing moments.

DATE: Tue, 22 Jun 2010
SIZE: 25.7 MB
GBTV #778 (small) | iOS4 Update, emPower, Hospital Robots

The iOS4 update is out with iTunes 9.2. I'm liking the multitasking ability, but my experience with the battery hasn't been great so far. I lost 10% of my battery in 20 minutes. emPower glasses are the glasses of the future. They have electronic lenses that focus quickly with less distortion. A hospital in Scotland is going to use robots to serve food, administer medicine and carry clinical waste.

DATE: Tue, 22 Jun 2010
SIZE: 31.7 MB
GBTV #777 (small) | GAEMS Entertainment System, iPhone4 Orders Cancelled, WireTape, WordPress 3.0

The GAMES Portable Console Gaming and Entertainment System is a hard case that houses your Xbox 360 along with an LCD and speakers for easy traveling and gaming. AT&T and Apple are canceling iPhone 4 orders. It might just be that they're canceling EXTRA orders from the website hiccups last week, but we might not know for sure until actual launch day. WireTape cables are going to be super flat cables that clean up the cable clutter. (via Scott Ellis) WordPress 3.0 is out and you can upgrade now. If you want to learn more about it, come to OpenCamp in August! You'll learn that and tons more about how to take advantage of your CMS platform (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!) to make your website even better, and learn about topics we all have in common like SEO, marketing, driving traffic, and making money off your website. For you podcasters, there's a New Media track. We have great room rates at the venue/hotel, the Crowne Plaza in Addison when you use Discount Code OCD.

DATE: Sat, 19 Jun 2010
SIZE: 35.3 MB
GBTV #776 (small) | Dropcam Echo, My Passport Studio, Willow Garage, Droid X

The Dropcam Echo is an easy to setup home monitoring system that alerts you via SMS when there's activity. I recently bought and love the Western Digital My Passport Studio. It has an eInk display that tells you the name of the drive and how much space is left. The display is customizable. You can buy it here on Amazon. Willow Garage taught their PR3 robot to play pool. You can see the full video here. Next week we should know about the Droid X and hopefully the Droid 2.

DATE: Fri, 18 Jun 2010
SIZE: 32.0 MB
GBTV #775 (small) | YouTube Video Editor, ClearSpot 4G & 4G+, Vaio's Share My Connect

YouTube is making it easier to share better video than just whatever it is you recorded with YouTube Video Editor. You can trim, add music and combine videos. Clear announced the ClearSpot 4G and 4G+ WiFi hotspots for $99 and $224 respectively. The 4G+ Mobile USB Stick is available for $114. Sony Vaio Z and Y series laptops have a Share My Connect feature that allows you to share your Internet connection with up to 5 people. You can use my promo code GEEK at when you're ready to find trusted workers in your neighborhood and save money while you're at it!

DATE: Thu, 17 Jun 2010
SIZE: 30.0 MB
GBTV #774 (small) | iPhone 4 PreOrders, New Mac Mini, Nintendo 3DS, USB Typewriter, Swype

The iPhone 4 preorder process turned out to be somewhat of a disaster. There were security flaws and errors and lots of frustration, but it all seems to be straightened out now. Apple released the new Mac Mini with HDMI. Nintendo's 3DS has a 3D screen that's adjustable. The USB Typewriter is a mod that makes any typewriter powered via USB. You can buy the kit to do it yourself, or you can buy one already done. Swype is an Android app that promises to increase the speed of your typing on a virtual keyboard.

DATE: Wed, 16 Jun 2010
SIZE: 37.0 MB
GBTV #773 (small) | Microsoft Kinect & New Xbox 360

Project Natal has been officially renamed Kinect and will be available for sale on November 4th. I have some demos and additional information for you in the video! The new Xbox 360 has 5 USB ports, 802.11n WiFi, a 250GB hard drive and a special port for connecting Kinect. Use with discount code GBTV in the Special Instructions box to save 10%.

DATE: Fri, 11 Jun 2010
SIZE: 36.4 MB
GBTV #772 (small) | Google Voice in Gmail, Rockband 3 Keyboard, A Waterproof Kindle Case, Pico Projector Robot Arm

Google Voice Gmail Rockband 3 Keyboard Waterproof Kindle Case Pico Projector Robot Arm

DATE: Fri, 11 Jun 2010
SIZE: 26.8 MB
GBTV #771 (small) | WD TV Live Plus HD, Evo 4G Macro Lens, Proscope, Panasonic 4K 3DTV

The WD TV Live Plus HD media player lets you stream from your Netflix, plus more. put a macro lens on the Evo 4G and got some really great results! Bodelin Technologies released the first digital microscope that works with the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Panasonic's 4K 3D TV will be shipping in the fall. You can save money on contact lenses and glasses at when you enter code GBTV in the Special Instructions box.

DATE: Wed, 09 Jun 2010
SIZE: 28.4 MB
GBTV #770 (small) | Ford Sync & Google Maps, Sub-Tub Whirlpool Bathtub, Safari 5, Notebook USB Audio Station

Ford Sync and Google Maps are syncing up so you can send your destination to your car FROM Google Maps on your computer or phone. The Sub-Tub Whirlpool Bath & Washbasin Unit is an all in one bath, sink, vanity and TV. Safari 5 was released, and it's most notable feature is Safari Reader. It declutters the page so you can focus on the content. The Notebook USB Audio Station is a laptop rizer that includes three USB ports and two 8 watt speakers. You can use discount GEEK to save you money at Angie's List, where you can find trusted contractors, reviewed by people in your neighborhood. I'm Cali Lewis. Thanks for watching!

DATE: Tue, 08 Jun 2010
SIZE: 36.3 MB
GBTV #769 (small) | iPhone 4 from WWDC

At WWDC 2010, Steve Jobs announced the iPhone 4. You can reserve it on June 15th and buy it on June 24th. The 16GB version will be $199 and the 32GB will be $299. A few important things to note about the new iPhone 4: The resolution has been increased. It's now 960x640, known as a Retina Display. The Apple A4 chip and bigger battery life means 7 hours of talk time. The antenna is actually built into the design of the hardware, and you'll notice it on the sides. There are two cameras, one on the front, one on the back, and it'll record 720p video. The new iMovie app will allow you to edit your movies on the fly. With FaceTime, you'll be able to do video chats from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4, and only on WiFi for now. Developers will get iOS4 today. The only thing in the OS that hadn't been announced previously was that Bing and Yahoo are being added as search options.

DATE: Fri, 04 Jun 2010
SIZE: 38.0 MB
GBTV #768 (small) | AT&T Data Plan Changes, doubleTwist Android Player, Zoom H1, PLEASE

AT&T changed their rate plans for data usage. Details are in the video. doubleTwist released a media player for Android that beats the built in player and gives you more control over the song's information. The Zoom H1 is a great, portable audio recorder. It'll cost $99. PLEASE is a new device in Europe that will administer medicine via lasers. I just put in my last pair of contact lenses, so I'll be ordering from to get some more at a 10% discount using promo code GBTV, for GeekBrief.TV. Just enter it in the special instructions box to apply.

DATE: Wed, 02 Jun 2010
SIZE: 35.5 MB
GBTV #767 (small) | Pulse, Lumix DMC-FX75, Perching Drones

The Pulse iPad app organizes your RSS feeds in a more visually stimulating way than most news apps. Panasonic's new Lumix DMC-FX75 does HD video, with 14 megapixel stills and has "Intelligent Resolution". Researchers at Standford University have created Perching Drones. It looks like a small toy plane that you'd throw around your living room, but this one has special powers and can perch on walls for days or weeks for recharging or surveillance.

DATE: Tue, 01 Jun 2010
SIZE: 35.3 MB
GBTV #766 (small) | WindPad 100 & 110, EeePad, Sanyo Xacti Underwater, Snapfinger, Skype Calls on 3G, Music for Deaf People

The MSI WindPad 100 is a 10" tablet running Windows 7 with the Wind Touch UI on top. The WindPad 110 is an Android version, also 10". Asus also announced a tablet at Computex, the EP121. It's a hybrid with a dock and keyboard. The Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA100 will go underwater, up to 10 feet. It'll record 1080p video. Snapfinger is now an app on your phone. It'll allow you to place food orders ahead of time so it's ready when you are. Skype 2.0 on the iPhone gives you the ability to make calls over 3G, not just WiFi. It'll be free until the end of the year. Music for Deaf People is a neck wrap that lets deaf people experience music through vibrations. JR used< my discount code GEEK at to save money on a membership. The membership gives you peace and mind, and more discounts, as you search for people to hire in your neighborhood that will do a quality job fixing your toilet, repairing your roof, or hanging a heavy ceiling fan.

DATE: Mon, 31 May 2010
SIZE: 34.3 MB
GBTV #765 (small) | Iota Flex, Fring, Sell on iBookstore, OLPC Tablet, AppleTV Update, OpenCamp

The Iota Flex will give you the ability to add voice and text to your Android tablet or eReader. Fring released an update giving Android phones video calls. Apple opened up the iBookstore to any author who want to sell their book to multiple countries. The OLPC effort is moving into the area of tablets. The AppleTV should be getting an update soon that will allow cloud storage and 1080p playback. Don't forget that the OpenCamp early registration discount ends on Monday, May 31st, so best to get your ticket now! There will be lots of networking opportunities and it's a great place to learn all you can about making your website or podcast the best it can be. Phillip Stratton saved $25 more at than at 800 Contacts just by using my coupon code GBTV. Just enter that code in the Special Instructions box to get your discount.

DATE: Sat, 29 May 2010
SIZE: 31.0 MB
GBTV #764 (small) | Comcast 105Mbps, NEC 3D PC, USB Cufflinks, Ford Motion Capture Systems, Wired iPad App

Comcast will soon be offering 105Mbps download speeds along with 10Mbps download speeds. It'll cost $200/month. NEC's Valuestar N VN790/BS is a 3D PC with Blu-ray. It comes with glasses and can switch between 3D and 2D. There are $200 USB drive cufflinks. They look good and give you 4GB of storage where ever you are. Ford is working with motion capture systems that the gaming industry uses to figure out what will work and what won't before parts get to the assembly line. Wired Magazine released their iPad edition to give you the full experience of the magazine digitally. You can use my discount code at to save money on a membership that will in return save you a lot of money by ensuring you're hiring people with good reputations in your neighborhood.

