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Featuring the best of all genres of electronic music.
Recent Episodes for solipsisticNATION
DATE: Fri, 24 Sep 2010
SIZE: 59.5 MB
Artificial Lifeform

solipsistic NATION studios are located in beautiful San Diego but today I wish I was in Seattle so I could be at this years Decibel Festival. The Decibel Festival has been taking place in Seattle since 2003 and this year's festival features legends like Carl Craig and newcomers like Mux Mool. But if I can't go to the Decibel Festival I'll bring the festival to me and have Decibel's founder Sean Horton as a guest on today's show to give us a tour of this year's festival. On today's show I'll also keep my experimental electronic music street cred by also having Tristan Perich join us on today's show. Six years ago Tristan released 1-Bit Music, which was an electronic circuit assembled inside a CD case with a headphone jack. The device played 40 minutes of low-fi 1-bit electronic music, the lowest possible digital presentation of audio. Tristan recently released 1-Bit Symphony, and like 1-Bit Music it is also housed in a CD jewel case. 1-Bit Symphony is not a recording in the traditional sense; it literally performs its music when turned on. We'll also talk with Karina van Heck. Karina is an artist form the Netherlands. Her current piece, which are wearable body speakers, is a commentary and criticism on the use of invasive technologies, such as X-rays and small cameras used by the medical industry to probe the human body. Nick Pittsinger, who records an performs under the name Shamantis, recently gained notoriety (or popularity depending on how see things) by slowing down Justin Bieber's "U Smile" 800%. Slowing down a track that dramatically can reveal hidden dimensions in music. And if you've already heard the original song it's impossible not to search for familiar elements in the track. There's no way to hear the glacial "U Smile" as a song in it's own right without thinking of the original. We'll also talk with Leif Inge, who is probably the originator or time-stretched music with 9 Beet Stretch which is Beethoven's 9th symphony slowed down to a 24 hour listening experience. I first heard 9 Beet Stretch a few years ago on the wonderful Radiolab program. 9 Beet Stretch had a profound effect on me on how music could be listened to and the fluid nature of time so it's a pleasure to have Leif on today's show. Join us gain next week fro a special live set from either Forensics or Chevron. It's still up in the air at this point. Stay stuned! Photo Credit: ©Maurizio Pigliacampi Tycho "Adrift (Shigeto's Adrift A Dream Mix)" Phutureprimitive "Submerge" Interview with Sean Horton, founder of the Decibel Festival Tristan Perich "1-Bit Symphony: Movement 1" Tristan Perich "1-Bit Symphony: Movement 2" Interview with Tristan Perich Flying Lotus "Clay" Carl Craig "Sandstorms" Interview with Karina van Heck Justin Bieber "U Smile (Shamantis Ambient Mix)" [FREE DOWNNLOAD] Interview with Shamantis 9 Beet Stretch Interview with Leif Inge

DATE: Fri, 17 Sep 2010
SIZE: 55.7 MB
Mad EP

Today's show was many months in the making!Mad EP has been on solipsistic NATION several times in the past. Mad EP delivered a live set back in May and was on the show with O'Slick last September. During that time Mad EP and I have talked abut him coming on the show with a mix of his music. In fact, a few months ago he sent me a mix. I was game to play it but then Hecq came on solipsistic NATION with his mix and it occurred to both Mad EP and me that his mix, while great, didn't convey they full range of musical styles that he is capable of. So it was back to the drawing board.Things got pushed back even further when Mad EP broke his hand. Mad EP is also a cellist so this must have been horrifying to him. Fortunately, he's mending just fine but it meant that his mix would have to wait.I've been looking forard to his mix for quite a while but I had to be patient. What was I going to say? "Hey, dude, sorry about your broken hand but walk it off and deliver the damn mix!" So I sat tight. And the wait was well worth it.Today's mix features at least 25 tracks that seamlessly weave in and out of each other. When I asked Mad EP for a playlist he just laughed and said it would be impossible. The playlist he did provide told me at the vey least which track he did play but not necessarily the sequence in which they appear. Like I said, they weave in and out of each other only to reappear later like a leir motif. But the mix does give you an idea of the spectrum of music Mad EP creates. As a bonus, a lot of the tracks are unreleased!I've been a fan of Mad EP since the day Nicholas Chevreux from Ad Noiseam records was kind enough to send me a stack of promotional CDs so I'm thrilled to share with you Mad EP's incredible mix. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have because I've been listening to it almost daily since he sent it to me.Join us next week when our guests will be Sean Horton, the founder of Seattle's Decibel Festival; Karina van Heck, who has created the Body Speaker that creates music when she moves her body; Leif Inge of 9 Beet Stretch, who has slowed down Beethoven's 9th Symphony so that it takes 24 hours to listen to from start to finish; and Shamantis, who has slowed down Justin Bieber's "U Smile" by 800%. Stay stuned!Mad EP "Sap/v.1 (Unreleased)"Interview with Mad EPMad EP "Noise 11211 (Unreleased)"Mad EP "Scab Removal Technique"Mad EP "Dreme (Unreleased)"Mad EP "Jackwind (Unreleased)"Mad EP "Inf-Enj (Unreleased)"Mad EP "Slack (Unreleased)"Mad EP "Tonem Sevo Lehs"Mad EP "51 Areas"Mad EP "Everything Falls Apart"Mad EP "Matthew's Lament (Unreleased)"Mad EP "Yuido"Mad EP "Scapegoat Waltz (Unreleased)"Mad EP "Cosican rmx222 (Unreleased)"Mad EP "When It Hurts (Unreleased)"Mad EP "Damb (Unreleased)"Mad EP "The Way It Is (Unreleased)"Mad EP "Graveyard Salsa (Unreleased)"Mad EP "Stepping Amongst Daysteppers"Mad EP "Crocacyst" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Mad EP "Shades of Grey Remix (Unreleased)"Mad EP "Iowa City"Mad EP "S-Cents"Mad EP "Optigrab (Unreleased)"Mad EP "Insomniac" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Mad EP "Lilies & Libations"Mad EP "Drinking Your Tears (Unreleased)"

DATE: Sat, 11 Sep 2010
SIZE: 56.9 MB

From time to time I'll ask listeners on Twitter and Facebook which labels I should showcase on solipsistic NATION and time and time again people have demanded that I do a feature on Ektoplazm, a psytrance netlabel. Amazingly enough, this is the first all-psytrance show on solipsistic NATION. In fact, I've played next to no psytrance on solipsistic NATION. The reason is simple. I'm not a fan of psytrance. Just about every psytrance track I've heard sounds like every psytrance track I've heard. But when I think about it, you could say that about just about every ub genre of electronic music. To people who are not fans of, say, dubstep or drum and bass, it all sounds the same. But if you are a fan then it is very easy to hear the differences. I'm glad I asked which labels I should showcase because it takes me out of my comfort zone and exposes me to music I would otherwise never listen to and the music from Ektoplazm is very, very good. Alexander, the founder of Ektoplazm, is our guest on today's show and he's put together select tracks from his label. Even while working within the framework of psytrance the music on Ektoplazm is distinct, playful and inventive. Listening to Alexander's mix it's obvious why psytrance has such longstanding popularity. If you like what you hear then you'll be thrilled to know that you can download everything on today's show for free by clicking the links below of by going to the Ektoplazm website at! Today's show has got me thinking: what other genres have I missed out on? I'm certainly not a fan of house or techno but as always, like today's show, when I hear great music I instantly recognize it and become a fan. So what other genres do you think I need to focus more on on solipsistic NATION? For the matter, what other labels should I showcase? Send me an email and let me know. Join us gain next when our guest will either be Mad E.P. or Andrew from The Bombay Dub Orchestra! Magic & Witchcraft "Spiral" [FREE DOWNLOAD] Jikkenteki "Default To Zero" [FREE DOWNLOAD] Interview with Alexander, founder of Ektoplazm Amygdala "MetaMusic" [FREE DOWNLOAD] Anakoluth "Delphic Haze" [FREE DOWNLOAD] ManMadeMan "Stillness Within" [FREE DOWNLOAD] Interview with Alexander, founder of Ektoplazm Cenotes (DoHm & P. Tale) "Freaking In The Distance" [FREE DOWNLOAD] Tsabeat "New Technologies" [FREE DOWNLOAD] EvsY "A.M. User" [FREE DOWNLOAD] Ekoplex "Twisted Root" [FREE DOWNLOAD] Phobosphere "Intersection 2060" [FREE DOWNLOAD] Interview with Alexander, founder of Ektoplazm Etnoscope "Might & Magic [Unreleased]"

DATE: Sun, 05 Sep 2010
SIZE: 62.1 MB
Enduser, Live

The first Friday of each month I feature a live set from an electronic artist.Yes, I know this is a Monday and not a Friday.solipsistic NATION is a labor of love that keeps me sane but it's not a paying gig, so real life often gets in the way. Putting food on my table, I'm sad to day, trumps putting music in your ears.So from time to time solipsistic NATION will go out a week late. And I could have easily pushed today's show back a week, too, but since this is a holiday in the US I figured that's all the excuse I needed to release tofay's show.As I mentioned, once a month I feature a live set and this month's set comes to us from Lynn Standafer. You probably know him as Enduser.Lynn's latest album, 1/3, was released by Ad Noiseam and like Ad Noiseam, Lynn's music is top notch, inventive and always takes you in unexpected directions. Today's live set from Lynn is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. Lynn kicks things off with iamthesun, a project between him and Casey Beagle and Balazs Pandi and then moves to a project he did with former Swans member Jarboe. We'll also hear two track from Blood of Heroes, a project that includes Justin K. Broadrick and Bill Laswell. Lynn is a man who is not confined by genre. So we've got a lot of great music to look forward to!Join us again this Friday when we'll talk with Alexander Synaptic of Ektoplazm and play select tracks from his net label.Photo Credit: ©Ad Noiseam Interview with Lynn Standafer of Enduser iamthesun "Untitled" Enduser w/ Jarboe "Ode to V (Enduser Remix)" Enduser "Untitled 1" Enduser "Untitled 2" Blood of Heroes "Remain (Unreleased Demo Version)" Enduser "Untitled 3" Enduser "Untitled 4" Enduser "Void" Enduser "Les Dilution" Enduser "1/3" Enduser "Berlin Dub" Enduser "Death Vest 09" Enduser "End of A Beginning (Sublight Version)"

DATE: Fri, 03 Sep 2010
SIZE: 55.7 MB

I just encoded this week's show to mp3 (thanks, Blacktree!) and I'm coasting on the dregs of nervous energy. Before this buzz evaporates let me tell you about this week's show before I crash.And what a great show it is!I'm a little late to the party. Greg Harrison's Groove came out in 2000 but I only just saw it on Netflix a few months back.For a while I've been thinking about the 90s and the millennium buzz that was building. Things seemed so optimistic but 10 years later, I just can't seem to muster that same optimism. I don't know if it's guarded caution from 9/11 or just a fact of getting older. Was I ever really that idealistic and is it possible to ever feel that way again? Harrison's Groove put me in touch with the Y2K zeitgeist but also with the smaller, more intimate moments that Douglas Rushkoff is always talking about. Come to think of it, Rushkoff wrote about his take on rave culture and meta culture in his book, Club Zero-G. Groove served as touchstone to how important those connections can be. I'm very happy Greg Harrison came on today's show to reflect on Groove.Just as I feel obliged to cover electronic music culture in popular culture like movies like Groove I also feel obliged to promote electronic music festivals. This week we'll talk with Viola van Alphen and Kythe (Keith? Sorry about the spelling.) about the Gogbot Festival taking place in the Netherlands September 9th-12th. This year's theme is the technological singularity, which is a meme that's latched a hold of the my brain since the 90s. I blame that on rave culture!The second half of today's show takes place in my fair city of San Diego. My very neighborhood, in fact.A few weeks back I was kicking back at the Krakatoa Cafe and while I was waiting for my latte to be brewed I came across two flyers for the San Diego DIY New Media Lab and the Fundamentals Progressive Concepts and DJ Academy. I invited San Diego DIY New Media Lab's Morgan Sully and Fundamentals Progressive Concepts and DJ Academy's Chase Costello to join us on today's show to talk about the art and craft of creating and producing music.And there goes my last bot of energy. Perfect timing! Thanks for reading, thanks for listening. See you next week for a special live set from Enduser!Photo Credit: ©nonsense@moonholestudios.comBoozy & Swan "Champagne Beat Boogie"Orbital "Halcyon + On + On"Interview with Greg Harrison, writer/director of GrooveBroken Note "The Fury"Alva Noto "Garment for A Garment"Interview with Viola van Alphen and Kythe of the Gogbot FestivalSickboy "Doofemilius"Zeller "Galactik Dust"Interview with Morgan Sully of the San Diego DIY New Media LabMaster Margherita "Galactik Dust" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Chris Abrahams "Birds and Wasp"Interview with Chase Costello of the Fundamentals Progressive Concepts and DJ Academy