DATE: Fri, 28 May 2010
SIZE: 29.2 MB
GBTV #763 (small) | PowerV Duo, Wii Gloves, Smartphones & Hotels, Sony Rollable Display, Anybots

The PowerV Duo from Konnet is a wireless induction charger for two Wiimotes and has two USB ports. CTA's Weighted Wii Gloves give you a more realistic boxing experience and more exercise. Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) is working towards the future of hotel room entry. They're testing room entry with smartphones instead of plastic keys. The Chicago OHare Rosemont and the Holiday Inn Express Houston Convention Center locations will be the first to test it out. Sony's rollable OLED screen is being shown off. It has a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 432x240 resolution. If Anybots makes it to market, these robots will follow you around your office during video conference calls. It has a camera and a display for seeing the other party. Thanks for the link, John! Brief 763 was brought to you by, where you can buy contact lenses and glasses at a very big discount. You can get an extra 10% off with my discount code GBTV.

DATE: Thu, 27 May 2010
SIZE: 29.2 MB
GBTV #763 (small) | PowerV Duo, Wii Gloves, Smartphones & Hotels, Sony Rollable Display, Anybots

The PowerV Duo from Konnet is a wireless induction charger for two Wiimotes and has two USB ports. CTA's Weighted Wii Gloves give you a more realistic boxing experience and more exercise. Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) is working towards the future of hotel room entry. They're testing room entry with smartphones instead of plastic keys. The Chicago OHare Rosemont and the Holiday Inn Express Houston Convention Center locations will be the first to test it out. Sony's rollable OLED screen is being shown off. It has a 1000:1 contrast ratio and 432x240 resolution. If Anybots makes it to market, these robots will follow you around your office during video conference calls. It has a camera and a display for seeing the other party. Thanks for the link, John! Brief 763 was brought to you by, where you can buy contact lenses and glasses at a very big discount. You can get an extra 10% off with my discount code GBTV.

DATE: Wed, 26 May 2010
SIZE: 34.6 MB
GBTV #762 (small) | International iPads, EyeTV HD, Animal Robot, Free AT&T WiFi

The international launch of the iPad is on May 28th! The EyeTV HD allows you to watch your TV shows and movies from your DVR on your Apple laptop, iPhone or iPad. A research team at USC is working on a cool robot project, mimicking robots after animals to maximize their ability to walk on unstable terrain. , AT&T is offering free WiFi in Times Square to alleviate some of the strain on the 3G network.

DATE: Sat, 22 May 2010
SIZE: 33.2 MB
GBTV #761 (small) | Google I/O: Google TV, Chrome Web Store, Android 2.2

Google TV aims to bring the Internet and TV video content together and easy to find. It has speech recognition built in and will run Android apps. You'll see TVs with Google TV built in by next fall. The Chrome Web Store will give you a one stop shop to get web apps like TweetDeck and Plants & Zombies. Froyo, Android 2.2, will be faster, backup better, can be used as a WiFi hotspot, and run Flash 10.1. Early registration and the discount that goes along with it for OpenCamp is gone at the end of August. It's a conference that embraces all bloggers and website owners, regardless of what platform you use. You'll learn a ton and have a great time. I'll be shooting Briefs live for the next couple weeks. You can follow me on Twitter to find out when I'm shooting CaliLive.TV, or head on over to where you'll be able to watch live and get updates on when I'll be on. This episode was brought to you by, where you can save money on contact lenses and glasses by using my discount code GBTV.

DATE: Thu, 20 May 2010
SIZE: 33.4 MB
GBTV #760 (small) | Immortal Sunglasses, L5 Remote, Starbucks Incentives, Lego Bridge

The Immortal Sunglasses are the first pair of glasses that I'm aware of that have a video camera built in so you can record everything you see. The L5 Remote is now shipping. It's a dongle for your iPod Touch or iPhone that turns it into a universal remote. Starbucks is embracing Foursquare by offering the mayor of each location a $1 discount. There's a small vehicle made entirely out of Legos that can lay out a bridge in front of itself, cross the bridge, then pick it up behind itself and keep going. This episode was brought to you by, where you can save money on contact lenses and glasses by using my discount code GBTV.

DATE: Tue, 18 May 2010
SIZE: 31.3 MB
GBTV #759 (small) | Lasers' 50th Birthday, EeePC 1015P, Mobilicity, Electrochromic Panels

In 1917, Albert Einstein thought lasers were possible, and yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of when Theodore Maiman demo'd the first working laser. Asus announced their 1015P and 1015PE models have 13.5 hours of battery life. If you're in Toronto, Mobilicity is offering an alternative to Rogers and Bell by giving you the choice of prepaid, no contracts and unlimited plans, starting at $35/month. Aaron Schild and Rafael Cosman, students in San Diego, showed off a cool prototype at Intel's International Science and Engineering Fair of electrochromic panels that darken and lighten based on the sunlight. My coupon code GEEK at will save money on your membership. At Angie's List, you can look at reviews on the people you're about to hire to do work on your house.

DATE: Sat, 15 May 2010
SIZE: 32.7 MB
GBTV #758 (small) | Sharp 3D Module, Mind Controlled Prosthetic Arm, Evo 4G Price, OpenCamp

Sharp announced their 3D module that shoots 720p 3D video for use with portable devices. The mind controlled prosthetic arm is ready for the public, and Christian Kandlbauer is the first European to have it installed. The EVO 4G has a date and price. It'll be available from Sprint June 4th for $199 with contract. I'm very excited to announce a conference I've been planning in Dallas called OpenCamp. The goal of OpenCamp is to encourage everyone, regardless of which CMS platform you use (like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla) to get together, learn from each other and network with a larger community rather than separating ourselves and defining ourselves by the type of website we own. During our morning sessions, we'll have everyone together in one room to focus on topics we all want to learn... Promotion, SEO, Making Money, that kind of thing. In our afternoon sessions, you'll be able to focus on your platform of choice and delve deeper into how to get the most out of WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. We'll also have lots of New Media sessions where you can learn how to podcast or how to make your existing podcast or video series better. I'll be speaking, and we already have a few great speakers on board like Chris Pirillo, Giovanni Gallucci and Trey Ratcliff. AND! As long as I can get all the details worked out, Leo Laporte will be there! It'll be worth coming into town to spend a couple days filling your head with knowledge, networking and having a blast! Even if you're local, consider staying at the Crowne Plaza for convenience and so you can take part in some after hours parties. Early registration ends May 31st, so don't delay in getting your name on the website! It's See you here August 27-29! You can use discount code GEEK at, where you can find reviews on companies in your neighborhood so you make sure you're getting the right person for you when you hire a painter, housekeeper, pretty much anyone!

DATE: Thu, 13 May 2010
SIZE: 24.9 MB
GBTV #757 (small) | Samsung U200 & U250, Creative ZiiSound Speakers, ProPrompter HDi

Samsung's new all in one PCs, the U200 and U250, have multitouch displays and will be running Windows 7 Home Premium when they're released...I don't know when yet! The ZiiSound D5 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers from Creative comes with a dongle for controlling it from an iPhone or iPod, and hopefully an iPad. I've featured Bodelin Technologies a few times over the course of this show. Their new project, the ProPrompter HDi is made for an iPad and they updated their controller app to wirelessly sync the script. You can save money on contact lenses and glasses by using my discount code GBTV at It's a much less expensive and much easier option than going to the optometrist's office!

DATE: Wed, 12 May 2010
SIZE: 30.7 MB
GBTV #756 (small) | Pioneer XW-NAC1, Sony NEX3 & NEX5, Twitter Business Center, Molecular Computing

Pioneer's new speaker system, the XW-NAC1 is a dual dock for your iPods and iPhones and can play from either device. Sony announced their NEX3 and NEX5 cameras. They look really good, have small bodies and interchangeable lenses. The NEX3 shoots 720p and the NEX5 shoots 1080. They promise good low light performance. The new Twitter Business Center allows businesses to add a verified account tag, receive DMs from any customer regardless of if you're following them, add multiple contributors and more. Researchers are making some big moves forward in the area of molecular computing. Their tests show that a single iodine molecule can run calculations thousands of times faster than our current computers. You can save money at when you use my discount code GBTV.

DATE: Tue, 11 May 2010
SIZE: 27.6 MB
GBTV #755 (small) | Sony VAIO P, Fujitsu E-Paper Improvements, HyperMac iPad Batteries, Facebook Privacy

Sony updated their VAIO P laptops. They're 8" displays with touchpads on each side and an accelerometer that lets you move between webpages by tilting the device. Fujitsu improved the quality of the color e-Ink paper to be more vibrant and faster. HyperMac came out with new external batteries for iPads, ranging from $200-$500. Facebook Privacy issues have been going on for a while. I'd love to hear what you guys think about it. Are you paying attention to it? Do you care? Are you quitting Facebook? Leave a comment below! Brief 755 is brought to you by Angie's List. You can get trusted reviews from people in your neighborhood to come work on your house, your teeth or make sure the doctor you're about to go to doesn't have any bad reviews. Use my discount code GEEK at, and let me know if you do!

DATE: Fri, 07 May 2010
SIZE: 29.3 MB
GBTV #754 (small) | Humble Monkey, i-LIMB Pulse, Clear Rollout & New Phones

I've been playing with the Humble Monkey 360-T2 Camera Truck. If you need to shoot images or video low to the ground with some movement, this is key to getting good shots! Touch Bionics' new i-LIMB Pulse prosthetic hand uses high frequency electronic pulses to control individual limbs, like fingers, more precisely. Clearwire is rolling out to 19 new cities over the summer. They're Kansas City, KS; St. Louis, MO; Salt Lake City, UT, and the core area of Washington, D.C.; Nashville, TN; Daytona, Orlando and Tampa, FL; Rochester and Syracuse, NY; Merced, Modesto, Stockton, and Visalia, CA; Wilmington, DE; Grand Rapids, MI; Eugene, OR; and Yakima and Tri-Cities, WA. They're also coming out with Clear branded HTC and Samsung mobile phones.

DATE: Fri, 07 May 2010
SIZE: 54.1 MB
GBTV #753 (small) | BenQ E1260, Wii Controll Demo, Own Voice, Secret Knock Detector

The BenQ E1260 camera has HDR technology built in. I'm a bit skeptical about the results, but it could be a step in the right direction. Ryan Frawley created an app called Wii Controller Demo that lets you pair an Android phone with a Wiimote and log movements on the display. Nokia's Own Voice lets you download your own voice into the Ovi Maps system so you can listen to your own voice (or someone else's) give you directions. Steve Hoefer made a secret knock detecting gadget. The door will only unlock when you get the secret knock right. Very clever! You can use my discount code GEEK at, where you can save money when signing up for an easy to build, easy to maintain website.

DATE: Wed, 05 May 2010
SIZE: 32.9 MB
GBTV #752 (small) | HTC Incredible

I've had some time with HTC Incredible, and I'm really enjoying it! It's a very good option if you're looking at an Android phone or iPhone alternative. Android 2.1 HTC Sense UI 1GHz Snapdragon Processor 3.7" 480x800 AMOLED capacitive touchscreen 8MP camera, dual LED flash, auto focus 8GB memory Virtual keyboard only Bluetooth WiFi FM Radio .47" depth microSD slot (up to 32GB) Optical trackpad This episode was brought to you If you're looking to build a website that's easy to put together and maintain, and don't know how to code, SquareSpace is the solution. My coupon code GEEK will save you money.

DATE: Tue, 04 May 2010
SIZE: 24.6 MB
GBTV #751 (small) | Google & BumpTop, Best Buy in the UK, Magimix Vision Toaster, Balanced Robot

Google bought BumpTop, and inevitably it'll be going into hiding for a while while Google "works on it". You have a week to get it before that happens! The first Best Buy in the UK opened Saturday in West Thurrock, where you can get a peek at the Tesla Roadster. The Magimix Vision Toaster is a toaster with glass sides for $300. Dr. Masaaki Kumagai is working on a project at the Robot Development Engineering Laboratory that's focused on balance. This episode was brought to you by Angies List. You can save 25% on a membership when you sign up using my discount code GEEK. Once in, you can find people to do work on your house, in your yard, even doctors, and you can be sure they'll do a good job based on reviews by people in your neighborhood.

DATE: Sat, 01 May 2010
SIZE: 31.5 MB
GBTV #750 (small) | Microsoft Courier, Windows 7 Not on HP Slate, Textie, Steam

Microsoft announced they wouldn't be bringing the Courier to market. It was a research and testing product, so we may see parts of it in some future products, but don't expect to buy a Courier, ever. HP is canceling their Slate running Windows 7. It's very likely we'll see a tablet with webOS. Textie saves you money on SMS fees by bypassing the courier. You can use it even if other people don't use it and still save money. The Steam online gaming marketplace is opening up to Mac users. You'll be able to play online with friends using Windows, and access 560 games under $10. You can save 25% on an Angie's List membership using coupon code GEEK, and you save additional money by using trusted vendors in your neighborhood.

DATE: Thu, 29 Apr 2010
SIZE: 42.3 MB
GBTV #749 (small) | Nokia N8, HP & Palm, AT&T 3G Plan, Hallmark Star Wars Card, Brizzly Picnic

HP bought Palm, most likely for Palm's WebOS, which they might be thinking about combining with HP's tablets. Nokia announced their flagship phone, the N8. It has a 12 megapixel camera that can shoot some pretty fantastic video! Example in the show above. AT&T gave some more information about the iPad 3G data plan. Most notable, you'll get notifications before you run out of data if you're on the limited plan. Hallmark created a Star Wars greeting card for Father's Day. It plays clips from Star Wars. There will be a Brizzly Picnic Friday, April 30th with House's producing director, @GregYaitanes. He'll be answering all your questions, and I'll be joining in!

DATE: Tue, 27 Apr 2010
SIZE: 31.1 MB
GBTV #748 (small) | Zomm Review, No Touch Typing

I got a Zomm in for review. It's a device that attaches to your keyring and buzzes at you when you get too far away from your phone so you don't loose it. It also serves as a speaker phone, an alarm, and will make emergency calls. Masatoshi Ishikawa, a professor at the University of Tokyo, wants you to be able to type and operate devices just by moving your fingers in front of it. The system uses a small camera that shoots 154 images per second and they're looking to target the 3D app space. used my promo code GEEK to set up a SquareSpace account and save 12% on a site that was easy to use and easy to maintain.

DATE: Mon, 26 Apr 2010
SIZE: 32.4 MB
GBTV #747 (small) | OLED Wallpaper, Driving Technology, Ceramic Speakers

A company called Lomox in the UK is working on flexible OLED film, and they're showing it off as an OLED wallpaper that'll brighten up the room without light bulbs. Students at North Carolina State are developing software for cars that will recognize street signs, objects in the road and the edges of lanes so the car can drive itself. I've had a chance to play with the Ceramic Speakers I >talked about before My promo code GEEK at will save you 25% when you sign up to get reviews of neighborhood contractors, doctors, housekeepers, the list goes on and on.

DATE: Sat, 24 Apr 2010
SIZE: 32.9 MB
GBTV #746 (small) | Dell Smoke, Thunder, Lightning & Looking Glass, Hulu Plus, Power Skin, New Salt Crystals

Dell announced a lot yesterday! Their Smoke and Thunder phones are running Android, the Lightningslider phone is running Windows Phone 7, and the Looking Glass is a 7" multitouch tablet with a TV tuner. Hulu will be implementing their subscription model, Hulu Plus in May. You'll need it if you want to watch more than 5 episodes of certain TV shows. The Power Skin from MiLi is the thinnest iPhone battery pack, but still offers double the battery life for $74. PepsiCo is working on changing the way salt crystals are structured so they melt faster and PepsiCo can use less salt on chips without affecting the taste! I don't think I really deserve to have iPhones because I keep breaking mine. My iPhone screen shattered again but Mark Taylor from TAYLORMARK and the good boys Chris and Mike at the Apple Store came to my rescue. If you ever need to recover data from an iPhone or if you need to replace the screen, head on over to - he'll take care of you and for a really good price!

DATE: Thu, 22 Apr 2010
SIZE: 33.0 MB
GBTV #745 (small) | Temple Bags, Panasonic 3D Sales, Steampunk Goggles, Pioneer Blu-ray Players, Biotech Sensor Wristband

Steve Opperman at has a manly iPad case called the Leather & Canvas iPad Case, that looks a little like something your grandfather might have given you. Panasonic is increasing their 3D HDTV production units by 30% because sales have gone so well. The Steampunk Goggles might make 3D a bit more fun! Pioneer's new Blu-ray players, the BDP-330 and the BDP-LX53 allow you to control them via your iPhone with the free app, iControlAV. Scientists at Fraunhofer IZM research institute in Germany are working on a wristband that will take bloodwork without the hassle of a doctor! Zooey Deschanel might be playing the role of Ada Lovelace in an upcoming movie, which I can't wait for. If you want to create a website all about Lovelace, you could use my discount code GEEK at and save money, just like did.

DATE: Mon, 19 Apr 2010
SIZE: 29.1 MB
GBTV #743 (small) | Holocube Touch, Netflix Subtitles, Zeiss Cine Lenses, Ping Clothing, Robot Population

The Holocube Touch is a small box that displays a hologram, and you're able to manipulate the video with touch. Netflix is offering subtitles on certain TV shows and movies. It'll be available on more titles soon. Carl Zeiss announced their line of CineLenses , the Compact Prime and the Lightweight Zoom lenses each have interchangeable lenses. Ping Clothing, from Jennifer Darmour, wants to give you Facebook updates by small electronics embedded in the clothing. The Robot Population is growing. As of the end of 2008, there were 8.6 million robots in the world! gives you the option of setting up a website with ease of use. They use drag and drop elements to create the theme and layout, and if you use my discount code GEEK, like willem did, you can save 12%.

DATE: Thu, 15 Apr 2010
SIZE: 27.3 MB
GBTV #742 (small) | Surround Vision from MIT

Surround Vision is a concept by Santiago Alfaro from MIT. His idea is to give layers to your TV viewing experience with multiple screens. Check out the video above! used my discount code GEEK at and saved 12%. It's simple and easy, and you don't have to know any code!

DATE: Wed, 14 Apr 2010
SIZE: 34.6 MB
GBTV #741 (small) | New MacBook Pros & MiniDisplay Port, WarGames Computer for Sale, Mitsubishi Diamond 82, iPad Delays

Apple updated their MacBook Pros, as we've been expecting. The 13" MBP is available with either a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and a 250GB hard drive for $1200, or with a 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and a 320GB hard drive for $1500. The 15" MacBook Pro is $1800 for a 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 with a 320GB hard drive. For $2000, you can get a 2.53 GHz Intel Core i5 with a 500GB Hard Drive. For $2200, you can get a 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7 with a 500GB hard drive. The 17" doesn't get the Intel Core i7 goodness. Its specs match those of the mid-priced 15-incher, except for it's 1920X1200 LED-backlit wide-angle display. Apple also updated its Mini DisplayPort technology in the new MacBook Pros. The ports down transfer BOTH video and data. The original IMSAI computer from the movie WarGames is for sale. It's valued at $25,000. The Mitisubishi Diamond 82-Inch 3D HDTV is a 1080p display with a 5G, 12-bit Video processor. It streams Pandora and Flickr and has an integrated 16-speaker, 5.1 channel Dolby Digital surround system. The release for international iPads has been delayed for another month due to high demand in the US. You can save 10% on already deeply discounted contact lenses and glasses at Just put coupon code GBTV in the Special Instructions box at

DATE: Tue, 13 Apr 2010
SIZE: 30.6 MB
GBTV #740 (small) | Neflix Wii Streaming, Opera Mini was Approved, Google Docs Update, Nook at B&N Stores

The Netflix Wii Streaming test is over and now it's open to the public. Just go to and click the big blue button to get your DVD that will allow you to stream Netflix movies over your Wii console. The Opera browser was approved for the App Store. It'll be free and will give you another option for browsing on your iPhone. Google Docs released an update that gives them the ability to update more efficiently, and give you faster load times as well as more collaborative features. The Nook will be in Barnes & Noble and Best Buy retail stores on March 18th. saved 12% on a SquareSpace website when they set it up by using coupon code GEEK. SquareSpace gives you a website that's easy to setup with drag and drop elements and great looking themes. When you use my GEEK code, be sure to let me know by tweeting me @calilewis.