DATE: Sat, 21 Aug 2010
SIZE: 57.0 MB

DATE: Fri, 13 Aug 2010
SIZE: 58.7 MB
Crammed Discs

Each month I showcase a music label that puts out amazing releases you absolutely need to know about. Today on solipsistic NATION I'll play select tracks from Crammed Discs.Usually this would be pretty straight forward but in the case of Crammed Discs it's a challenge. Crammed Discs has been around for 30 years now and in that time they've released over 265 albums and 250 singles. Furthermore, Crammed Discs features artists from all over the world, from the Balkans to Africa, from South America to the Middle East and beyond. How do encompass all of that in a one hour program.The simple answer is that it can't be done. Fortunately I had Marc Hollander, the label's founder, join me on today's show and guide the way!Crammed Discs was founded in 1980 by Marc and the first release was Marc and Vincent Kenis' band, Aksak Maboul. Since then Crammed Discs and its sub-labels Ziriguiboom, SSR Records, Made To Measure and Language have put out wonderful releases from the likes of Minimal Compact, Zap Mama, Tuxedomoon and more.As I said, it's impossible to convey the scope of Crammed Discs in a one hour show, even with the framework of electronic music. In the end I tried to express the diversity of the label as well as play tracks from some of my favorite artists such as Colin Newman, Balkan Beat Box and Bebel Gilberto. I even played a track by Konono Nº1 who technically aren't even an electronic music band. But it's my show and I can bend the rules when I want.I hope you enjoy today's show featuring music from Crammed Discs and my conversation with Marc Hollander. Join us again next week and we'll do it all over again. But completely different.Bebel Gilberto "Samba da Bênção"Bossacucanova "Samba Da Minha Terra"Suba "Tantos Desejos"Interview with Marc Hollander, founder of Crammed DiscsBalkan Beat Box "Pachima"U-Cef "Ouddamak"Interview with Marc Hollander, founder of Crammed DiscsNiko Marks & City Boy Players featuring Eddie Fowlkes "Way Back When"Carl Craig "Televised Green Smoke"Interview with Marc Hollander, founder of Crammed Discs4hero "Universal Love (feat. Carol Crosby)"Konono Nº1 "Lufuala Ndonga"Interview with Marc Hollander, founder of Crammed DiscsBuckfunk 3000 "Planet Shock Future Rock"Colin Newman "I Can Hear Your"

DATE: Fri, 06 Aug 2010
SIZE: 52.7 MB
Atom & His Package, Live

Back when I used to DJ at Free Radio San Diego (FRSD, incidentally, is where solipsistic NATION was born) I was introduced to the music of Atom & His Package.FRSD was staffed mostly by punks and there was some discussion as to whether Atom & His Package was punk rock or not. On the one hand, Atom's music was mostly played on his sequencer (many will tell you that you don't play punk rock on a sequencer), his lyrics were mostly pretty silly and sung in an almost cartoony voice. But on the other hand, the sequencer had a "cheap" sound and Atom waved his freak flag in his lyrics that were earnest and heartfelt with a fuck you attitude if you didn't get it or didn't like it.I don't think any of us took these discussion seriously but my own view was that Atom was most definitely punk. Not the conservative, thoughtless punk that dominates most of the genre and culture today. But the punk of yore, when there weren't really any rules as to what punk was.If Atom is punk then what is he doing on solipsistic NATION, an electronic music show?If you've listened to solipsistic NATION in the past then you know I play fast and loose with what the definition of what electronic music is. Like punk, I think electronic music is pretty much open for definition. I guess the only requirement is that it should have some electronic instrumentation and so Atom's package, his sequencer, fits the bill perfectly.Atom & His Package is Adam Goren is our guest on today's solipsistic NATION and his set was originally record live at the University of Maryland.In 2003 Adam performed his last show as Atom and His Package due to impending fatherhood and being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Adam now teaches chemistry and physics at the Shipley School located in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania and plays from time to time with Armalite.Join us next week when our guest will be Marc Hollander, the co-founder of Crammed Discs!Photo Credit: ©elawgrrlInterview with Adam Goren of Atom & His PackageAtom & His Package "Intro"Atom & His Package "Pumping Iron for Enya"Atom & His Package "Hats Off to Halford"Atom & His Package "Mountan Goats Cover"Atom & His Package "Happy Birthday Ralph"Atom & His Package "Goalie"Atom & His Package "Undercover Funny"Atom & His Package "The Seed Song"Atom & His Package "Punk Rock Academy"Atom & His Package "Trump"Atom & His Package "Back"Atom & His Package "Shopping Spree"Atom & His Package "(Lord, It's Hard To Be Happy When You're Not) Using The Metric System"

DATE: Mon, 02 Aug 2010
SIZE: 61.1 MB

Today on solipsistic NATION we'll listen to the fractured dubstep of Misk and EshOne, Steve Nalepa and his former students of It's Not Over Quebec and the first release from Clear Notice Recordings!EshOne was a guest DJ on solipsistic NATION back in February and we talked about his role on the San Diego Dubstep blog San Diego's Brokenbeat. Since then he has released his new album Loving What Is.One of the artists EshOne featured in his mix in February was Misk. He mentioned that Misk was moving aways from dubstep so when Misk announced his new album, Saturation, on Twitter I knew I had to have him on the show. It's not at all what I expected, which is a delight all in itself!Steve Nalepa has been my most frequent guest on solipsistic NATION and that's because Steve is always up to new and interesting projects, from his solo work to collaborative efforts with Bass Science, The FMs and much more. This time he returns with a new EP he recorded with It's Not Over Quebec called, appropriately enough, Professor Nalepa vs It's Not Over Quebec.I've said this before and I'll say it again: Steve isn't a man. He's a conversation that walks like a man. Case in point: the interview you're about to hear is roughly 30 minutes long and I only asked Steve two questions. It seemed a wasted to edit my conversation with Steve down to a mere seven minutes so I thought I'd give you the unedited version because Steve had such interesting things to day and you can listen to it here.Finally, we'll talk with Kieron James of Clear Notice Recordings about his label's first album, Enter Calico. In a bold move, Clear Notice Recordings will also be releasing an iPad app to accompany the release of Enter Calico and it will be chock full of videos and other goodies. Send me an email or Tweet me for your chance to win!Join us again next week for a special live set from Atom and His Package!EshOne "Residue" [FREE DOWNLOAD]EshOne "Knicked Spoons" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Interview with EshOneEshOne "Where It Went" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Misk "Worms and Fast Food" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Misk "Cookies for Breakfast" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Interview with MiskMisk "Subterranean Crawlspace" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Professor Nalepa vs It's Not Over Quebec "Harpoon"Professor Nalepa vs It's Not Over Quebec "Jellyfish"Interview with Steve NalepaProfessor Nalepa vs It's Not Over Quebec "Ripple"cloudchair "Echoes and Whispers (Liquid Weeld Mix)"Thomas L. Raukamp "Août"Interview with Kieron James of Clear Notice RecordingsSubterminal "For Afo..."

DATE: Sat, 24 Jul 2010
SIZE: 56.0 MB

Two hundred shows.I don't usually talk all that much on solipsistic NATION. Unless I'm talking with a guest I sually just say what needs to be send and then I get out of the way of the music.But I've been producing two hundred shows since 2006. Two hundred shows!Indulge me this rare occasion to be verbose and verklempt. When you reach a milestone like that there is, I think, a natural urge to want to sum up the experience. But how do you encapsulate 200 shows?My dad, who has been a guest on the show, by the way, was recently commenting on how remarkable it is the thousands of people who spend countless hours building and maintaining Wikipedia or publishing on their blog or, in my case, produce an electronic music show.I shudder to think how many hours I've spend producing solipsistic NATION over the years: pouring over new music, putting together mixes, having guests on the show, editing interviews... It's a lot of work and it's a lot of time.But it's rewarding because I get to talk to people like Alex Paterson of The Orb or Toby Marks of Banco De Gaia. Are you kidding me? I can't believe the number of people who have been kind enough to come on the show and let me play their music.I've got a lot of them to thank. And I've got to thank the folks at Terrorbird, Ultimae Records, BPitch Control, Ad Noiseam and all the other record labels who have been generous enough to share their music with me and make this show possible.I'd also like to thank the folks at KYOURadio in San Francisco for broadcasting solipsistic NATION each and every Saturday night.I don't do this often enough but I have to thanks all the photographers and artists whose graphics grace my website and each podcast who I've met on Deviant or Flickr.I think you know where this is going.That's right, here's where I thank you for listening. Without you their wouldn't be a show.I know the music on each edition of solipsistic NATION is good. That's just a given. But not everybody rolls like I do, jumping from genre to genre each show. Sometimes within the same show. But you do. So... good on you.There's no interviews or overarching themes on today's show. I'm just playing stuff I love.Banco De Gaia "Spirit Of The Age"The Orb "Vuja De"The Chemical Brothers "Dissolve"We Like Cats "No Ordinary Dub"The Phenomenal Handclap Band "You'll Disappear"LCD Soundsystem "45:33 Padded Cell Remix (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)"Lady GaGa "Bad Romance (Larry Tee & Per QX Super Disco Party Machine Extended Mix)"Trentemøller "Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!!"

DATE: Mon, 19 Jul 2010
SIZE: 62.7 MB
Jerona Fruits Recordings

Back in 2006 when I relaunched solipsistic NATION I noticed that drum and bass was going through a resurgence in popular culture. I loved catching DJs at clubs spinning amazing jungle/drum and bass sets so I welcomed the renewed interest in d 'n' b.At the time I was listening to a lot of music from Jerona Fruits Recordings. The music on Jerona Fruits had all the muscular leanness and high end production I loved about drum and bass and non of drum and bass' sometimes embarrassing bombastic pretensions (although I'm a sucker for bombast when it works). I had the lads from Jerona Fruits on the Small World to talk about their label and play music form some of the artists on their roster.Drum and bass has never gone away, of course. It's always been there, seething below the surface, constantly mutating into new hybrids. Now is as good as time as any to check in with Baz, who is one third of Jerona Fruits, to find out what the state of drum and bass is on 2010 and how his label has grown since we last talked.Baz is our guest DJ on today's show and he's got a mix of select tracks of the very best Jerona Fruits has to offer. If you like what you hear, and really, how can you not?, then show Jerona some love buy buying a few tracks from stores like Digital-Tunes and iTunes. As long as you're at iTunes, you can subscribe to the Jerona Fruits Podcast and hear even more great music from their label!Next month I'll showcase music from Crammed Discs and talk to Marc Hollander, the label's founder.Join us again next week for the 200th edition of solipsistic NATION! Feel free to leave any comments about the show on my voice mail at 1-619-717-6322 and I'll be sure to play it on next week's show.Sabre "Floating Source"Madcap "Switch the Lights"Interview with baz of Jerona Fruits RecordingsThe Burbs "Alone"Andy Skopes "Africa is Zion"Mijatoho & Zodiak "Curare"Greg Packer & MC Asassin "Landslide"The Burbs "That Sound"Mijatoho "Shape (Hidden Agenda Rmx)"Bungle & Ney Faustini "No Routine"Amaning & Dizplay "Sienna"Matt Domino "Papercut"Mijatoho "Jazgal"The Burbs & Mijatoho feat. Jon Jon "Coming Down"The Burbs "Anything"Andy Skopes "Bucktown"FX909 "Bad Attitude"Andy Skopes "State of Grace"Interview with baz of Jerona Fruits Recordings