DATE: Mon, 12 Apr 2010
SIZE: 32.2 MB
GBTV #739 (small) | Canon XF305 & XF300, Chat on iPhone OS 4, Asus EeeKeyboard, Memristors

Canon is releasing two cameras with their XF Codec. They're the XF300 and XF305. They have three 1920X1080 CMOS sensors. Another camera Canon's believed to be working on has the same sensor as the Canon 5D Mark II. iPhone OS 4.0 might have iChat capabilities, according to We've been waiting for the Asus EeeKeyboard, with a HTPC built in, and it looks like it'll be shipping soon. Memristors allow scientists to store data without an electrical current, so they're looking at using them to make storage that'll hold 20GB per square centimeter. saved 12% on a SquareSpace website when they set it up by using coupon code GEEK. SquareSpace gives you a website that's easy to setup with drag and drop elements and great looking themes. When you use my GEEK code, be sure to let me know by tweeting me @calilewis.

DATE: Sat, 10 Apr 2010
SIZE: 37.4 MB
GBTV #738 (small) | iPhone OS 4.0

Apple announced the features of newest iPhone OS update - 4.0. It'll be available to developers today, and users will be able to download this summer. All the features will be available for 3GS and latest iPod Touch, but some of the features, like multitasking, won't be available for iPhone 3G and earlier versions of the Touch. The iPad will get the update this fall. Multitasking is the most exciting announcement. You'll be able to play music in the background in apps like Pandora, not just the iTunes app. Skype will also be able to run in the background so you can still receive calls when you're working in other apps or have the screen locked. There will be a dock that'll display current applications that are running. Inboxes will have the ability to merge in iPhone OS 4.0, and we'll be able to view threaded conversations. Bluetooth keyboard is finally here! Apps will be able to be sorted into Folders, instead of having them all strewn about different pages. This will help the organized person like me. iBooks will be available on the iPhone, and you'll be able to wirelessly sync your books so you can stop reading on one device and pick up on another, just like the Kindle. The most controversial update is iAd. Apple wants to help developers keep their apps free and still make some money. But Apple doesn't just want to put ads in the apps, they want to revamp what we think of when we see ads by making them "interactive and emotional". Salina and Jerry set up a pre-wedding website,, using my promo code GEEK to easily build and easily maintain a website at, and saved 12%.

DATE: Thu, 08 Apr 2010
SIZE: 32.7 MB
GBTV #737 (small) | ARRI 4K Camera, Allegro WiFi Radio, Squeezebox Touch, Element 117

The makers of the camera the TV show House uses normally, ARRI, are coming out with a 4K professional camera called the ARRI Alexa. It's a camera made for movies and supports formats Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) and ProRes4444 that are compatible with Final Cut Pro. The Allegro WiFi Radio has support for Pandora, Sirius Internet radio, Live 365, CNN, NPR, BBC and more. Or you can take a look at the Squeezebox Touch from Logitech. It gets audio via WiFi, but also can play off an SD card or USB drive. The NexConnect SOHO is a 3G/4G router that allows you to plug in a broadband card and send the signal to several devices. Scientists have created Element 117 to study how neutrons and protons bind together. It lasts for fractions of a second, then self destructs. My discount code Geek will save you 25% when you sign up for a membership at Angie's List, and it'll save you a lot more in the long run by helping you hire trusted people in your community for things around the house as well as doctors!

DATE: Wed, 07 Apr 2010
SIZE: 33.1 MB
GBTV #736 (small) | I'm an Action Figure!, Drobo FS, Slate PC, iPhone OS 4

Country Music Television turned me into an action figure! They're premiering a couple new shows on Friday, April 9th, Danger Coast and Gator Country. The previews I got were fun, take a chance to check them out on CMT and Data Robotics released the Drobo FS. It does file sharing over your network, and it works very smoothly. You can enter to win a Drobo FS. They'll announce a winner Thursday, April 8th at noon Pacific time. Better hurry! Apple will be showing off their plans for iPhone OS 4.0. Apple bills it as a "sneak peek of the next generation of iPhone OS software." I'll be live on Thursday at 10 AM Pacific time during the announcement at I hope you'll join me for a fun chat! was built using my discount code GEEK at You can get an easy to build, easy to maintain website too, and be sure to let me know when you do -

DATE: Tue, 06 Apr 2010
SIZE: 41.8 MB
GBTV #735 (small) | iPad Sales, Sub-25nm flash memory, [H]ouse using 5D Mark II

Apple says they sold 300,000 iPads by the end of Saturday, April 3rd, 250,000 eBooks and over 1,000,000 apps were downloaded. Toshiba is working on packing more storage into smaller packages, and they're spending $160 million to do it. I visited the set of the TV show House a few weeks ago where they were shooting an entire episode on a Canon 5D Mark II. No TV show has ever done that, and it's very exciting to see technology impact the way our entertainment is being made. You can follow the producing director, Greg Yaitanes, on Twitter. Please leave a comment below with your thoughts on how traditional media and new media could work together in a partnership rather than seeing each other as competition. Brief 735 was brought to you by, where you can get contact lenses and glasses at a great discount by entering coupon code GBTV in the special instructions box at

DATE: Sun, 04 Apr 2010
SIZE: 50.7 MB
GBTV #734 (small) | The iPad Has Landed

DATE: Fri, 02 Apr 2010
SIZE: 30.2 MB
GBTV #733 (small) | HMTL5 on iPad, Wolfram|Alpha App, Google Envelope, Unvarnished

HTML5 is about to blow up thanks to the iPad. When you browse to Flickr and on the iPad, you'll be automatically switched over to viewing videos with HTML5. Netflix will have a free iPad app, with the ability to switch devices (iPad to TV, or vice versa) in the middle of watching a movie. Wolfram|Alpha just lowered their iPhone app from $50 to $1.99. If you paid $50 for it, you can get a refund. Unvarnished allows you to rate and review people, just like Yelp does for businesses. What do you think about this? Horrible or kind of interesting? Leave a comment below! This episode is brought to you by Angie's List where a gathering of people's opinions IS a good thing. It allows you to hire contractors, painters, and housekeepers who others in your community trust, and you can save money by using my discount code GEEK at

DATE: Wed, 31 Mar 2010
SIZE: 35.9 MB
GBTV #732 (small) | Bionic Vision Australia, Desk Phone Dock, Email Tshirt, App Store Facebook Page, Bacon Fans

Bionic Vision Australia is working on a bionic eye and it's almost ready to bring out into the real world. It has a lot of growing up to do, but it's a start! The Desk Phone Dock charges your iPhone while letting you talk on your iPhone like a desk phone. Like or not? Leave a comment below! One day all kinds of electronics will be built into our clothing. Chris and Madeleine Ball don't want to sit around and wait. They made a T-Shirt that tells anyone looking at his chest how much Gmail Chris has. Apple launched an iTunes App Store fan page on Facebook today. It includes an App of the Week, App Store Essentials, charts of the top downloaded paid and free apps. You can also become a fan of bacon!

DATE: Tue, 30 Mar 2010
SIZE: 34.7 MB
GBTV #731 (small) | iPad Guided Tours, Coby MP570, Aegis Padlock Pro, Portable GuideLight, Cloak Bag

Apple released guided tours for the iPad. Take a look at how apps will work, starting on Saturday, April 3rd, when the iPad is released and ready for purchase! How Numbers will work on iPad How Pages will work on iPad How Keynote will work on iPad How YouTube will work on iPad How Videos will work on iPad How iTunes will work on iPad How iPod will work on iPad How Photos will work on iPad How Mail will work on iPad How Safari will work on iPad How Books will work on iPad The Coby MP570 is an MP3 player with 2GB of storage, but more importantly, the Coby is a perfect example of what a mouse design should look like! The Aegis Padlock Pro is an eSATA / USB Portable Drive that has a keypad on it to lock and unlock 256-bit AES real-time Hardware Encryption. Philips' Portable GuideLight Nightlight brings back the old notion of walking around your house with a lantern. It's safe for kids, too! Cloak Bags help protect your camera and at the same time, give you instant access to take pictures without the struggle of removing your camera from the bag. Brief 731 was brought to you by SquareSpace. was set up using my discount code GEEK at He's a photographer and the site is worth browsing around!

DATE: Mon, 29 Mar 2010
SIZE: 29.3 MB
GBTV #730 (small) | Mythos XTR-50, Gifting iTunes Apps, 4G HTC Evo

The Mythos XTR-50 is a speaker meant to be hung on the wall that's only 1.5" deep, and is designed to deliver high fidelity audio with clarity and the dynamic range you'd expect from a full-sized speaker tower. You can now gift iPhone or iPod Touch apps from the iTunes store. I found out it wasn't possible back in December when trying to gift the Cat in the Hat iPhone app. Zosh is an app that takes away the need for a fax machine by allowing you to sign and fill forms out on your iPhone. I'm super excited about the HTC Evo phone. It's the first WiMax 4G phone and runs Android 2.1, and it has great specs! Brief 730 was brought to you bySquareSpace. used my discount code GEEK at to build an easy to create and easy to maintain website and saved 12%.

DATE: Thu, 25 Mar 2010
SIZE: 26.7 MB
GBTV #729 (small) | 22 Megapixel Display Wall Featuring a Gigapixel Image

Tor-Magne Stien Hagen, Daniel Stødle and Otto J. Anshus, students at the University of Tromsø, Norway are working on a 22 mega pixel display wall constructed from 28 projectors and driven by a display cluster of 30 nodes. Each projector creates a 1024x768 resolution image and the 28 images are tiled together to form a 7168x3072 resolution display. The goal is to provide a way for people to interact with massive gigapixel photographs. The image the students were working with was created by Eirik Helland Urke and is available on his Web site, Brief 729 was brought to you by You can save 10% off your prescription sunglasses, contacts or glasses by using discount code GBTV, for GeekBrief.TV.

DATE: Thu, 25 Mar 2010
SIZE: 33.5 MB
GBTV #728 (small) | WePad, Gowalla, QuantamFilm, OWLE

The WePadis an iPad alternative with an 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 processor, a webcam, two USB ports and more. Some of you may like it more than the iPad. I met Josh Williams, the co-founder ofGowalla, and interviewed him right before Gowalla won two awards. You can see the full interview at I love the OWLE! It's a cradle for your iPhone that gives you interchangeable lenses, a mic and a cold shoe. Brief 728 was brought to you by Angie's List. You can find contractors, painters, housekeepers (the list goes on and on) in your community that are trusted and rated. And you can save 25% when you use my coupon code GEEK.

DATE: Tue, 23 Mar 2010
SIZE: 34.9 MB
GBTV #727 (small) | Phone 7 & MIX Updates, Kindle for Tablets, JVC GZ-HM550

A couple updates on Windows Phone 7 and my MIX trip with Microsoft. I talked to developers at MIX about the announcements, >Claudio Sanchez Amazon is building Kindle apps for all Tablets, including the iPad, if Apple will allow it in the App Store. JVC's GZ-HM550 camera has bluetooth allowing you to monitor audio wirelessly and use a smartphone as a wireless remote. This episode is brought to you by was built with SquareSpace, using my discount code GEEK. Everette loved the templates and statistics options when he was creating his website. You can get 12% off by using the code GEEK when signing up, and let me know when you do!

DATE: Sat, 20 Mar 2010
SIZE: 26.2 MB
GBTV 726 (small) | Ooma, Hydro Floors, Surgical Sponges with RFID

A while back, I tweeted that I had set up and was using Ooma . I have since gotten many requests for me to give an update on my experience. Ooma allows you to skip the bill with regular phone service, get free calling and just pay a one time fee of $250 for the device. Hydro Floors are moveable floor that covers a swimming pool. One minute it's a floor you can walk on, the next...or okay, probably about twenty minutes's a pool! ClearCountmakes surgical sponges with RFID in them to help with the problem of doctors leaving sponges in patients before sewing them back up. Today's Brief was brought to you by Put my discount code GBTV in the Special Instructions box when you order contact lenses and glasses to save an additional 10% off already 70% discounted prices. Tweet me @calilewis when you use the code!

DATE: Thu, 18 Mar 2010
SIZE: 30.1 MB
GBTV #725 (small) | FreeAgent Theater+ HD, JuicedLink CX431, oMoby, Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser

The Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ HD media player is an easy way to move digital movie files around to watch on your TV. The JuicedLink CX431 Ultra Portable Mixer allows you to use any camera with an 1/8" mic input and get 4 XLR inputs. oMoby is an iPhone app that does some of what Google Goggles does. Take a picture and let oMoby recognize it and give you options for finding that product on a variety of online stores. The Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser isn't new, but the IR sensor makes it fun and worth a mention. We used to find a handyman for several fix it items around the house. You can use discount code GEEK and save 25% on your membership. Whatever your experience with it, I want to know! or

DATE: Mon, 15 Mar 2010
SIZE: 35.0 MB
GBTV #723 (small) | Windows Phone 7 Series

DATE: Sat, 13 Mar 2010
SIZE: 33.5 MB
GBTV #722 (WMV) | qTweeter, Google Reader Play, Playstation Move, PrimeSense

qTweeter gives you a way to quickly and easily tweet while in the middle of another task, like reading mail or browsing Safari, without ever leaving that application. Google Reader Play is a visual look at favorite websites and links in a slideshow format. The Playstation Move Motion Controller is very precise and has very little latency. PrimeSense creates a 3D grid for a computer to recognize gesture controls.

DATE: Fri, 12 Mar 2010
SIZE: 37.7 MB
GBTV #721 (small) | Hug, 3DTVs at Best Buy, Kindle Browser, Black Swan, HP Slate Video, Microflown Sensor

he Case-mate Hug is a wireless induction charging system for $100. Best Buy will begin selling Panasonic 3DTVs in 300 locations for about $2500. Amazon looks to be hiring someone to possibly work on a new Web browser for the Kindle. Black Swan is a Web app, or Weblication, for Google Voice that looks and works like a native application. We have new video of the HP Slate, in which we see more of the UI. You can see the entire video at Microflown is working on some cool new military technology that determines the types of weapons being used and where they're coming from. This episode was brought to you by You can use my promo code GEEK to save 12% when you sign up for an easy to build, easy to maintain website.

DATE: Wed, 10 Mar 2010
SIZE: 33.8 MB
GBTV #720 (small) | Pandora Thriving, Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers, Martin Jetpack Update, Code Organ

One of my favorite companies, Pandora is thriving lately. They've gone from the founder driving around the country spreading the word about the service, to 48 million users and an expected $100 million in revenue this year. The Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers are cool looking speakers made of porcelain and baltic birch plywood, cork, aluminum and cast iron. I talked about the Martin Jetpack on Brief 692, and now I have an update for you. They're going to be making 500 units available for sale for $75,000 each. turns your website's code into a song, using the most commonly used note to formulate a unique song. Watch the video to hear GeekBrief.TV's song. You can use promo code GEEK to save 25% on a membership at and the membership pays for itself when you hire trusted contractors, housekeepers, and painters in your community. Vendors often offer coupons to Angie's List members!

DATE: Tue, 09 Mar 2010
SIZE: 31.3 MB
GBTV #719 (small) | Rapportive, World's Smallest Computer, Panasonic G2 & G10, Kojiro Robot

I've always said I don't want my Gmail and my social networks to collide, but with the release of a browser plugin called Rapportive I change my mind! Rapportive replaces the ads on the right side of your email with information about the person you're talking with. USmart claims to have the world's smallest computer with a 4.8" screen, 1GB of RAM and 4GB of storage. Panasonic announced another round of Micro Four Thirds cameras. The DMC-G10 and DMC-G2 both shoot 720p video and have a 12.1 megapixel Live MOS sensor. The University of Tokyo's JSK Robotic Laboratory has been building Kojiro, a humanoid robot that's made up of artificial bones, muscles and tendons. It has a human like spine structure, and motors move cables in a way that mimics human movements. The guys at used my coupon code GEEK at to build an easy to maintain website. Make sure you tweet me @calilewis when you use the code, and let me know what site you built!

DATE: Fri, 05 Mar 2010
SIZE: 23.9 MB
GBTV #718 (small) | FLPR Universal Remote, ASUS Thin Router, Kingston Low Voltage RAM, RealDVD, Belkin USB Hub

New Potato Technologies has an IR remote for iPhones called FLPR. It has access to 14,000 codes. ASUS' new RT-N56U is a super thin router with a modern design. Kingston is working on RAM that address the issue of RAM that consumes lots of power and generates lots of heat with the LoVo HyperX DDR3 High-Performance memory line. RealNetworks settled the dispute with Hollywood, agreeing to not sell RealDVD and pay $4.5 million in legal fees. It's a sad day. Belkin's newest USB hub is designed to fit in a 3" hole in your desk. Clever! Thanks to for helping us out with some bandwidth issues lately. If you need hosting for your website, definitely check them out!

DATE: Thu, 04 Mar 2010
SIZE: 29.5 MB
GBTV #717 (small) | TiVo Series4, HP EliteBook,, Daily Show & Colbert Report Leaving Hulu

TiVo announced their Series4 DVRs, which include a Flash-based HD interface, and the Premiere XL has THX. All of our TiVo and AppleTV issues should now be fixed. Please let me know if they're not for you. Thanks for hanging in there!! The HP EliteBook 2740P is a convertible tablet notebook with a 12.1" LED backlit display and 8GB of RAM. is a service that gives you access to professional copy-editors who will check your writing for grammar, spelling, punctuation and structure problems. After March 9th, The Daily Show and Colbert Report will no longer be available on Hulu.

DATE: Wed, 03 Mar 2010
SIZE: 33.9 MB
GBTV #716 (small) | iLuv Clock with Bed Shaker, CondeNast Magazines on iPad, Infinite USB Memory Drive, MorphPad

iLuv has an alarm clock dock with what they call a bed vibrator. Put it under your pillow and wake up differently. CondeNast is working hard to make their magazines available on the iPad. We're going to be talking a lot more about the magazine and newspaper business in coming days, but until then, I want to hear from you. Do you read newspapers or magazines in paper form? Will you switch to digital versions? Even more important, will you view the sites on the mobile browser or will you pay for the content? Leave a comment below! Infinitec announced a date for the >IUM (Infinite USB Memory Drive) We could be seeing the MorphPad in devices sometime soon. It's meant to be a touchpad slash keypad slash MP3 controller slash video game controller.

DATE: Tue, 02 Mar 2010
SIZE: 30.8 MB
GBTV #715 (small) | iLet Mini HAL, PowerA IR Case, Shuttle Barebone XS35, Q Speakers

The iLet Mini HAL looks like it'll be an interesting tablet device, but tell me...because of the iPad, do you care? Leave a comment below! Power A has an iPhone case that adds remote IR control so you can use your phone to control devices around the house. Shuttle announced their Barebone XS35 mini PC meant to be mounted behind an HDTV. A major plus is the lack of a fan so you know it'll be quiet! were developed in collaboration with the sound engineer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Levine, and they have an energy efficient Hypex Class D amplifier. The guys over at used my promo code GEEK to save 25% when signing up at SquareSpace.comto create a website that's easy to build and easy to maintain. It's all drag and drop! You don't need to know ANY programming code.

DATE: Fri, 26 Feb 2010
SIZE: 41.4 MB
GBTV #714 (small) | A Closer Look at Bing & I'll Honor the Embargo

Today, I take a closer look at Bing and why you'd want to use it. For a more detailed look and to see the video where Bing answers your Twitter questions, read my post on A video about PR relationships posted on TechCrunch made me laugh, and since it's one of the things you have to deal with if you're interested in doing something similar as what I do on GeekBrief.TV, I wanted to share it with you! Brief 714 was brought to you by, where you can save 70% on contact lenses and glasses, and on top of that, you can save an additional 10% by using my coupon code. Just enter GBTV in the Special Instructions box, and you're all set!