DATE: Fri, 02 Jul 2010
SIZE: 74.5 MB
DJ Spooky, Live

The first Friday of each month I feature a live set from an electronic musician. But here's the thing, I'm not sure today's show is actually a live set. Let me explain. A few months back I asked Paul D. Miller (AKA DJ Spooky, That Subliminal Kid) if he had a recording of one of his concerts I could play on the show. Or maybe I asked him if he's like to be a guest DJ on solipsistic NATION. I can't exactly recall. Like I said, it's been a couple of months. This much I know: Paul sent me a mix that he played in Sudan and/or he made with his iPhone app. So is it live? I don't know but I'm going to roll with it because it's pretty awesome! So let's talk about Paul. Paul is a is a turntablist, a producer and an author who has pretty much been part of my world since I first embraced electronic music back in the 90s back when he was part of the Illbient scene. Since then Paul has popped up on my radar again and again with his album and his remixes (my personal favorites are the remixes he has done for the Red Hot series). As I mentioned, Paul is also an author and has written Rhythm Science (Mediaworks Pamphlets) and was the editor of Sound Unbound: Sampling Digital Music and Culture. Paul is also a professor of music mediated art at the European Graduate School where he co-teaches with Michael Schmidt Intensive Summer Seminars in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. There is much, much more to Paul and will go over Paul's multifaceted background when I have him back on solipsistic NATION to talk about Sound Unbound: Sampling Digital Music and Culture. In the meantime, enjoy today's show, whether it's live or not! Join us again next week I'll be showcasing music from Jeronoa Fruits Recordings. If you're into drum and bass you're going to love next week's show! Photo Credit: ©Jason A Layne Interview with Paul D. Miller, AKA DJ Spooky, That Subliminal Kid DJ Spooky "Boombox Intro" Public Enemy + DJ Spooky "By The Time I get to Arizona 2010" [FREE DOWNLOAD] DJ Spooky "Drum Solo w/MC5" DJ Spooky + Rob Swift "Multiphonic" Damian Marley + Nas "As We Enter" DJ Felli Fell + Sean Paul + T-Pain "Feel It" Firelinks "Do Your Thing" Kat Deluna + Elephant Man "Whine Up" Madlib "Heavy" Mos Def "Supermagic" DJ Spooky featuring Emmanuel Jal "Nyakawai" Mos Def "Supermagic" Fat Joe "Ha Ha (Instrumental)" Talib Kweli + Hi-Tek "Ha Ha (Slow Down)" DJ Spooky "Afrique System" Magic System "Bouger Bouger" Awilo Longomba "Karolina" Dennis Christopher "Soulshakin" The Black Eye Peas "Boom Boom Boom" Rye Rye featuring M.I.A. "Bang Bang" Reel 2 Real "Go On Move" DJ Spooky "Now is the What" J-Star "No Diggity" Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killa & Johnny Osbourne "Lend Me the Chopper" Sanchez "Rock Bottom" Ky-Mani Marley "Warriors" Ronny Thwaites "Wicked Times" Ky-Mani Marley "Hypocrites" Johnny Osbourne & Shabba Ranks "Ice Cream Sound" Carol Cool "Upside Down" Family Circle and Sweet Lady "Reggae Beat Goes On" Flowering Inferno "Ciduad del Swing" Emmanuel Jal "Baai" Mulatu Astatke "Yègellé Tezeta (My Own Memory)"

DATE: Fri, 25 Jun 2010
SIZE: 56.2 MB
Tangled Up CPU

On today's show I'm going to play bitpop and chiptune covers of your favorite songs!When I first came up with the idea for today's show I thought it would be cute and played for giggles. But when I sat down and really listened to the music I realized that these bitpop and chiptune covers stripped the originals down to their essence. And these tracks still stand up. They're classics for a reason.But the tracks on today's show don't sound great just because they're covers of great songs, they also sound great because it took a lot of ingenuity of working within the constraints of chiptunes and bitpop to make these songs shine.By the way, nearly all the tracks on today's show came from the 8 Bit Collective website.8bitcollective is the first completely open chiptune-related media repository and file sharing community. To learn more or to download more great music go to 8bc.orgYou can learn more about Chiptunes by listening to my chiptune documentary. Some time soon I'll be releasing a bitpop documentary so keep your ears open for that.Join us next week for a special live set from DJ Spooky.Photo Credit: ©Seth Chenard8 Bit Weapon "Tron Scherzo (Sark's Revenge Mix)" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Minus 5 "Little Fugue in G Minor" [FREE DOWNLOAD]486 "Martha My Dear" [FREE DOWNLOAD]electrodreams "Where Its At" [FREE DOWNLOAD]BeepBeepLOLZ "Billie Jean" [FREE DOWNLOAD]8 Bit Ninjas "Push It" [FREE DOWNLOAD]The Listrix "The Model" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Facepalm Represent "Whip It" [FREE DOWNLOAD]JINGELHEIMER "Blitzkrieg Bop" [FREE DOWNLOAD]facundo "We Got the Beat" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Shonenn "Robot Rock" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Hellostereo "Buddy Holy" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Paza Rahm "Charly (Trip Into Drum and Bass Paza Chip Remix)" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Jellica & Dr Dru "i wld di 4 u" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Unicorn Dream Attack "l00m3r" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Zombectro "Raining Blood" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Joedouken! "Blue Monday" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Expect Delays "Assimilate" [FREE DOWNLOAD]

DATE: Fri, 18 Jun 2010
SIZE: 63.3 MB

I really enjoy having lots of guests on solipsistic NATION. It's a lot of fun to play on track from each artist and then have them comment on their music or what their process is in making music. There's something to be said about appreciating a song on its own merits but I also think it might make us appreciate a song a bit more when you hear the musician talk about their craft.But I have to tell you, these shows are a lot of work.Getting today's show is the result of contacting everyone by phone or email and asking if an interview can be arranged. And then there are the follow up emails and phone calls. Not too mention coming up with a list of questions for the interviews, let alone doing the actual interview and then editing those interviews. Like I said, it's a lot of work.And that's why I am so very happy how great this week's show is when it came together!First of all, my guests are fantastic. We'll talk with everyone from Kraddy about mashups to Margaret Noble about her crowd funded 1984 project. And as an added bonus, a diverse as the genres of music on today's show are, they conveniently segue together and nothing sounds incongruous.From Kraddy's glitch hop inspired mashup we careen off of two tracks from the Rare Grooves album (which you can download for free, by the way) Colin Steve drops some, ah, knowledge about Knowledge Magazine. Colin must cringe whenever that phrase is uttered but he was cool enough to give aways a Knowledge tshirt. Email me to tweet me for your chance to win! Rare Grooves takes us to trance where we'll talk with Benoit Allirol about this years The Hadra Trance Festival taking place in the French Alps. And somehow, I don't know how, this takes us to Carmen Rizzo's gorgeous and melancholy music (if you dig Carmen's music then you also might like Lulu Rouge, you can listen to my interview with them here). Music from Carmen's album, Looking Through Leaves, unfolds to the dub laden strains of Eraldo Bernocchi & Blackfilm. I had Blackfilm on the show last year where he mentioned an upcoming project with Eraldo Bernocchi. The album is called Along The Corridors and it's simply amazing. And this takes us to Margaret's Noble's 1984 project. I don't know how but everything fits and makes sense.I'd like to thank Kraddy, Colin Steven, Benoit Allirol, Carmen Rizzo, Blackfilm and Margaret once again for joining us on this week's solipsistic NATION.I know money is tight but if you heard anything on today's show that you liked, show your support by purchasing one of their songs or albums. Maybe pick up a copy of All Crews drum and bass book from Knowledge. If you're in the French Alps in July you might want to catch the Hadra Trance Festival. Or maybe give Margaret a couple bucks and help her out with her 1984 project.Join us again next week. I think I'm going to do a mix of bitpop covers of classic rockers!Photo Credit: ©Makbet666Kraddy "Luda Sebastian Mash (Kraddy Mash)"Echaskech "The Storm (Kraddy Requiem Remix)"Interview with KraddyDJ Scape "Your Soul Can Rest" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Sighnature "I Sell Death Insurance" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Interview with Colin Steve of Knowledge MagazineShotu "Conception"Digidep "Walking Alone"Interview with Benoit Allirol of The Hadra Trance FestivalCarmen Rizzo "Until You Find Another (f/ Shana Halligan)"Carmen Rizzo "Element of Hope"Interview with Carmen RizzoEraldo Bernocchi & Blackfilm "Bethnal Green"Eraldo Bernocchi & Blackfilm "Mistakes pt.2"Interview with BlackfilmMargaret Noble "Watched"Margaret Noble "Frakture"Interview with Margaret Noble

DATE: Fri, 11 Jun 2010
SIZE: 56.9 MB
Zero Digital Records

Back in January I had Riley Warren on solipsistic NATION as a guest DJ. Riley is also one of the co founders of Zero Digital Records and we made plans so showcase her label at a later date.Riley's mix got a lot of love so I know you're going to dig today's mix featuring select tracks from artists on Zero Digital Records! This time we're joined by fellow Zero Digital Records co founder Michael Ricca, AKA Kinetic.Today's mix is pretty awesome! It's got a trance feel with some driving rhythms and beats that has a lot of textures and moods that will hit you in your gut. If you enjoy today's show you can preview more music from Zero Digital Records at their website.If you really like what you hear then why not buy a song or two from the label if not a couple of albums. You can find them on Beatport, Trackitdown, iTunes, Amazon MP3, Juno Download, etc. Oh, and be sure to listen to the Zero Digital Records podcast hosted by Stilwell!You can also follow Zero Digital Records on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and on YouTube.Join us again next week when our guests will be Margaret Noble, Kraddy, Carmen Rizzo, Colin Steven of Knowledge Magazine and much, much more!Ally Porwal "Terms of Life"Interview with Micheal Ricca, cofounder of Zero Digital RecordsJane Silence "Break Easy (o3 Remix)"Ally Porwal "Look at the Stars"Ana "Blue Zana (DJ Mix)"o3 "Riven"Interview with Micheal Ricca, cofounder of Zero Digital RecordsBlaz Perus "Free Your Mind"Tashka Swe "The Trix"Jake DeSilva "Initialize (Nightshift Deep Mix)"Nash Donson "Distance"Verche "The Sea (Dan Freeman Remix)"Interview with Micheal Ricca, cofounder of Zero Digital Records

DATE: Fri, 04 Jun 2010
SIZE: 84.9 MB
Forensics, ill.gates & Terminal 11, Live

So here's the deal. When I first started featuring live sets on solipsistic NATION it was a segment I thought I would do from time to time. It took a while but it soon became a regular segment on the show.I really like the live segments because on the face of it live electronic music seems like an oxymoron. Artists could easily just press play on their laptop and walk away and that would be the show. But obviously it's more than that and each artist has a different approach to live performances. Their aesthetics are different, their gear is different and the venues are different. It's those variables that make the live segments so engaging, not to mention it's live! There's so much room for improvisation and, gasp, failure!But there's the thing, I often found myself scrambling at last minute to get a live set and an interview with the featured artist for the next show. Worse, sometimes I'd have to skip the segment all together because I didn't have anything for the show. So about a year ago I emailed a lot of artists I like and invited them on the show to feature recordings of their live sets. Makes sense, right? Build up a surplus of live sets and never have to worry about scrambling again.Some of the live sets that I got were less than an hour. No problem, I just padded out the rest of the show with a few studio tracks from the featured artist. But sometimes I'd get live sets that were considerably less than an hour and my solution was to pair those set with other live sets of similar duration.Here we are a year later and I'm down to the last handful of the shorter live sets. I could have waited another year and pair those remaining sets with other sets but I decided to release them today with an extended show. I just didn't want to put off these live sets any longer.So here you are: live sets from Forensics, ill.gates and Terminal 11! If you like what you hear then support them by seeing them when they tour your home town or by purchasing their music.As I mentioned, today's show is the last of the live sets that I accumulated a year ago. But I only needed to learn the lesson of scrambling once and I'll have live sets from Prefuse 73, DJ Spooky, the Nortec Collective and The Bombay Dub Orchestra so stay stuned.Join us next week when I'll be showcasing music from Zero Digital Records!Forensics "Live (Dub City, Amsterdam, May 2009)"Interview with Forensicsill.gates "Live (Edmonton)"Interview with ill.gatesTerminal 11 "Live"Interview with Terminal 11