DATE: Thu, 25 Feb 2010
SIZE: 45.1 MB
GBTV #713 (small) | HTC Legend, Wireless File Transfer, LG Multi-touch Screens, Habey BIS-6620, MSI 3D HDTV

The HTC Legend has always looked promising, and it's looking even better now with the removable battery.  Nokia is working on a new wireless file transfer technology that's extremely fast.  LG has a 13.3" Capacitive In-Cell Multi-Touch LCD Panel for notebook PCs running Windows 7. They promise no compromise on the display's image because of the technology. The Habey BIS-6620 is a tiny little PC that's powerful enough to play hardware-accelerated 1080p video.  The MSI All-in-One PC adds 3D to the mix, using 3D shutter glasses, an Intel Core i7 processor and 10 watt speakers. Barclay Brown used my promo code GEEK at to easily build a website for his podcast Let me know if you use it too at or

DATE: Wed, 24 Feb 2010
SIZE: 47.0 MB
GBTV #711 (small) | Jazari, Sigma DP2s, Samsung Pocket & Compact Camcorders, Smart Car iPhone App

Patrick Flanagan hacked the Wiimote to control Jazari, a robotic drumming system. The Sigma DP2s compact digital camera has a 14 megapixel FOVEON X3 direct image CMOS sensor and lots more, but only shoots 320x240 video. Samsung's new line of HD Pocket Camcorders include the HMX-U15 and the HMX-U20. They have a similar option to the Sigma DP2 called the TL500. It's supposed to have one of the brightest lenses on a compact camera. The Smart Car has a package with an iPhone app, a cradle and navigation upgrade. The app's interface gives drivers quick acces to media, phone, maps and GPS functionality, and the app interacts with the car's audio system to provide information about songs playing on the radio. The Port Arthur Little Theater used my coupon code GEEK to save 12% when signing up at to create You can too, and make sure you tweet me when you do!

DATE: Wed, 24 Feb 2010
SIZE: 30.2 MB
GBTV #712 (small) | LCD Control for DSLRs, WalMart Purchased Vudu, Mark the Spot, Typeface

Pixel's LV-W1 Wireless Live View Remote Control allows you to control your DSLR camera remotely by working with a 3" display. Walmart bought Vudu, making the possibility of Internet enabled TVs more widespread. Mark the Spot is an iPhone app from AT&T that lets you report dropped calls and failed attempts directly to AT&T. I've been using it a lot! Typefaceis a concept that creates a custom typeface from your facial expressions. I'd like to welcome a new sponsor on board today - It may not be outright geeky, but how many of us geeks have terrible eyesight? Definitely me! They're giving you guys 10% off your order at, where they already sell contact lenses and glasses for up to 70% off. All you need to know is my code GBTV at

DATE: Fri, 19 Feb 2010
SIZE: 37.9 MB
GBTV #710 (small) | DIY 3D Video System, Google Docs Update, HTC Legend, Square, Panelfly Comics

Ron Proctor and Amy Jo Proctor created a 3D video system that you can do yourself for only $250. Google announced an update for Docs. The clipboard will be on the Cloud, so copy and paste will give you more functionality. The HTC Legend is a unibody Android phone with a couple cool features like the ringer sensor and ability to silence your phone just by flipping it over. Square is an attachement for your iPhone allowing your to swipe credit cards and process them over the Internet. Panelfly gives you access to a library of digital comics on the iPhone and iPad and it's growing every day. You can find more about where I am and what I'm up to at Angie' will save you 25% on a membership, and with that membership, you can save money on an ongoing basis by hiring trusted people to work on your house, and getting a good deal.

DATE: Thu, 18 Feb 2010
SIZE: 35.9 MB
GBTV #709 (small) | Windows Phone 7, USB 3.0 4-port Hub, Quasi Robot, Aikon 2 Robot

We finally have video and pictures of Windows Phone 7, and it's certainly interesting! Buffalo announced the first USB 3.0 4-port hub. A couple robots came out of the Toy Fair. The Quasi robot is wirelessly controlled from a Tablet PC and Interbot is looking to be able to offer it for sale this year. The Aikon 2 robot draws people's faces. Square Space gives you the tools you need to easily build a website without having to know how to code or load in plugins. It's drag and drop. Chris used my discount code GEEK at to build and save 12% doing it. You can too, and send me the address when you do!

DATE: Wed, 17 Feb 2010
SIZE: 39.4 MB
GBTV #708 (small) | The Internet Bus, Savant & iPads, SublimeVideo HTML5 Player

A school district in Vail, Arizona decided to test what would happen if they put WiFi in a schoolbus that has a 140-mile round trip. The results? The students are quieter and more productive. Savant President, Jim Carroll says the iPad will change the business model for home automation. The SublimeVideo HTML5 Video Player is a great looking HTML5 video player that is being demo'd at I know a LOT of you watch on your TiVo box, and many of you are experiencing issues with the aspect ratio, where the sides of the video are cut out. Unfortunately, the problem seems to be completely random so far, so I need your help! If you're experiencing this, please leave a comment below telling me what you're seeing, and most importantly the specific TiVo box you have - HD, Series 3, and any other information you think I need to know.

DATE: Tue, 16 Feb 2010
SIZE: 26.2 MB
GBTV #707 (small) | PaperShow, SkyFi, U-Socket, Autopark, ShowWX Laser Pico Projector, Kanex HDMI to Mini DisplayPort Adapter

PaperShow combines a special pen and special paper with a computer screen. What you write on the paper appears on the screen and then what you write on the screen can be printed out on more paper. SkyFi is a Wireless Telescope Controller that when combined with the SkyVoyager iPhone app, will give astronomy geeks the ability to control a GoTo telescope from an iPhone. The U-Socket AC/USB power outlet from Fastmac picked up a Best of Show prize. We've already talked about the outlets on the Brief. They're still waiting on UL approval, but are available for pre-order. The Autopark iPhone App helps you with all aspects of parking, from finding your car, to reminding you that your meter is about to expire. Microvision announced the ShowWX Laser Pico Projector. It's always in focus, no matter how close or far from the surface it's projecting on. Kanex has an HDMI to Mini DisplayPort adapter that lets you connect HD sources. Smoothbassman Productions used my discount code, GEEK, to save 12% at

DATE: Fri, 12 Feb 2010
SIZE: 45.9 MB
GBTV #706 (small) | Android 2.1, Google's 1Gbps Test, Spy Video TRAKR, T1 Pitstop Spider

We have more details for Android's 2.1 release. It'll include multitouch, 3D galleries, Google Goggles and more. Google's testing what happens when a community gets 1Gbps speeds. The Spy Video TRAKR encourages kids to create and share new routines for the spy toy. Lian Li built a chassis meant for benchmarking but created an awesome video. You can see the whole video at

DATE: Thu, 11 Feb 2010
SIZE: 44.3 MB
GBTV #705 (small) | Google Buzz, Tunebug, Netgear 3G Router, HTML5 Sketchpad, LG GD880, Panasonic 3D HDTVs, British Library eBooks

Google Buzz is kind of Google's version of Twitter built into Gmail. Will you use it? The Tunebug Vibe plugs into a portable device and turns any flat surface into a speaker. Netgear's MBRN 3300E 3G Wireless Router is like a home router, with ethernet ports and WiFi and can deliver up to 270 Mbps. The HTML5 Sketchpad gives you a look at what could come to our browsers soon. The LG GD880 is 16:9 with a 5 megapixel camera and face detection. Panasonic announced pricing on their Viera 3D plasma HDTVs. The British Library is working to make books from its collection available for Kindles in the original typeface with illustrations. Frank used coupon code GEEK at to save money on his subscription, and he got a frankweidner.squarespace.comgreat looking website that was easy to build. Take a look at his photographs - some good ones in there! Let me know if you use the GEEK code - or

DATE: Tue, 09 Feb 2010
SIZE: 34.1 MB
GBTV #704 (small) | Canon Rebel T2i, Qisda QCM-330, iPad Price Drop, ZoomIt SD Card Reader, Locus OS

Canon's new Rebel T2i is a bridge between entry level and prosumer cameras. The Qisda QCM-330 has the highest resolution of any other mobile phone, at 1280x1024, but it only has a 3 megapixel camera. If no one buys the iPad, Apple says they're going to be willing to be flexible with the price. ZoomItis an SD card reader for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The Locus OS borrows from the Zune user interface to reveal one way we might interact with a device of the future. What do you think? Tweet me @CaliLewis or let me know on Angie's List gives you peace of mind by letting you tap into the community's experience when you're ready to hire a contractor and my coupon code GEEK will save you 25% on a membership.

DATE: Tue, 09 Feb 2010
SIZE: 37.8 MB
GBTV #703 (small) | Sling Player on 3G, Nexus One & Droid get Multitouch, eBook Prices Rising, Twitter Makes Popcorn

Google advertised during the Superbowl. The ad wasn't new, but it was cute. I asked you guys on Twitter what you thought. Was it worth it for Google to spend this kind of advertising money? Most of you liked the ad and were happy to see it. Some of you thought they should be promoting other services or the Nexus One instead of Search. Moosimus Maximus said "Google's advert was great! Smart, funny, and touching. Google is the king of search. Eat your heart out, Bing." and Mr Bijoy said "I loved it, just don't tell my guy friends...." AT&T announced that the Sling Player iPhone app will finally be allowed to stream over their 3G network. Previously it was only allowed to work over WiFi. The Nexus One received an update that includes multitouch for Maps, browser and the gallery. The Droid now has multitouch in maps. It looks like the price of best selling eBooks are indeed rising to the $12.99-$14.99 price range. Three of the major publishers have moved in that direction. Dave Britt and Justin Goeres made a robotic Twitter-powered popcorn machine. You can see the video at Jack Irby used my coupon code GEEK at to build himself an great looking website, When you do it too, you can save yourself 12%, and when you do, be sure to let me know about it!

DATE: Fri, 05 Feb 2010
SIZE: 31.1 MB
GBTV #702 (small) | Olympus PEN E-PL1, Nikon COOLPIX Releases, HP Touchsmart 600, Motorola DEVOUR

Lots of camera news today!!!  The Olympus E-PL1 is a Micro Four Thirds camera that improves on the first two generations of PEN cameras and has a lower price.  Nikon has several releases. The COOLPIX L21 and L22 are point and shoots with electronic vibration reduction.  The COOLPIX S3000 and S4000 are also point and shoots, but have touch screens. You get great macro shots and a built in HDR option with the COOLPIX P100. HP upgraded the TouchSmart 600 all in one desktop PC.  I'm excited to see the Motorola DEVOUR come out. It looks like a great design and includes MOTOBLUR, Motorola's Android-powered content delivery service. Hhead on over to and check out today's post for my current favorite iPhone app. You can save money when usingSquareSpace to design your website. Promo code GEEK will save you 12% and gives you tools that help you put the site together quickly and easily.