DATE: Fri, 28 May 2010
SIZE: 60.0 MB
iPads, iPhones & iPods

On today's show we'll talk with artists who are creating music with Apple's iPads, iPhones and the iPod Touch. We'll find out why they are using these devices to make music and what are the challenges and limitations of those devices.So why do a who featuring music created with iPads, iPhones and the iPod Touch?I think the answer is pretty simple. There are a lot of different smart phones and MP3 players but Apple is the company that got it right. These devices are incredibly powerful but easy and intuitive to use and developers have created some wonderful applications for them. And those apps are often equally easy and intuitive to use. And that means there are a lot of people walking around with these little handheld computers with the capability to create music and that's a wonderful thing.Apple's iPad is not the first tablet device to hit the market but it is the first successful tablet. Wildly successful, in fact. And once again developers are coming up with some wonderful apps.And the iPad is one of the reasons I wanted to do today's show because a lot of people are claiming that it's ust a media consumption device or that it's just a big iPhone. As today's show proves the iPad is also a media creation device and it clearly not just a big iPhone.Our guests will be Rana June, Jared DiDomenico and Brad Naprixas from Nuclear O'Reilly, Brian Roberts of Doctor Popular, Marshall Law and Speak Onion's Dan Abatemarco.Rana June is Rana Sobhany and is the author of Mobilize! Marketing Mobile Content in an iPhone and iPad Era and is the world's first iPad DJ. Nuclear O'Reilly released Phoning It In, the world's first iPhone album. Doctor Popular is currently working on an album that utilizes the iPhone called Beeps and Smudges. William Marshall uses the iPhone as a DJ tool and Dan Abatemarco of Speak Onion uses the iPhone to bludgeon his audiences in his live sets.I've got a lot of apps you can win on today's show for your ipad, iPhone or iPod Touch so email me at or Tweet me at for your chance to win!I'd like to thank the folks at Sound Trends LLC, Intua, Nanoloop, Smule and IK Multimedia for their generosity for letting me give away their fine apps on today's show.See you next week for a special live set from Terminal 11, Forensics and ill.gates!Rana June "Destroy the Silence, Volume 1" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Interview with Rana JuneNuclear O'Reilly "Leeks" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Nuclear O'Reilly "Two Flumes" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Interview with Brad Naprixas and Jared DiDomenico of Nuclear O'ReillyDoctor Popular "Bedbugs (featuring ytCracker)"Doctor Popular "Last Gasp Through Bended Straw"Interview with Doctor PopularMarshall Law "House Mix"Inteview with Marshall LawSpeak Onion "Brecht Forum (January 10, 2009)" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Interview with Speak Onion

DATE: Fri, 21 May 2010
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BPitch Control

Today on solipsistic NATION we'll talk with Ellen Allien. Ellen is a musician, a DJ, a producer, a fashion designer and the founder of BPitch Control.I'm very excited about today's show because I have a list of music labels that I've wanted to feature on solipsistic NATION and I've wanted to do a show dedicated to BPitch Control for a very long time.I'm not a big fan of techno because I find the genre fairly conservative and boring. Partly this is due to the constraints of the genre but mostly it is due to the lack of imagination of musicians who make techno. Not so with the artists on BPitch Control. From Modeselektor to Sasha Funke, all the music on BPitch Control is creative, fun and pushes the boundaries of what techno can be.Ellen herself sums up all of that. She is a musician, a DJ, a producer, a fashion designer and the founder of BPitch Control. Her latest album, Dust is due for release today so the timing for today's show is perfect! It was difficult to choose which track from Dust to choose but in the end I settled on "Huibuh" because it is a perfect example of Ellen's ability to make techno her own by infusing "Huibuh" with Afro-Peruvian and Cuban elements without using those elements for mere exotica.As always, whenever I have a guest on solipsistic NATION I ask people on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace to contribute to the interview and on today's show I have questions from bubblesmusic and tony_watt. If you'd like to participate in future interviews just follow me at you enjoyed today's show then you'll also enjoy the A/V show from October that includes an interview with Hannes Stöhr, the director of Berlin Calling, a movie who's soundtrack was released through BPitch Control.Join us again next when we'll talk with Rhana June, Doctor Popular, Nuclear O' Reilly, Will Marshall and Speak Onion. They're connection? They all make music with iPhones and iPads.See you then!Fuckpony "Orgasm On The Dancefloor Saturday Night"Interview with Ellen Allien, founder of BPitch ControlAGF / Delay "Connection (Fritz Zander Remix)"Moderat "A Seamonkey (Untold Remix)"Chaim "A Thrill You"Interview with Ellen Allien, founder of BPitch ControlEllen Allien "Huibuh"Zander VT "Peace Of Mind feat Chopstick"Thomas Muller "Rebirth"Paul Kalkbrenner "Torted"Telefon Tel Aviv "Immolate Yourself (Thomas Muller Burning Man Remix)"Interview with Ellen Allien, founder of BPitch ControlJahcoozi "Watching You (Deadbeat Stalker Dub)"

DATE: Fri, 07 May 2010
SIZE: 58.5 MB
Mad EP, Live

I missed last month's live set on solipsistic NATION because my life got pretty hectic. But I'm back this month with a live set from Mad EP recorded at the TODAYSART festival in 2008.TODAYSART believes strongly in fresh and vigorous creativity; and in the new shapes of expression, and the rising talents who boldly explore the possibilities of the new and controversial stages where they can express their talent.I had Mad EP on the show back in September with O’ Slick to talk about their Brimstone Bangers release and asked Mad EP if he had a recording of a live set he'd like to share on the show. Mad EP said he did and set me a rocking set and I'm psyched to share it with you on today's show!Mad EP will also be back on the show later this month or in June with a live set he's putting together exclusively for solipsistic NATION.Earlier this year Hecq came on the show with a mix that covered the gamut of Hecq's musical styles: from ambient to breakbeat. It occurred to me that as much as I dig Mad EP's live set it's pretty much all hip hop and doesn't convey the range of his musical capabilities. Mad EP felt the same way after listening to Hecq's mix we both agreed that Mad EP should do a mix too.Unfortunately, Mad EP broke his hand so until he heals that mix will have to wait. Until then, rock out to Mad EP's TODAYSART 2008 live set!Mad EP "Live, TODAYSART 2008"

DATE: Fri, 30 Apr 2010
SIZE: 59.0 MB

Today's pretty unsual for solipsistic NATION because I'm playing songs that came up on my iPhone while on shuffle. I'm only going to do this once because I'm pretty anal retentive on how I put the shows togther. Behind the scenes I lovingly and painstakingly craft the mixes you hear. To just let my iPhone randomly choose the tracks unnerves me. Oh, sure, I've gotten ideas for shows while listening on shuffle but sometimes my iPhone will play terrible tracks. Or great tracks that would sound terrible together in a mix. But I've decided to throw caution to the wind and just see what happens. It's kind of exciting because today's show is just as much a suprise for me as it will be for you! The other thing that's different about today's show is that I decided that as long as I'm going to let my iPhone pick the songs I might as well as record the solipsistic NATION IDs on my iPhone too. And if I'm going to record the IDs on my iPhone then why not record the IDs in various spots in San Diego and take photos of those locations with my iPhone? You can see the photos below. One spot I recorded an ID is at the Krakatoa Cafe. The Krakatoa Cafe is in my neighborhood and I've met several of the guests that have appeared on solipsistic NATION at Krakatoa such as Riley Warren and Stuntdouble. I also recorded an ID on my roofdeck where I often relax when I convert editions of solipsistic NATION to MP3. One ID was recorded at Luigi's Pizzeria. I'm more of a Chigaco deep dish guy but I have to admit that Luigi's New York style pizza is pretty dope. Finally, I recored an ID at the Cuban Cigar Factory because I was trying to find a Perdomo Lot 23 Churchill Natural at Cameron Reilly's, host of the G'day World podcast, recommendation. No luck finding the cigar, though. That's the show. Hope you like it despite the unevenness of the mix but, hey, that's what happens when you allow randomness into your life. Join us again next week for a special live set from Mad EP! Raskolnikov's Dream "Navarinou Dogs" Ninjasonik "My Kids Cant Eat No Fame" Left Spine Down "Welcome to the Future" The Qemists "Your Revolution (Reso Remix)" Ron Contour & Factor "I Only Know" The Juan Maclean "Happy House (Will Saul & Mike Monday Remix)" Mesmer "Whenever You Want Me (Line of Sight Remix)" Le Le "Breakfast (Mercury Remix)" Mesmer "Whenever You Want Me (Great Scott Remix)" Julian Jeweil "Soda"

DATE: Fri, 23 Apr 2010
SIZE: 59.3 MB

Back in the day blogs were considered pretty exotic. They covered everything from knitting to Star Wars and were more often than not very, very personal. A decade or so later and blogs are still pretty personal but they're not longer quite so exotic. Seems like everyone has a blog these days and everyone reads blogs.I myself follow 40+ blogs. Some blogs are by my friends or various people I find interesting while the rest are news blogs or blogs related to the industry I work in. And, of course, I follow quite a few blogs about electronic music so I can keep up to date.The problem is that blogs are like music: 99% of it is crap. Either the writing is terrible or I completely disagree with what most of the blogs are covering. Not so with Headphone Commute, which is a blog I love.I've been reading Headphone Commute for a couple of years now and for good reason. Headphone Commute covers the music I care about and exposes me to music I've never heard of before. The album reviews and label profiles are spot on. Headphone Commute does interviews are concise and to the point with everyone from Frank Riggio to Rena Jones.If you're looking for a quality blog to read about electronic music then I can't recommend Headphone Commute enough and it is with great pleasure that I present to you a mix from Headphone Commute.The mix is called DSM-IV-TR, which is short for Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which was republished in the 4th text revision back in 2000. Headphone Commute's mix will take us from moody IDM to glitch to techno to drum and bass to dubstep and to music that defies genres. If you want to hear today's mix without listening to me babble click here.Before I go, I'll be interviewing Ellen Allien, who is the founder of BPitch Control, about her label and her forthcoming album, Dust, which will be released in May, this Monday. If you have a question you'd like me to ask Ellen, email me at you next week!Ametsub "Faint Dazzlings"Lusine "Two Dots (Reverse Engineered)"Deru "You Haunt Me"Redshape "Bound (Part 1 and 2)"Fuck Buttons "Surf Solar"Clark "Gonk Roughage"The Tuss "Last Rushup 10"Jega "Aerodynamic"DJ Hidden "The Traveller"Broken Note "Meltdown"Deru "Peanut Butter & Patience"Harmonic 313 "Word Problems"Reso "Onslaught"Monolake "Titan"KiloWatts "Everglade"Roberto Rodriguez "Moonraker (Phonique Remix)"Burial & Four Tet "Moth"Dataworx "Control"Telefon Tel Aviv "The Worst Thing In The World (Gaiser's Possibly The Universe Remix)"Telefon Tel Aviv "You Are The Worst Thing In The World"The Sight Below "No Place For Us" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Ben Frost "Killshot"

DATE: Fri, 16 Apr 2010
SIZE: 54.6 MB

I'm going to keep today's show notes short because it's late and I really need to go to bed.Each week I get anywhere from a dozen to 50 or so tracks to review for upcoming shows on solipsistic NATION. I will then load them on to my iPhone and play them at random throughout the week, or in some cases, months.As I listen to the tracks I will give them a one to five star rating. Anything that gets one star I just delete because let's face it, who wants to hear that dreck. Any track I find mildly interesting gets a two star rating. Tracks that I think are solid get three star rating and the few tracks I think are top notch get a four to five star rating. Ninety percent of the time it's the tracks with a three to five star rating that make it on to the show.When it comes time to put together a mix for solipsistic NATION I usually review the tracks that I gave a high rating to and see if I can form some sort of theme or narrative out of them.Sometimes I will jot down notes on my iPhone which tracks I think would be great for a mix, which is how today's show came together.And what is the theme for today's show? Bass! All the track's you'll hear on today's show are guaranteed to make your sub woofer throb. In fact, you might want to crank your sub woofer up a notch or two for extra effect.Okay, that's enough for today. Time for me to saw some logs.See you next week!Photo Credit: ©art-nowMochipet "Godzilla New Year"David Starfire "Cobra"edIT "Battling Go-Go Yubari In Downtown L.A."Eskmo "San Francisco (The Rhythm)"Bassnectar feat. Cates & dpL "Backpack Rehab"Ooah "Tubstomper"DJ Hidden "The Dreamer"Graintable "Lost Frost"The Snipplers "All Around (Belzebass Remix)"Nalepa "Sunflowers (FuzZ Remix)"Heyoka "Fractalscape"Detritus "Haunted (Remix By Niveau Zero)"Vishnu "Bbombard"

DATE: Fri, 09 Apr 2010
SIZE: 57.7 MB
Manifold Valley

I'm back!I missed last week's show because there was a blackout in my neighborhood. When the electricity came back on it only came back on in half of my house so my computer was down for a couple of days. It kind of worked out because I've been planning on taking a vacation form solipsistic NATION for some time now so I could recharge my batteries. Now I'm ready to get back into it!Today on solipsistic NATION I've got some absolutely beautiful ambient music in store for you. We'll hear from Master Margherita, Circular, Hybrid Leisureland, Olan Mill, Wilt, Pjusk, Solar Fields, Talvihorros, Lovesliescrushing and Nest.Master Margherita's album, Ambient Manifold, was released on Bakshish Music and I wanted to mention Bakshish Music because they describe their label as a Temporary Autonomous Zone, which was a term coined by Hakim Bey. A Temporary Autonomous Zone, or TAZ, is a new territory of the moment that is created on the boundary line of established regions. Hakim Bey's idea was that any attempt at permanence that goes beyond the moment will inevitably lead to a structured system that inevitably stifles individual creativity. Hakim Bey believed that Hakim Bey it is creativity that is real empowerment.I lost count of how many times I read Hakim Bey's Temporary Autonomous Zone and I wanted to share it with you because I think you might enjoy it too. You can read Hakim Bey's Temporary Autonomous Zone online here.We'll also hear music from 12k, Ad Noiseam and Ultimae Records, who have also been showcased on solipsistic NATION. You can hear more music from 12k and my interview with 12k's Taylor Deupree here. You can hear more music from Ad Noiseam and my interview with Ad Noiseam's Nicolas Chevreux here. You can hear more music from Ultimae Records and my interview with Ultimae Records' Sunbeam here.See you next week!Photo Credit: ©benlove79Master Margherita "Ambient Manifold" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Circular "I'm Not Scared"Hybrid Leisureland "Exist Unreality"Olan Mill "An Obedient Ear"Wilt "Megalith (Cornucopia)"Pjusk "Vidde"Solar Fields "Air Song (8am Version)"Talvihorros "MDTS01 - SIDE A"Lovesliescrushing "Vrhhu"Nest "The Twelve" [FREE DOWNLOAD]

DATE: Fri, 26 Mar 2010
SIZE: 56.9 MB

I don't know this about me but I'm anal retentive about how I put together mixes from solipsistic NATION. Where other DJs will do a set on the fly I know how my set is going to sound well in advance and plan my segues down to the nanosecond.But here's the thing: my day job has been consuming my life. The work has been challenging and a hell of a lot of fun but it hasn't left me with a lot of free time to meticulously put together a show. Out of necessity I went old school.Back when I used to DJ at WMFO 91.5FM I would sometimes show up at the station 30 minutes to an hour before my show totally unprepared. I'd grab a couple bricks of CDs and a handful of vinyl and go into an empty studio and quickly previous the new releases for hidden gems and string together a mix.It's not the way I like to spin but working that quickly did keep me on my toes and take my show in unexpected directions. And that's what I did for today's show: just grab a bunch of stuff I've been been listening to and digging and seeing if I can somehow tie them together for a show for you to enjoy.Let me know if it worked for you.If you liked today's show then please tell a friend about solipsistic NATION. Maybe they'll like it to. In any case, thanks for listening. I'll see you next week.X:THC "A Human Flood"DJ Food "All Covered In Darkness (Mr P Remix In3)"Duran Y Garcia "Old Fashioned Thief"De Madrugada "Essa Magia"Der Dritte Raum "Swingbopp"Modulo 5 "Miles 2000"Furcast "Grey Is Old"Blockhead "Farewell Spaceman"Bonobo "The Key"Th' Mole "Whirled Fusion Is The Future Music"D-Sisive "The B.O.O.K."Lymbyc Systym "Interiors"Gosprom "Lazy"

DATE: Fri, 19 Mar 2010
SIZE: 55.3 MB

I'm really excited about today's show because I get to DJ for the first time in months! Since 2010 we've had guest DJs and live sets from everyone from The Orb to Ben Frost to Hecq to Planet Terror Records. They've been great shows. Fantastic shows. But all that time I've been itching to get behind the virtual turntables and spin a set of my own. So like I said, I'm very excited. Today's set is going to be dubstep heavy. Not all dubstep. But a lot of it. We'll hear tracks from King Cannibal, Two Fingers, The Bug and more. Today's show goes out to Al in San Francisco. Al was recently turned on to dubstep so I had him in mind when I was putting today's show together. I hope you like the mix, Al! I want to thank Taylor Shechet for interviewing me for Flash Flood Media back in January. I'm usually the one doing the interviewing so it was fun to answer questions instead of asking them. I got to talk about solipsistic NATION, being a DJ and keeping the pulse of electronic music. Photo Credit: Tony Madrid Photography Forensics "Rapture (Unreleased)" We™ "Second-Hand Science" Team Shadetek "Brooklyn Anthem feat. 77Klash and Jah Dan (Acapella)" King Cannibal "Dirt Featuring Daddy Freddy" The Bug "Jah War (Featuring Flowdan)" Two Fingers "High Life" Bonobo "8 Tunnel (High Rankin Remix)" Mobthrow "My Dub Kingdom (Mobthrow Remixes FSOL)" Ebola "Painkillers (Enduser Remix)" Vex'd "Killing Floor" 3rd Eye "Undulate" [FREE DOWNLOAD] Broken Note "Tokyo Dub (Remix By Broken Note)" Pitch Black "Sonic Colonic (Tom Cosm Remix)" [FREE DOWNLOAD]

DATE: Sun, 14 Mar 2010
SIZE: 57.0 MB
Planet Terror Records

Today on solipsistic NATION we're going to showcase music from Planet Terror Records.Planet Terror Records is a netlabel that offers a wide variety of electronic music from genres like ambient, idm, dubstep and broken beat from artists like Adam Kroll, B1t Crunch3r and Titus Twelve.Planet Terror Records was founded by Sam Walby and Fred Oxby and they've put together a really mix for today's show that has a lot of different moods and styles that will give you an idea of the diversity of music that can be found at Planet Terror Records.Nearly all the music featured on today's show can be downloaded for free by visiting today's show notes or at Planet Terror Records.Barbarix "Born" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Interview with Sam Walby and Fred Fred Oxby, founders of Planet Terror RecordsCellar Dweller "Fish Tank" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Adam Kroll "Paradise Industries"Robot Koch "101" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Culprate "Culprate vs Moneycat"Nangdo "Untitled"Mikus "Shiva Dub"Interview with Sam Walby and Fred Fred Oxby, founders of Planet Terror RecordsSephirot "Synthaesthesia" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Smurd "Acid n Speak"Culprate & Slick & Polygon "Donkey" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Barker "Big Bad Bernie (M.I. Loki Remix)" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Interview with Sam Walby and Fred Fred Oxby, founders of Planet Terror RecordsCrosus "Big Bad Bernie (M.I. Loki Remix)" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Titus Twelve "The Table of Six" [FREE DOWNLOAD]B1tcrunch3r feat Dubbwune "Mentalism" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Culprate "Toddler's Nightmare" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Titus Twelve "Baker For Life" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Interview with Sam Walby and Fred Fred Oxby, founders of Planet Terror RecordsTitus Twelve "Step Up (Mantra Remix)"Mikus "Brockley Skank" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Titus Twelve "Mr Morningstar" [FREE DOWNLOAD]

DATE: Fri, 05 Mar 2010
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Ben Frost, Live

The first Friday of each month on solipsistic NATION I feature a live set from an artists and today's show is a recording of Ben Frost's performance at St Katherine's, a 16th century Gothic church in Krakow for Unsound in 2008.Ben Frost is a musician, composer and producer who draws upon minimalism, post-punk, black metal and noise in his music. Ben's album, Theory of Machines, gained him critical acclaim and his most recent album, By the Throat, cemented his place as an artist on the global stage.Ben joins us today from the Bedroom Community studios in Iceland.I'd like to thank Mat and Radek from Unsound for sharing Ben concert on this week's show.Ben's concert came in under an hour so I asked HC from the Headphone Commute blog to put together a mix of Ben's studio tracks to round out today's show. HC is the man who turned me on to Ben so this is kind of my way for thanking him.Join us again next week when we'll talk with Sam and Fred of Planet Terror Records!Ben Frost "Live at St Katherine's (Unsound 2008)" [FREE FOWNLOAD]Interview with Ben FrostBen Frost "Through The Mouth Of Your Eye"Interview with Ben FrostBen Frost "Through The Roof Of Your Mouth"Ben Frost "Through The Glass Of The Roof"Ben Frost "The Carpathians"Ben Frost "Through The Mouth Of Your Eye"Ben Frost "Theory Of Machines"Ben Frost "Stomp"Ben Frost "We Love You Michael Gira"Ben Frost "A Horizontal Fall (featuring Amiina)"

DATE: Fri, 26 Feb 2010
SIZE: 53.7 MB

It's been a long week for me here at solipsistic NATION. Last weekend I got hit with some sort of bug that had me bedridden for a couple of days. I've spent the rest of this week digging myself out from under a pile of work that accumulated while I was down. Recording the voice overs for today's show while sick was not a lot of fun either.But you don't need to know about all that.Despite being sick I still have a great show for you! Today's show features a mix from our guest DJ, EshOne.EshOne is a musicians and an impresario and runs the San Diego Dubstep website. EshOne is also affiliated with San Diego's Brokenbeat.I talk to people from all over the world on solipsistic NATION but we all need to support our local music scenes so I'm very pleased to have fellow San Diegan EshOne on today's show. I'll make my way to the next San Diego Dubstep show as soon as I'm over this damn cold.If you just tuned in to solipsistic NATION because of last week's show featuring Hecq, welcome. I hope you enjoy this week's fantastic dubstep mix from EshOne. Stick around for next week's show featuring a live set from Ben Frost!EshOne & Misk "Facedown In The Muck"King Slaff "Neinte"Interview with EshOneShahin Badar & The Nasha Experience "Distortion"Undertow "Tribalism"Pete Lawrie "Panic (Monkey RMX)"Interview with EshOneBulletproof "Imagine"Squarewave "Zulu"Monkey "Ninth Life"Spektrum "Hotstepper (Bulletproof Remix)"The Thirst "Could This Be Real (Ghost Remix)"Ghost "Think Ur Greezy"EshOne "Malbec"Bulletproof "Samcro"Ghost Ft. D Twist "Club Music"El-B "The Romp"EshOne "Texas Pete"Bulletproof Ft. Rugged Teck MC "Step 2 U"EshOne "Faux Beau (D-Fab VIP)"Bulletproof "Soundtrack To Forever"Interview with EshOneEshOne "Float"Misk "Alabaster"Rachel Bennet "Tell Me (EshOne Dub Mix)"Djinn "Solace"Interview with EshOne

DATE: Fri, 19 Feb 2010
SIZE: 52.4 MB

February has been a great month here on solipsistic NATION. So far we've had Alex Paterson on the show with a live set from The Orb, which was epic!Last week Kristian Peters came on the show and we played select tracks from his label, Sending Orbs.Next week EshOne will come on solipsistic NATION to talk about San Diego Dubstep and play a mix that's guaranteed to make your sub woofer throb.And then we have today's show.Our guest is Ben Lukas Boysen who records and performs under the name Hecq.How to describe Ben's music?We'll you'll hear for yourself on today's show. But let me quote HC from his Headphone Commute blog. He describes Ben's music this way:"Twisted rhythms swirling around your brain like an inhaled sip of wine and a gulped breath of smoke. Divine soundscapes crawling beneath the barbed wire of the restraining acoustic prison, begging to rather be shot in the back then remain draining their minimalism onto the cold surface of tears and blood."Ben has put together a mix for us that is equal part spine tingling and mind blowing and he joins us today from Berlin.Photo Credit: Liis RodenHecq "Spires Awake"Interview with Ben Lukas Boysen of HecqHecq "Mercury" (Unreleased)Frank Bretnschneider "Polaris (Hecq Remix)"Hecq "Bad Karma"Hecq "I Am You"Hecq "Hole In The Sky" (Unreleased)Hecq "Sleep through The Day"Hecq "Dis"Hecq "Dis"Broken Note "Dub Version (Hecq Remix)"Interview with Ben Lukas Boysen of HecqKid 606 "Holiday (Hecq Remix)"Hecq "Tiamat (Unreleased)"Buckfunk3000 "Jump (Hecq Remix)"Hecq VS Exillon "Spheres Of Fury (Techdiff Remix)"Si Begg "Are You A Big Boy DJ? (Hecq Remix)"Hecq "Coldfire (Live At Maschinenfest 2009)"Milipede "Deepest Peace (Disturbed as Hecq Remix)"Ben Lukas Boysen "MDI03"Hecq "Night Falls"Interview with Ben Lukas Boysen of Hecq

DATE: Fri, 12 Feb 2010
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Sending Orbs