DATE: Thu, 04 Feb 2010
SIZE: 39.6 MB
GBTV #701 (small) | GZ-HM340 HD Camcorder, Displax Multitouch Film, Thiel SCS4 Loudspeaker & Bryston Components

The newest JVC Everio GZ-HM340 camcorder introduces an advanced image stabilization feature that helps to overcome shaky video while walking.  Displaxturns any surface into a multitouch input device using a polymer film.  We got to spend the whole month of December trying a pair of Thiel SCS4 Coherent Source Loudspeakerswith a Bryston 100SST Integrated Amp and a Bryston BCD-1 CD player . I've always said I'm not an audiophile, and I can't really tell the difference between good speakers and okay speakers. Now I do. Today's Brief was brought to you by SquareSpace gives you the tools you need to put together a great looking website without the hassle of having to know and work with code. All you need to know is this...head on over to and use discount code GEEK to save 12%. Once you're done with that, send me a note with the link to your newly developed website. or lewis.

DATE: Wed, 03 Feb 2010
SIZE: 33.6 MB
GBTV #700 (small) | TouchMouse App, Intuos4 Tablet, JooJoo Appeal, GM-1 Drum Kit, Bravia NX800

Logitech released their TouchMouse App. It turns an iPhone or iPod Touch into a multitouch trackpad for a Mac or PC. Wacom's new Intuos4 bluetooth wireless tablet has a range of 33 feet and sells for $400. Fusion Garage, maker of the JooJoo filed a motion to dismiss Mike Arrington's lawsuit. The Omega GM-1 drumkit increases accuracy for game play. The Sony Bravia NX800 HDTV is a beautiful piece of design with a 1080p backlit LCD, Motionflow 240Hz, WiFi and supports Internet video. I recently reached the limit on my personal Facebook page, so I was forced to finally setup and begin using the Fan Page feature. I'd love to hang out with you guys on Facebook - will get you there!  Brief 700 was brought to you by Angie's List. You can save 25% on a subscription by using promo code GEEK, and you get confidence that you're hiring the best service providers in your area.

DATE: Tue, 02 Feb 2010
SIZE: 35.7 MB
GBTV #699 (small) | Amazon Drama, 80 Port USB Hub, VoIP over 3G, JVC's DLA-SH7NL, Texting Underground

Amazon and publisher Macmillan got into a disagreement over what eBooks should cost you. The argument resulted in all Macmillan books being taken off the Amazon store, then put back at a higher price. Will you pay $15 for a digital book? Leave a comment below! If you have enough gadgets to fill this 80 port USB hub, I have to know who you are and what those gadgets are! Apple is allowing VoIP calls over 3G. One of the apps allowed is Fring. JVC's DLA-SH7NL projector has a resolution of 4096x2400 and supports 2 or 4 displays at full HD resolution. Alexander Kendrick is 16 and set a record for the deepest digital communication in the US with his collapsible antenna that allows SMS from 946 feet underground. If you want to find out about things like the Macworld contest where Data Robotics is giving away two Drobos (I'm judging), or if you just want to see what crazy bacon recipes I've discovered, you can get all that and more tech goodness on my blog at Kristian Mathiesen used my discount code GEEK at to easily and quickly build for a 12% discount. When you use any of our sponsors' promo codes, be sure to let me know by email or tweet me a link @calilewis.

DATE: Sat, 30 Jan 2010
SIZE: 28.3 MB
GBTV #698 (small) | Clamshell Projector, iPad Accessories, TouchCam N1, Ford Made a Profit

The Clamshell Projector has one of the best press releases ever. Thanks @DavePeterson!  Apple is releasing a couple iPad accessories, one of which is a keyboard dock connector. One has a camera connection kit that makes it possible to connect a camera via USB and read SD cards. The FVTouchCam N1 captures and sends 720p video and has an H.264 encoder built in. Ford had its first profitable year since 2005. SquareSpace allows you to easily build a great looking website, and you can use coupon code GEEK to save 12% on your website. Thank for watching.

DATE: Fri, 29 Jan 2010
SIZE: 33.9 MB
GBTV #697 (small) | Google Voice back on iPhone, Comcast's 3DTV Channels, Leica M9, Privacy Icon, Puppy Tweets

Google has found a way to get Google Voice back on our iPhones using HTML5. Comcast wants to be one of the first ones to offer 3DTV channels with 3D specific programming. Leica announced the M9, which is claimed to be the world's smallest full frame digital camera.  The advertising industry is starting to roll out a privacy icon so you know exactly when you're being served targeted ads. Leave a comment below with your thoughts or @reply me on Twitter!  Puppy Tweets will translate what your dog barks and post to their own Twitter account.  Angie's List is a time saver and a stress saver by giving you access to recommended vendors when you need something done around your house or office. Coupon code GEEK will give you a 25% discount.

DATE: Thu, 28 Jan 2010
SIZE: 50.8 MB
GBTV #696 (small) | Apple iPad

Today, Steve Jobs took the stage to satisfy the cravings of thousands of geeks. We've been hearing rumors about the Apple Tablet for well over a year now, and the past month has been sheer torture with all the speculation surrounding this unicorn of a device! It's called the iPad . I'll get to the price in a couple minutes, but first let's take a look at what it does.  Steve talked about having a spot to fill between the iPhone and a laptop. There's a gap there that netbooks have tried to fill, but they haven't been so successful at filling the need. I'd agree with Steve on that with the exception of the Nokia Booklet 3G. There is a need for a portable device that's larger and does more than the iPhone but isn't as heavy or cumbersome as a laptop. That was Apple's goal with the iPad. They wanted it to be better, more intuitive at browsing the web than a laptop is. They wanted people to be able to share and browse photos and videos, listen to music, play games and read eBooks. My initial opinion? They mostly succeeded, with a couple exceptions.  The device is very thin at 1/2 an inch, and it weighs 1.5 pounds. No netbook that I'm aware of matches these specs. The screen is 9.7 inches, which I'm thrilled about. I really didn't want an 11 incher. They're using a custom silicon chip called the A4 and Steve says "it screams". It has 802.11n, WiFi and Bluetooth. The battery life is 10 hours. That's much better than the iPhone and better than most netbooks. Of course, it has an accelerometer, a compass, a built in speaker, a mic and a dock connector. There are a couple accessories. One of them is a black case that doubles as a stand. The other is a dock with keyboard. I love that they did this. I don't mind a virtual keyboard one bit but it certainly is nice to use a real keyboard from time to time.  Outside of the expected apps on the iPad like Calendar, iTunes, Mail and Google Maps, there will also be three things to look forward to - iWork, iBooks and 3rd Party Apps. Apple has spent the last year rebuilding iWork to play nicely with the iPad. Keynote, Numbers and Pages are all available in a format that looks very pleasant to use. You can even hook up a projector to display your Keynote Presentation. Each iWork app will be available for $9.99.  iBooks is their eBook reader application. The browsing and purchasing process is very visual - it looks like a bookshelf so you can not only see book titles but also the covers. You'll of course be able to download books directly from the iPad. Apple teamed up with Penguin, Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, and Hachett Book Group to provide a full library of books. Not only best sellers and classics, but also textbooks.  You'll have access to the same 3rd party apps from the App Store without the developers having to make any modifications. Devs can modify their apps with the new SDK, but they don't have to. When you're viewing an app, tap a button to scale it to full screen. I expect this will be tied to your iTunes account, so whatever you have on your iPhone, you should be able to get on your iPad.  There are two major things the iPad lacks. There is no camera. At all. So no iChat or video conferencing with this device, which is going to be a huge disappointment for a lot of people. The other thing is multitasking. Unfortunately I think this might be a deal breaker for me. For the iPad to truly be in the between the iPhone and a laptop, it really should have the ability to run a couple applications at once. The main reason Apple doesn't do this is because running multiple apps makes it possible for the device to crash from time to time. But, it's more of a hinderance on the educated consumer to not be able to do what we need to do than to have to deal with a crash from time to time.  Let's get down to business. I know you want to know one thing and only one thing. What are they charging?? There are three base models. The 16GB model is $499, the 32 gig is $599 and the 64GB version is $699. These are WiFi devices only, and if you want 3G capability, add $130 to any of those base prices. We all thought Verizon would be taking claim to the 3G contracts, but as it turns out, there will be no contract with AT&T. It's prepaid and you can cancel at any time. The 250MB plan is $14.99/month. Unlimited access is $29.99/month. This is half the price of any other data plan you can get on any of the networks. We can expect the WiFi models to start shipping in 60 days, and the 3G versions in 90 days. International plans will be coming in June. The prices are better than we expected, but it's lacking some functionality. Will you be buying one? Leave a comment or tweet me . This episode was brought to you by Angie' where you can use discount code GEEK to save 25% off your subscription. Angie's List will help you find respected contractors, housekeepers, plumbers and more. I'm Cali Lewis. Thanks for watching!

DATE: Wed, 27 Jan 2010
SIZE: 44.8 MB
GBTV #695 (small) | AudioTechnica Headphone Amp, TuneCast Transmitter, Oppo Blu-ray Player, Sorenson Squeeze 6, doubleTwist & T-Mobile, Apple Tablet

AudioTechnica has a new headphone amp with a built-in iPod doc called the AT-HA35i.  The Belkin TuneCast Auto Live FM Transmitter uses location information provided by the iPhone to determine FM settings likely to provide the best transmission experience. I'd be interested to try the Oppo BDP-80 Blu-ray player. Oppo has really well reviewed players.  A lot of you have followed our quest to find the right compression software for producing the four formats of GeekBrief.TV. Sorenson Squeeze is our choice. It does a really nice job!! T-Mobile and doubleTwist have teamed up to take iTunes head on. Join me live for the Apple announcement Wednesday at 10:00 AM Pacific at Miz Calamity used my SquareSpace coupon code GEEK to save 12% when signing up to get an easy to build, easy to maintain website, You can too, and when you do, make sure you tweet me a link@calilewis!

DATE: Sat, 23 Jan 2010
SIZE: 35.4 MB
GBTV #694 (small) | Thom Filicia Design & Savant Home Automation

Savant and one of my favorite designers, Thom Filicia teamed up to create an amazing showroom in New York. The HVAC system, security system, computer network, lighting and entertainment system are all connected. Everything can be controlled from various touch screen controllers installed around the house. There are controllers in the walls, controllers accessible from any TV or projector in the apartment, and like we talked about on the Brief before, there's an iPhone app that makes it possible to control everything with an iPhone or iPod Touch. From anywhere in the apartment, you can pull up content from connected iPods, Apple TVs, cable boxes, blu-ray players, and DirecTV. Even the grand piano is connected. You can be in bed and send a command to the Piano to play a song for you. You can be in the home theater and play a movie stored on an iPod docked in the bedroom. Thanks to Tom Filicia for taking the time to do this interview, and to Savant for showing us around!