If you've been listening to solipsistic NATION to any length of time you know that once a month I showcase a record label that is releasing absolutely fantastic music you need to hear. If you're new to solipsistic NATION, well, now you know. This edition of solipsistic NATION is different. Last month on Twitter I asked what labels I should feature on solipsistic NATION and many people said I should showcase Sending Orbs. I had heard of Sending Orbs thanks to the Headphone Commute blog who had reviewed Yagya's Rigning album. So when folks on Twitter said I should feature Sending Orbs on the show I jumped at the chance to have Kristian Peters, the co-founder of Sending Orbs, on solipsistic NATION. Sending Orbs is an electronic music label located in the Netherlands that was founded in 2004. Sending Orbs' main goal is to release as much beautiful and high quality electronic music as possible. Sending Orbs distinguish themselves from other labels by conducting a severe artist selection, a fair treatment to their artists and a high art standard. Speaking of high art, Jeroen Advocaat does most of the album art for Sending Orbs releases. Jeroen's artwork is wonderful and gives the label a consistent look and feel and visually expresses the sound of Sending Orbs. So for today's show, sit back and kiss the sky! Join us again next week for a special set featuring a mix by Hecq. Secede "Vega Libre: Entering Next" Kettel "Whom" Interview with Kristian Peters, co-founder of Sending Orbs Yaga "Rigning Níu" Funckarma "Loaded" Interview with Kristian Peters, co-founder of Sending Orbs Legiac "Dide Skin" Secede "Leraine" Blamstrain "Frame Math" Markus Guentner "Toter Hafen" Interview with Kristian Peters, co-founder of Sending Orbs

DATE: Fri, 05 Feb 2010
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The Orb, Live

Once a month on solipsistic NATION I feature a live performance from an electronic musician and boy do I have a treat for you today because today's is a live set from The Orb recorded at the A.B. in Brussels Septembr 25th of 2009! As an added bonus, we're also going to talk to The Orb's co-founder, Alex Paterson.The Orb was founded by Alex Paterson and The KLF's Jimmy Cauty in 1988. The Orb began as ambient and dub DJs in London and developed a cult following among clubbers "coming down" from drug-induced highs.The Orb has released nine studio albums to date as well as several remix albums and live albums and while there are many rotating members of The Orb Alex Paterson has always remained at The Orb's core.I'm a huuuge fan of The Orb! One of my favorite memories of The Orb was listening with my soundman Harry to The Orb's Live 93 double album while out of our minds at WMFO. At one point we were both leaning out the window staring at the sky howling as snow pelted our faces while The Orb's "Towers of Dub" throbbed over the speakers.As I said, I'm a huge fan of The Orb and I love all their albums so I'm thrilled to play their live set from Brussels and have Alex Paterson join us from his home in the UK!You can download the recording The Orb's live performance at the A.B. in Brussels without my interview with Alex Paterson here.Join us again next week when we'll talk with Kristian Peters of the Sending Orbs record label.Photo Credit: ©temple1201The Orb "A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld" (Live In A.B. Brussels-September 25, 2009)Interview with Alex Paterson of The OrbThe Orb "Towers of Dub" (Live In A.B. Brussels-September 25, 2009)The Orb "Sleeping Tiger/Mother Nature/Outlands/DDD" (Live In A.B. Brussels-September 25, 2009)Interview with Alex Paterson of The OrbThe Orb "Chuck Peaks/Little Fluffy Clouds" (Live In A.B. Brussels-September 25, 2009)Interview with Alex Paterson of The OrbThe Orb "Rock" (Live In A.B. Brussels-September 25, 2009)

DATE: Fri, 29 Jan 2010
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A few weeks back I got an email from Steve Nalepa. Steve's been on solipsistic NATION in the past and Steve has always been on top of what's new and fresh in the electronic music scene. So when Steve mentioned several students from his Music Technology class that he teaches at Chapman University who were performing with him I knew I had to have them on the show.As I said, Steve has been on solipsistic NATION several times. Steve's live set that he performed for the Dub Beautiful Collective was featured on the show back in January of 2008. Steve also performed with Matt B of Bass Science and one of their live sets from Tokyo was featured on the show in September of 2008. More recently Steve appeared on the show to talk about his Flatlands:Remixes album.Henry Allen and Preston Walker are Virtual Boy and met at Chapman University and joined forced in Steve's Music Technology class. Virtual Boy's How Long Does It Take To Get To Space? has been released on Sound Tribe Sector 9 after they were hired to remix Nalepa’s Sunflowers single.David Streit is FuzZ. David is also one third of theGREENLAB, a film production company working with experimental musicians in and around Los Angeles. theGREENLAB are currently hard at work on a documentary about the Low End Theory club in Los Angeles.Andrew Swanson is St Andrew. For the past 10 months, Andrew has worked alongside famed UK electronic musician Adam Freeland, helping create the Freeland Live set for Glastonbury 2009 and beyond.Join us next week for a special live set from The Orb and an interview with The Orb's Alex Paterson!Photo Credit: ©Phillip thorntonNalepa "Sunflowers"Nalepa "Sunflowers (St Andrew Remix)"Interview with Steve Nalepa, Instructor of Music Technology at Chapman UniversityVirtual Boy "1982"Virtual Boy "Anything Goes"Interview with Henry Allen and Preston Walker of Virtual BoyVirtual Boy "Lost Treasure"FuzZ "Marshmellow Bazooka"FuzZ "Schemin 1"Interview with David Streit of FuzZFuzZ "Mr Rogers"Adam Freeland "Mindkiller (St Andrew Remix)"St Andrew "Kaido Songo"Interview with Andrew Swanson of St AndrewSt Andrew "Snap"

DATE: Fri, 22 Jan 2010
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Ingo Vogelmann

It's been a cold, windy, rainy week here in Southern California. I'm not complaining because we typically have weather of 72 degrees and clear skies for most of the year so one month of rain is a pretty decent trade off for living n a place that is otherwise a paradise.I'm actually happy about the rain we've been having because our guest DJ this week is Ingo Vogelmann and the mix he put together for today's show complements the weather here in Southern California. Ingo's mix is moody and reflective. Like I said, it goes perfect with rainy weather.You might know the name Vogelmann. Ingo is a very popular DJ and producer with many followers. If you're a frequent listener of friskyRadio then you've no doubt heard him spinning progressive and ambient sets. Ingo is also a resident DJ for at Rheingold, Düsseldorf (Germany), PrivateMonkey in Düsseldorf and at Club 3Klang in Essen (Germany).Join us next week when we'll talk with Steve Nalepa and hear music from FuzZ, St. Andrew and Virtual Boy who are students from Steve's Music Technology class.Mika Denn "Virginia (S. Mayer Remix)"Interview with Ingo VogelmannAshley Wallbridge "Solidaritet"Neoplastik "Physical Reaction (Kaanturker Remix)"Saul B "Show Me How (Luke Porter Remix)"Interview with Ingo VogelmannNero "Spinal Coda"Vogelmann "Telescopia"Wael B "Bleeding Out"Alan Fitzpatrick "Reflections (Petar Dundov Remix)"Edu "Cold Glance"Interview with Ingo VogelmannGraziano Ruan "Sweatming"Derek Howell "Weightless (Luke Porter Remix)"Interview with Ingo Vogelmann

DATE: Fri, 15 Jan 2010
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solipsistic NATION No. 176: Intoxication

On today's show we've got a fantastic mix from the mighty Riley Warren Riley is a DJ and a producer and is the founder of Zero Digital. Riley is a fellow San Diegan who I met through Twitter (you can follow her on Twitter at I love Twitter. I know that in a few years we'll look back on Twitter the same way we think of, say, Yahoo's instant messenger: just another tool that we take for granted. But today, right now, I think it's a fantastic tool for communicating with a large swathe of people. I've been using Twitter to talk with listeners of solipsistic NATION about what they like about the show or invite them to participate in the interviews with my guests. I've also used Twitter to build relationship with musicians and record labels. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Anyway, back to Riley. We had been talking back and forth on Twitter and when I earned that she also lives in San Diego I suggested that we get together for lunch at the Krakatoa Cafe. I had a great time talking with Riley about her career as a DJ and a producer and her record label. I invited her to put together a mix for solipsistic NATION and here it is. I know you're gonna love it! I think next week I'm going to bring things way down with an ambient set. What with Riley's mix and last week's mix from Lot49's Meat Katie and the live show from Somatic Responses the week before that I think it's time to kick out the space jams. See you then! Fergie "Ireland" Interview with Riley Warren D.Mag "Deep Down (Fog Remix)" Huntemann & Winter "In Your Car (feat. Xenia Belaiyeva)" Robin Hirte "Green" Daniel Portman "Disclosure" Kolombo "Sniff (Riley Warren Edit)" Siwell "Kenya" Luciano Lima "Graphite (K-Pax Remix)" Eelke Kleijn "Dopamine Theory" Deepgroove "Acid House Music (D.Ramirez Tribal Mix)" Joni & Bakke "Envision (Ilya Malyuev & Ormatie Remix)" Interview with Riley Warren Pan/Tone "Lost Highways (Gui Boratto Remix)" Tiger Skin "Response" Chic Miniature "Escandalo" Interview with Riley Warren

DATE: Fri, 08 Jan 2010
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solipsistic NATION No. 175: Lot49

Once a month on solipsistic NATION I showcase a record label that is putting out amazing releases that you absolutely need to know about.Recent shows have featured labels such as PublicSpaces Lab, Room40 and Digital Hardcore Recordings. Today on solipsistic NATION we're going to hear music from Lot49 mixed by the label's co-founder, Mark Pember, better known as Meat Katie.Lot49 is a name taken from Thomas Pynchon's novel The Crying of Lot49. In the novel Lot49 is an underground information store, which is inspired Mark and co-founder Dylan Rhymes because they describe Lot49 as a treasure trove of quality underground music from across the dance music spectrum.Special thanks to Melissa MacTavish for arranging today's interview. Melissa busts her ass to help promote singles and albums by artists like those featured on today's show. You can find her on Twitter at 713punky or email her at of Twitter, you can find me at us again next week when our guest DJ will be Riley Warren!Sly Fidelity "The White Knight (Christian J Remix)"Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes "Roll Player"D. Ramirez "Venus & Mars (Meat Katie & D. Ramirez Remix)"Interview with Meat Katie, co-founder of Lot4930Hz "Subliminal Criminal (Magic Johnson Remix)"Blende "Peaches"Dustbowl "Set Up"Interview with Meat Katie, co-founder of Lot49Meat Katie & Kid Blue "Indian Queens"Meat Katie & Dopamine "Nectar"James Cocozza "Garf (Dopamine Remix)"Interview with Meat Katie, co-founder of Lot49Vandal "Obey"Meat Katie & Jono Fernandez "Pace (Lützenkirchin Remix)"Vandal & Blende "Health Boy"Meat Katie & D. Ramirez "Stop The Revolution (Bassbin Twins Remix)"Vandal "Idiots (Audiojack Remix)"Paranoid Jack, Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes "It's Like Liquid"Meat Katie "Cracks"Interview with Meat Katie, co-founder of Lot49Vandal "Captain Magic (Rudi Stakka Remix)"Dylan Rhymes "I Am Sweet (Hyperion Remix)"

DATE: Thu, 31 Dec 2009
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solipsistic NATION No. 174: Somatic Responses, Live

We're going to start 2010 with a bang here at solipsistic NATION! Today's show features a live set from John and Paul Healy of Somatic Responses.I confess I hadn't heard anything by Somatic Responses until Nicolas Chevreux of Ad Noiseam kindly sent me a copy of their Reformation album my way (listen to my interview with Nicolas here). I instantly became a fan and played them on the show back in October. I know I'll play even more tracks from Reformation in the near future but on today's show we'll talk with John and Paul Healy about their botched Detroit show and subsequently rocking a set through a television in a Doubletree hotel. If that sounds funny to you then you'll find my interview with John and Paul hilarious! I had to constantly back away from my microphone during the interview because they had me laughing so much.Looking back on 2009 I'm really impressed with the quality of live shows that have appeared on solipsistic NATION. Recent shows have featured King Cannibal, Eskmo and KiloWatts. In fact three of the most downloaded shows of 2009 have featured live sets from Amon Tobin, Lokua and Exillon. I'll continue to deliver great recordings of live shows in 2010 in the next couple of months with Hecq, Mad EP, Terminal 11 and Ill.Gates!Somatic Responses "Live at Schizophrenia 4.27 (Doubletree Hotel)"Interview with John and Paul Healy of Somatic Responses

DATE: Fri, 25 Dec 2009
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solipsistic NATION No. 173: Banco de Gaia

Today's on solipsistic NATION we're going to close out 2009 with an interview with Toby Marks of Banco De Gaia and hear tracks from his 20 year retrospective album, Memories Dreams Reflections.I first discovered Banco de Gaia way back in the day when I was first getting into electronic music when I heard Banco de Gaia's El Ahram Mix of "Desert Wind" on the first Excursions In Ambience compilation album. Excursions In Ambience was one of those albums that I listened to over and over again! It featured the Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia, Tranquility Bass and The Future Sound of London as well as Banco de Gaia and had a profound impact on the music I would listen to for years to come so it's pretty cool to have Toby on today's show!Toby often mixes Arabic and Middle Eastern samples against a bass heavy reggae, rock, ambient dub or trance but overall there's a spiritual dimension to his music. At least I think so, and it's been a wonderful ride listening to Toby grow as an artist and expand his musical palette. Memories Dreams Reflections does its best to encapsulate the history Banco de Gaia and I've done my best to select tracks from the album to convey that experience. No surprise, I completely failed, but it was fun to make the effort. There are quite a few live tracks on today's show as well as covers of legendary prog rock groups such as Pink Floyd, King Crimson and Hawkwind. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I did.See you next year! We'll kick off 2010 with a live set from Somatic Responses!Photo Credit: night_beatBanco De Gaia "China"Interview with Toby Marks of Banco De GaiaBanco De Gaia "How Much Reality Can You Take?"Banco De Gaia "No Rain"Interview with Toby Marks of Banco De GaiaBanco De Gaia "Drunk As A Monk"Banco De Gaia "Spirit Of The Age"Banco De Gaia "Starless"Banco De Gaia "Echoes"Interview with Toby Marks of Banco De Gaia

DATE: Fri, 18 Dec 2009
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solipsistic NATION No. 172: #twittermix2

I use Twitter constantly to post updates about solipsistic NATION or to keep in touch with friends and listeners of the show. Twitter has also been a great way to develop relationships with musicians which gave me the idea to put together a #twittermix. I out the word out on Twitter for musicians to send me their best track to feature solipsistic NATION. The show was such a success that I thought it was time to do it again.Like last time, I invited artists on Twitter to send me their best track to be played on solipsistic NATION. And like last time, I was flooded with great music. Too much, in fact, to play on one show so today's mix is just a sampling of the diversity and great music that was sent my way. In the spirit of Twitter I've asked each artist featured on today's show to talk about their music in 140 characters or less.You can follow all the artists featured on today's show by clicking the links below (oh, and you can follow me on Twitter at @solipsistic). Also, some of their music is available for purchase and some are available as a free download!I'd like to thank everyone on today's show once again for sending their music my way and taking to record introductions for their tracks.My apologies to everyone I was unable to include on today's show. I was sent so much great music but there was no way I could get to it all in one show. No worries, I'll release another Twitter mix in a couple of months.Join us again next week when our special guest will be Toby Marks of Banco de Gaia! You can follow Toby on Twitter at @bancodegaia.Deadmau5 "Ghosts n Stuff (Elite Force Re-Fix) (DJ Version)" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Follow Elite Force on Twitter @eliteforceBubbles "Monkey Death March"Follow Bubbles on Twitter @bubblesmusiclowfreq "Maps (Bookworm Remix)"Follow lowfreq on Twitter @lowfreqThe Artbreaker "Mash Homework"Follow The Artbreaker on Twitter @grindthievesProphetnoise "Let's Get Bass"Follow Prophetnoise on Twitter @prophetnoiseAngelique Cinelu "Very Very Hot"Follow Miro Gee on Twitter @mirogechevHalf-BIT "Earthquake (The G·A·P RMX)"Follow Kieron James on Twitter @kieronjamesps "332k_080319" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Follow ps on Twitter @psenoughbllix "Duir"Follow bllix on Twitter @bllixSynoiz "Getting Safer (Single Mix)"Follow Synoiz on Twitter @SynoizLabguest "Busline Bassline"Follow Labguest on Twitter @labguestNQ "Trainyards"Follow NQ on Twitter @nq_musicShiftless "Warm Elixer (feat. Travis Nobles)"Follow Travis Nobles on Twitter @hiddenplace

DATE: Fri, 11 Dec 2009
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solipsistic NATION No. 171: PublicSpaces Lab

Once a month on solipsistic NATION I showcase a music label that is putting out amazing releases that you need to know about. Today on solipsistic NATION we'll listen to music from the excellent PublicSpaces Lab netlabel.There are netlabels for nearly every genre of music but I suspect electronic music dominates the field of netlabels. Monotonik, after all, is one of the oldest netlabels in existence. Besides, electronic music and netlabels go together like tubes and toothpase. It's a natural fit.A few months back I had Fernando Fonseca on the show to cover the 2009 Net Audio Festival in Berlin. Fernando is also the co-founder of PublicSpaces Lab and I invited him to come back on solipsistic NATION to share music from PublicSpaces Lab and talk about his netlabel and the state if the industry.If you enjoy today's show then you'll also enjoy my all-netlabel show that featured Axel Barcelo of Discos Konfort, Sebastian Redenz of Thinner and Simon Carless of Monotonik. You'll also enjoy Travis Nobles', host of the hiddenplace music blog, netlabel mixes art 1 and 2. More recently, I had Marie Craven (AKA Pixieguts), the co-producer of the Pixicast, on the show with a mix of electronic music she loves from various netlabels.Join us again next week for yet another Twitter mix!Torsion "Sundrops on the Ocean (Original Piano Mix)" [

DATE: Fri, 04 Dec 2009
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solipsistic NATION No. 170: King Cannibal, Live

I've been a fan of King Cannibal since his So... Embrace The Minimum EP and became an even bigger fan when his Let the Night Roar rocked my world. You can imagine my excitement when Dylan Richards (AKA King Cannibal) was kind enough to share his live set from the Glade Festival with me!It was also a pleasure to talk with Dylan and learn how he rocks a live set from his laptop and what performing at the Glade Festival was like. I was also intrigued how Dylan is able to so deftly shift between dancehall inspired jams to super heavy, menacing dubstep or what his approach is to remixing everyone from The Prodigy to Scorn.I'm really happy with the live sets that have been featured on solipsistic NATION. Not only has King Cannibal been on solipsistic NATION but in recent shows have included live sets from Ezekiel Honig, Eskmo and KiloWatts. Future shows will include live sets from Somatic Responses. Mad EP, Terminal 11 and Ill.Gates!Photo Credit: Benedetta SodiniKing Cannibal "Live (Overkill, Glade Festival)"Interview with King CannibalKing Cannibal - So... Embrace The Minimum (Live)King Cannibal @ Tauron Nowa Muzyka 2009, Katowice

DATE: Fri, 27 Nov 2009
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solipsistic NATION No. 169: Pixicast

The music on today's show comes to us by our guest DJ, Marie Craven, know to many as Pixieguts. Pixieguts is a member of the bands Cwtch and PIXSID. She is also the founder of the Palace Network and co-produces the Pixicast with Dave Almgren, also know as Voide. Pixicast is a show that focuses entirely on music that comes from indie and netlabels.Pixieguts was also kind enough to provide the show notes for today's show.GreenGender's track, "Recondite Loss" is full of delicate emotion, irony, political comment and simply good to hear.Dementio13 has been making electronic music since the 1980s and "Disappeared (The Ballad Of Milton Friedman)" is from his 2009 EP release, The Ballad of Milton Friedman. The range of Dementio13's music mixes up and travels around various genres like post-rock, ambient, drum and bass, trip-hop, idm and alternative.I've chosen Humeka's "The Sound" because I just particularly love this one. It's from the Discuss album which is available for free download from many sites like Internet Archive and Jamendo.HipGnosis' "Underground Looms" is a deep instrumental, abstract, experimental, glitch-hop track and also has occult influences in his music including the conscious deployment of binaural sounds.Ugress ( which means "weed" in Norwegian) is in Bergen, Norway and is sensationally eclectic and prolific electronic artist who has a number of side projects in various styles and genres as well as the main Ugress act. There's a strong popular culture influence in his music and a fair bit of quotational genre references in it.Crimson Death is a music project that Pixieguts frequently collaborates with. Crimson Death often has a death metal and goth influence in his music and he performs live as a black metal/drum and bass DJ (maybe the only artist doing this particular combo).Gurdonark is Robert Nunnally and hails from Texas. Robert mixes experimental, ambient and minimal music and is a Creative Commons champion and all his music is available for free.Reconsiderate is a really unusual rapper from Wisconsin. His lyrics tend to reflect a kind of 21st white guy angst expressed with a great deal of unique wit and verve and his music has a raw experimental edge unusual melodic qualities.SK123's "Ankylosing Spondylitis" is a track from the 2008 album, Skizm, and is one I play over and over. I love it and so much more of SK123's music. SK123 plays exquisite and energetic minimal music, a kind of music you'd call minimal techno if that genre term hadn't come to be so associated so strongly with club dance music (which is often not all that minimal really).The Incognito Traveller is an incognito artist who is listed on the label page as 'unidentified.' "Marguerite" is currently the top track in the large 'Pixies Palace' group tag radio at (for which over 5000 artist, albums and tracks have been tagged to date).GreenGender "Recondite Loss" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Dementio13 "Disappeared (The Ballad Of Milton Friedman)" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Interview with Pixieguts, co-producer of PixicastHumeka "The Sound" [FREE DOWNLOAD]HipGnosis "Underground Looms"Ugress "Robot Army" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Crimson Death "Koka Kola"Gurdonark "Hope" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Reconsiderate "Hey, Thanks!" [FREE DOWNLOAD]SK123 "Ankylosing Spondylitis" [FREE DOWNLOAD]The Incognito Traveller "Marguerite" [FREE DOWNLOAD]

DATE: Fri, 20 Nov 2009
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solipsistic NATION No. 168: Nocturnal

Hello, people, how are you? Me? Frankly, I'm relieved.Why, you ask? Well, I'll tell you.Earlier this week I announced on Twitter that this edition of Solipsistic Nation would feature minimal techno. The only problem is mixing minimal techno is more difficult than you'd expect. Minimal techno can be surprisingly subtle and the segues just weren't coming together.I ditched the minimal techno mix and worked on an ambient mix but that sounded like crap, too. And so was the electro mix. And darkwave mix. You get the idea.I was floundering but as I was pulling tracks all willy nilly a show emerged. And one that, to me, at least, captures the feel of a fall evening. I hope you like it.Come back again next week and I'll see if I can get that minimal techno mix together.Odd Nosdam "We Bad Apples"Yppah "Bobbie Joe Wilson"The Gaslamp Killer "Turk Mex"Telling on Trixie feat. DJ Brodii "Your Silence (Vocals Up Remix)"Sketches For Albinos "Tanzen als Gabe es Kein Morgen"Lymbyc Systym "Contemporary Art"Small Color "Daisy"Skytree "1000 Miles from Everywhere" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Broken Spindles "We All Want to Fit In"Jogger "Napping Captain"Hol Baumann "Handwritten Notes"5-40 am "Alone In the Day My Dear Kristine" [FREE DOWNLOAD]January "Careful What You Tell The Sky (Album Version)"

DATE: Sun, 15 Nov 2009
SIZE: 50.8 MB
solipsistic NATION No. 167: Room40

Once a month on solipsistic NATION I showcase a record label that is putting out amazing releases that you absolutely need to know about. On today's show we'll talk with Lawrence English, the founder of founder of Room40, and play select tracks from his label.I first discovered Room40 a few years back when I relaunched solipsistic NATION as a podcast. I head head about Room40's compilation album, On Isolation, and Lawrence was kind enough to send a copy of the CD my way as well as a copy of Airport Symphony. I was immediately taken with On Isolation because those albums transported me to different places in my imagination, On Isolation with its experimental music and Airport Symphony with it field recordings.Since then I've anticipated each release from Room40 because I've always been surprised by each release. Some albums feature field recordings, others explore the realm of experimental music, and others features quite, beautiful music. Today's show is a perfect example of the diversity of music offered by Room40.I've wanted to have Lawrence on solipsistic NATION for a long time so it's a pleasure to finally have him on today's show. Not only do we get to hear some fantastic music from Room40 but we also get to learn how Lawrence launched his label. In addition, we'll learn how Lawrence approaches making music for art installation and the many music festivals he is involved in!Tujiko Noriko "Make Me Your Private Party"Tenniscoats "10.rasen6.4.7"Erik Griswold "Imperfect Memories"DNE "Track 47"Chris Abrahams "Can of Faces"Interview with Lawrence English, founder of Room40Steinbrüchel "Interlude 3"Interview with Lawrence English, founder of Room40Taylor Deupree "Untitled"Leighton Craig "Circle of Thoughts"Scanner "Mountain Cabin"Interview with Lawrence English, founder of Room40John Chantler "Slow Closure"Interview with Lawrence English, founder of Room40Keith Fullerton Whitman "2nd Early Monolith"Robin Fox & Clayton Thomas "Direct Couriers"Interview with Lawrence English, founder of Room40eRikm "Fraq 424"Eric La Casa "Dundee Law"Interview with Lawrence English, founder of Room40Sébastien Roux "Interlude"

DATE: Fri, 06 Nov 2009
SIZE: 53.7 MB
solipsistic NATION No. 166: Ezekiel Honig, Live