DATE: Thu, 21 Jan 2010
SIZE: 33.2 MB
GBTV #693 (small) | Apple Tablet on Verizon, Tablet Face Recognition, Kindle Dev Kit & Free Promotion, Saygus Vphone

We've heard it before, but we're getting more concrete information that the Apple Tablet will be subsidized by Verizon. It may also have face recognition with the ability to share the device between all of the family members.  Amazon released a Kindle Dev Kit that'll allow developers to create apps for the Kindle. They also are giving certain users the chance to buy a Kindle at no risk. If you don't like it, get your money back and keep the device. The Saygus Vphone specializes in video calls on low bandwidth. You can talk for over 160 hours on a 5GB monthly limit. 

DATE: Thu, 21 Jan 2010
SIZE: 30.7 MB
GBTV #692 (small) | Free Shuttle Engines, Windows 7 Support on BootCamp, Silicon Power CF Cards, Qik App Update, Martin Jet Pack, Bill Gates on Twitter

NASA is offering free space shuttle engines. Just like an infomercial, all you have to do is pay the cost of shipping. Apple released support for Windows 7 on BootCamp. Finally. Silicon Power announced a 128GB 400X Compact Flash card with write speeds of 90 MB/s. It's ideal for pro shooters using their DSLRs to capture HD video. Qik released an update for their 2G and 3G iPhone App that includes real time effects and landscape mode shooting.  The company behind the Martin Jet Pack aims to make this the world's easiest flying aircraft. Bill Gates joined Twitter. You can follow him at Twitter will be opening up inactive Twitter accounts, so if you're not happy with your username, you might get the chance to grab one you do like. 

DATE: Wed, 20 Jan 2010
SIZE: 44.3 MB
GBTV #691 (small) | Apple Event, Asus DR750 eReader, Kodak Slice, AirStash, Mahru-Z

Apple finally confirmed their January 27th event, where they're expected to announce the Apple Tablet. I'll be live on Ustream at at 10:00 AM Pacific during the event. The AirStash is a new kind of solution for dealing with all your files. It's a USB drive with tricks up it's sleeve. Asus announced the DR750 eBook reader. It's full color and plays flash video. The Kodak Slice Touchscreen camera shoots 720p HD video at 30 frames per second, and has optical image stabilization and face recognition. Mahru-Z is a robot with a 3D sensor and six fingers. It moves really slow right now, but the makers believe that as it develops, it'll be very useful.

DATE: Fri, 15 Jan 2010
SIZE: 28.3 MB
GBTV #690 (small) | RCA Airnergy, Mikey, ASUS NX90Jq, Eye-Fi Pro X2, Arc Keyboard, Samsung C9000

The Airnergy WiFi Power Harvester harvests energy from WiFi to charge a battery. The Blue Mikey has been updated with custom capsules for bootlegging loud concerts. It has a line-in jack and USB. The ASUS NX90Jq notebook has Bang & Olufsen speakers on the sides. Eye-Fi has a new SD card with 802.11n, as well as Endless Memory. Microsoft showed off their Arc keyboard with a great design. Samsung's WiFi Video Remote lets you control your TV, of course, but also allows you to watch TV on your remote.

DATE: Thu, 14 Jan 2010
SIZE: 33.7 MB
GBTV #689 (small) | HDTVs from CES, iType Keyboard & Skype HD

The ION iType iPhone Keyboard allows you to type on a full sized keyboard and that text will go into the ION app. There was a lot of HDTV news from CES: Haier Wireless HDTV Panasonic UHDTV LG UHDTV Vizio Ultra-wide HDTV Skype announced Skype HD and a partnership with Panasonic and LG to bring Skype HD to your TV.

DATE: Wed, 13 Jan 2010
SIZE: 43.5 MB
GBTV #688 (small) | eBook Readers

A look at the eReaders from CES: Samsung E6 and E101 eBook Reader Plastic Logic Que enTourage eDGe Mirasol Semi-Color Motion Reader Display Skiff Publishing Platform and eReader

DATE: Mon, 11 Jan 2010
SIZE: 43.5 MB
GBTV #687 (small) | 3D Technology from CES

I saw Avatar on Friday to prepare for this episode. James Cameron says 3D is the future of filmmaking. Do you agree? Samsung showed off a transparent OLED display at CES. 3D glasses could become more stylish with these Gunnar Optiks. The consensus seems to be that the best looking 3D HDTV at CES was the Panasonic VT 25 Series. Mark Wilson has a great article on CES 3D tech. Panasonic showed off the first Solid-State HD 3D Camcorder. I want it! :)

DATE: Thu, 07 Jan 2010
SIZE: 30.4 MB
GBTV #686 (small) | HP & Dell Slate, Sony Blu-ray Player, Sprint Overdrive, A.R. Drone

Last night, Microsoft announced Slate PCs in their otherwise disconnected keynote presentation, and pinpointed the HP Slate. Dell is also coming out with their own version. The BDP-S770 Blu-ray player from Sony has an iPhone app already to go so you can use your iPhone as a remote. Sprint announced their 3G/4G Overdrive mobile broadband hub. The Parrot A.R. Drone is a WiFi enable helicopter that uses an iPhone to control it. GeekBrief.TV CES coverage is brought to you by where you can find member recommended service providers from carpenters to doctors to wedding planners. Promo code GEEK saves you 25% when you join and supports the production of The Brief.

DATE: Wed, 06 Jan 2010
SIZE: 27.3 MB
GBTV #685 (the REAL 685) | OEM Products from Sling Media, Boxee Box Remote, Microsoft CES Keynote

Sling Media announced a bunch of new products, but they're all OEM products that you can't get unless your cable provider makes it available. The Boxee Box Remote is awesomeness with a keyboard on the back! We'll be live tonight with coverage of the Microsoft Keynote at 8:00 PM EST on CES coverage is brought to you by where my code GEEK lets you join the list for 25% less.

DATE: Wed, 06 Jan 2010
SIZE: 43.9 MB
GBTV #685 (small) | WSJ Apple Update, Nexus One Reveal, Light Touch, L5 Remote

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple will be shipping the Tablet in March. Google revealed the Nexus One at their press conference today. Watch the video for the specs! You can read Engadget's hands on review here. The Light Touch Interactive Projector uses holographic laser projection to give you a full color, 10" touch screen on a flat surface. The L5 remote allows you to control anything in the house with an IR receiver from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

DATE: Mon, 04 Jan 2010
SIZE: 32.8 MB
GBTV #683 (small) | CES Coverage, Olympus EP-1, ZOMM, Popbox, Touchless Phone Navigation

Since we can't make it to CES this year, we'll go live and stay live to cover the news as it happens. Follow me on Twitter for CES updates. I've been testing the Olympus EP-1. The last test before having to send it back was at the Japanese Garden at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. You can see pictures and video on my blog, ZOMM hasn't been released yet, but when it is, it'll serve as a wireless leash for your phone by beeping at you when you get too far. The Popbox Media Hub is a box that will send media from your network to your TV for $129. Tokyo University is showing off technology that brings gesture control to mobile phones and registers gestures for clicking, typing and interacting with photos and video. If you have home improvement projects in the plans for 2010, Angie's List is the best way to find help you can trust, and my code GEEK will save you 25% when you join.

DATE: Fri, 01 Jan 2010
SIZE: 53.6 MB
GBTV #682 (small) | Top 10 Favorite Gadgets List for 2009

This is my Top Ten List of Favorite Gadgets from 2009: 10. Dyson Air Multiplier 9. Olympus E-P1 8. Pogoplug 7. Canon 7D 6. iPhone 3GS (viewer tied for #1) 5. Kindle 2 4. Booklet 3G 3. NeatDesk 2. DroboPro 1. Droid (viewer tied for #1)

DATE: Thu, 31 Dec 2009
SIZE: 33.4 MB
GBTV #681 (small) | Nokia Booklet 3G Review, Tricaster TCXD300, Adesso Bluetooth Keyboard, CES Coverage

I've been playing with Nokia's Booklet 3G for the last couple weeks. It's the only netbook I've ever been able to say I love. Check out my review in the video. I told you about the Tricaster TCXD300 last week, but today I bring you a closer look at what it can do. Adesso's WKB-4000BB Bluetooth Keyboard is great for those of you with HTPC. It works with Windows 7, XP and Vista. We'll be live at CaliLive.TV next week during CES, starting January 5th. Join us in the chatroom! Squarespaceis the place to go when you want to build a great looking Web site without spending much money or needing to know how to code and my promo code GEEK will save you 12%.

DATE: Tue, 29 Dec 2009
SIZE: 28.5 MB
GBTV #680 (small) | DirecTV HD 3D Channel, Ford's HD Radio Integration, Le Toaster Vision, i-SOBOT

DirecTV is launching an HD 3D channel. They'll be making more details available with their announcement at CES in about a week. Ford is bringing WiFi and HD radio with iTunes tagging to their cars in 2010. They're the only car company I'm aware of working hard to make really usable tech available in cars. The Le Toaster Vision is a clear toaster so you can toast your english muffins exactly the way you want them. THESE are the robots I want in my army! Brief 680 was brought to you by Members use the list to find service providers they can trust and my code "GEEK" gets you access to the list at a 25% discount.

DATE: Mon, 28 Dec 2009
SIZE: 28.8 MB
GBTV #679 (small) | Apple Tablet Rumors & Event, Eee PC T101MT, Lenovo Remote with Keyboard

There are lots of rumors about Apple's unicorn, the Tablet. The Financial Times Tech Blog confirms Apple rented a stage at the Yerba Buena Center for January 26th. Boy Genius has a source that's telling him there definitely is a 7" tablet. Apple also has registered. I hope that's not the name of the final product! Asus announced a multi-touch netbook called the T101MT . It's a 10" convertible tablet. The Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard might be something some of you are interested in. It's a wireless thumboard and trackball, and connects with a USB dongle. You want to build a Web site. You want it too look good and be simple to maintain. You don't want to spend a lot of cash. That's what is all about and my promo code geek will save you 12%.

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