New to solipsistic NATION? Okay, here's how it works: the first Friday of each month I interview an electronic musician and accompany it with one of their live performances. It's a kind of cool way to kick of each month. This month our live set comes from Ezekiel Honig's performance at the 2009 MUTEK Festival. MUTEK was founded in 200o and is an international festival organization that is dedicated to the promotion of electronic music and the digital arts. The MUTEK festival is an annual five-day event in Montreal that takes place in late May and early June. Each year, more than 100 artists, panelists, and industry professionals participate and has become a leading event of its kind in North America. I first came across Ezekiel back when solipsistic NATION was broadcast on Free Radio San Diego when I asked Ezekiel to send some music from his label, Microcosm Music (Ezekiel is also now the label manager of Anticipate Recordings). I believe that was around the time that Ezekiel was transitioning from drum and bass to experimental electronic music. I later interviewed Ezekiel for the Small World podcast and since then I've wanted to Ezekiel to be a guest on solipsistic NATION. It took a while but I'm pleased to have Ezekiel on today's show! Incidentally, I believe it is through my Small World interview with Ezekiel that I met Macedonia, the host of the Both Sides of the Surface podcast. Just another example of the six degrees of connections that solipsistic NATION creates. As long as I have your eyeballs the upcoming live sets on solipsistic NATION will feature King Cannibal, Mad EP, Terminal 11 and Ill.Gates! Oh, one more thing. During the summer I was interviewed by Eric Fox and Erik Landi for their documentary about underground music and the underground music for their final project at High Tech High. You can see their video here. I'm amazed what Eric and Erik put together. They're learning who to use the tools as teenagers that I use as an adult. What a world! Photo Credit: ©basic_sounds Ezekiel Honig "Live at MUTEK 2009, Montreal" [FREE DOWNLOAD] Interview with Ezekiel Honig Underground and Unknown by Erik Landi and Eric Fox

DATE: Fri, 30 Oct 2009
SIZE: 58.1 MB
solipsistic NATION No. 165: Geas

When I put together the mix for last week's show I realized that I had over two hours worth of music. I decided to break that mix up into two shows. Last week's show was dark and concussive and featured the likes of Hindu Pez and King Cannibal. This week's show is dark and... atmospheric. Which makes it perfect for Halloween. In fact, you might want to play today's show while kids come to your house to trick or treat. Everyone has a Halloween memory so let me share one of mine. Back when I was a kid I worked at a novelty store called Jack 'N' Jill's Joke Shop in Boston. We sold your usual assortment of hand buzzers and fake dog crap but we made our nut during Halloween. All through the month of October we sold Halloween supplies ranging from fake blood to high-end items like latex masks. Each day was busier than the last and culminated in a shopping frenzy on the 31st with customers lined up outside our door. At the end of one Halloween shopping day our shelves were pretty bare but I grabbed some fake spiders webs, a strobe light or two and a truly frightening Frankenstein's monster mask. I rushed home to Dorchester to meet my then girlfriend to make our house ready for the trick and treaters in our neighborhood. There was just one problem. We had made our house so spooky and combined with my gruesome mask kids were too terrified to come up to our doorstep for candy. They'd scream and wail and despite encouragement from their parents they refused to take a single step near us. In the end I had to take off my mask so the little boys and girls would get over their fear of me and get their candy. What's your Halloween memory? Photo Credit: ©Teri Mills Black Light Burns "Ribbons" Cdatakill "Respirator" Felix Inferious "Vashta Nerada" Black Lung "The Regulator Plot" Frank Riggio "Inside The Skull" [FREE DOWNLOAD] Pandora's Black Book "Wavelength" Access To Arasaka "Montcalm" Lukeing Forward "Lull Before the Storm That Never Comes" The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation "The Sexy Midnight Torture Show" Ezekiel Honig "Porchside Prologue" Kalte "Shallow Approach" [FREE DOWNLOAD] David Bickley and Tom Green "Possessions" [FREE DOWNLOAD] BrainSt0rm "Sc0rpi0" Lissom "Fallow" Evan Bartholomew "Secret Entries Into Darkness"

DATE: Fri, 23 Oct 2009
SIZE: 55.0 MB
solipsistic NATION No. 164: Dead Pixel

When I was putting together this week's edition of solipsistic NATION I realized I had over two hours worth of music. What to do? I could either pare down the mix to an hour or break the mix into two separate shows. I decided to go with the latter option.Originally the mix began with a selection of music that would make your ears bleed and slowly become more and more darkly atmospheric. So let's talk about the first part.We begin with Hindu Pez's "The Blackest Sky" from his forthcoming abUSE EP that will be released Friday, November 13th. Hindu Pez was kind enough to send me an advance copy and "The Blackest Sky" set the tone for the rest of today's show.Speaking of Hindu Pez, this is the perfect opportunity for me to talk about how some editions of solipsistic NATION come together. I'm constantly reviewing tracks to play on future shows and some tracks I play immediately and some sit on my hard drive for weeks, months or, sometimes, years before they make it on to the show. I'd love to play all new music that comes my way but my priority is to present you cohesive mixes of great music. If I can work in new music so much the better but it doesn't always work out that way.Moving on, we've also got some music from The Teknoist, Enduser, Abelcain and Ad·ver·sary, all of whom have appeared on solipsistic NATION before. And for good reason: they all craft mind blowing music.Another artist that is new to solipsistic NATION is King Cannibal. King Cannibal's Let the Night Roar is definitely in the dubstep vein but it's far more darker and heavier than most of the dubstep you've heard. Oh, King Cannibal will appear on solipsistic NATION in the next month or two with one of his live sets.I followed King Cannibal with Somatic Responses who are just as menacing as King Cannibal. It was a no brainer to include them on this week's show. Somatic Responses' "Murder Thought" comes from their fantastic Reformation album.Jega, Access To Arasaka and Pandora's Black Book also return to solipsistic NATION but Black Mold and Datach'i are new to the show.Datach'i is an example of what I was talking about earlier. I meant to play Datach'i when I showcased Planet Mu Records on solipsistic NATION but I couldn't work him into the mix due to time constraints so I've very pleased to finally play Datach'i on today's show.The final newcomer to solipsistic NATION is Black Mold with the track "Smoking Rat Shit" from the Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz. I confess I know little about Black Mold but they're on my radar.That's the show. Next week will feature the second half of the mix which will be appropriately spooky for Halloween.Stay stuned!Photo Credit: Copyright©Lydia MaranoHindu Pez "The Blackest Sky"The Teknoist "Have You Seen"Enduser "Pushing Chaos (Bong-Ra Remix)"Abelcain "Faust (Cdatakill Remix)"Ad·ver·sary "Number Nine"King Cannibal "The Untitled"Somatic Responses "Murder Thought"Jega "Kyoto"Access To Arasaka "Medway"Black Mold "Smoking Rat Shit"Pandora's Black Book "Black Brothel"Datach'i "Intercoursing"

DATE: Fri, 16 Oct 2009
SIZE: 59.5 MB
solipsistic NATION No. 163: A/V

Today on solipsistic NATION we'll talk with Amy Grill about her documentary, Speaking in Code. We'll also talk to Paul Owens, the director of Blip Festival: Reformat the Planet, a documentary about the Chiptunes movement. On the night of the debut of Berlin Calling in Hollywood, director Hannes Stöhr shares his thoughts about his new movie. From the big screen to the pages of Big Up Magazine, we'll talk to Katyá Guseva about bass driven music, art and culture and Big Up Magazine's one year anniversary. We'll also talk to Graham St. John about the newly launched Dancecult journal. Finally, Fernando Fonseca, the founder of the Public Spaces Lab, shares with us his experiences at the Net Audio Festival in Berlin.Speaking in Code Speaking in Code is an intimate account of people who are completely lost in music and is a heartbreaking and lighthearted documentary, it's a vérité glimpse into the world of techno. Speaking in Code stars Modeselektor, Wighnomy Brothers, Monolake, Philip Sherburne, David Day and Amy Grill.Blip Festival: Reformat the Planet is a feature length documentary which delves into the movement known as chiptunes, a vibrant underground scene based around creating new, original music using old video game hardware. Familiar devices such as the Nintendo Game Boy and Nintendo Entertainment System are pushed in new directions with startling results.Using New York as a microcosm for a larger global movement, Blip Festival: Reformat the Planet maps out the genesis of the first annual Blip Festival, a four day celebration of over 30 international artists exploring the untapped potential of low-bit video game consoles. With floor-stomping rhythms and fist-waving melodies, trailblazers of the chiptune idiom descend upon Manhattan to pen a new chapter in the history of electronic music.Berlin Calling is about electronic music composer Martin (Paul Kalkbrenner), known as DJ Ickarus, is touring with his manager and girlfriend Mathilde (Rita Lengyel) from club to club around the globe and is about to release their biggest album to date. However, all of his plans are thrown out of kilter after Ickarus is submitted to the emergency ward of a psychiatric clinic high on drugs after a gig- A tragicomedy in Berlin of today. Berlin Calling is directed by Hannes Stöhr who has also directed One Day in Europe (Berlinale 2005 in Official Competition) and Berlin is in Germany (Berlinale 2001 Panorama Audience Award).Big Up Magazine is a magazine dedicated to bass driven music, art, culture and people and celebrates its one year anniversary October 24th at the Paradise Lounge in San Francisco with Cyrus/Random Trio, Cluekid featuring Aurorah, Kutz, Samiyam and Darkiside of Get Darker TV.Dancecult is a peer-reviewed, open-access e-journal for the study of electronic dance music culture and has launched the 1.1 edition 1.1 published and available at Net Audio Festival '09 took place from the 8th to the 11th of October and gathered the international netaudio community for a four-day music and conference festival in Berlin, under the title "East meets West." 2009 marks the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain. Net Audio Festival '09 recalled pictures of hands reaching out to pull people from both sides up onto the Berlin wall. The event will took place at Maria, a venue situated immediately on the former Berlin 'death strip' once dividing the city and the world into eastern and western hemispheres.That's the show! Join us again next week when we'll do it all over again. But completely different.Photo Credit: Mitch VegaThe Field "Sun and Ice, Excerpt"Speaking in Code TrailerThe Field "The Deal"Interview with Amy Grill, director of Speaking in CodeBlip Festival: Reformat the Planet TrailerStarscream "Gravity in Terms of Space-Time" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Interview with Paul Owens, director of Blip Festival: Reformat the PlanetPaul Kalkbrenner "Gebrünn Gebrünn (Berlin Calling Edit)"Interview with Hannes Stöhr, director of Berlin CallingCyrus/Random Trio "Mind Games"Interview with Katyá Guseva, editor of Big Up MagazineDubatech aka Cold Form "Windless Dub (Havantepe's Breeze)" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Interview with Graham St. John, editor of DancecultZengineers "Passage to India" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Interview with Fernando Fonseca, founder of Public Spaces LabNiteffect "Naked Swords" [FREE DOWNLOAD]

DATE: Sun, 11 Oct 2009
SIZE: 75.4 MB
solipsistic NATION No. 162: Digital Hardcore Recordings

When I launched solipsistic NATION I had a list of people I wanted to be guests on the show. One was Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto and another was Amon Tobin. I've slowly been making my way down the list and today I'm happy to cross Alec Empire of Digital Hardcore Recordings off that list!One of my favorite memories of Digital Hardcore Recordings was when I was working alongside a kid who played Korn constantly. I think he was on a mission to assault my ears with what he considered the heaviest and angriest music he knew. I put up with it for a while but after a couple of days I got fed up with it and when it was my turn to play some music I dialed up some Atari Teenage Riot. I couldn't have wished fro a better reaction from him: he fell off his chair in shock. He was simultaneously stunned and laughing hysterically at the intensity of the music that was bludgeoning his ears! Ah, the simple pleasures in life.I have to be honest, though, my initial reaction to Atari Teenage Riot was pretty much the same. Back in the 90's there was really nothing else like them out there and while I liked it I couldn't make sense of it at first. But like it I did and I started digging up everything I could find that was released on Digital Hardcore Recordings. Atari Teenage Riot will always have a special place in my heart but I also became a big fan of The Curse of the Golden Vampire, Hanin Elias and pretty much anything Alec Empire puts out.While most of the stuff on Digital Hardcore Recordings sounds as fresh now as it did when it was first released, time, and Alec Empire have moved on so this week's show serves as a kind of a document of the history Digital Hardcore Recordings: how the label and Atari Teenage Riot began, how people reacted to the band and the label and Alec's new label, Eat Your Heart Out.I'd like to thank Alec for being so generous with his time. I figured I would count myself lucky if I was able to interview Alec for 15 minutes but instead Alec gave me 90 minutes and the opportunity to answer any question I asked him. Thanks, Alec!Atari Teenage Riot "Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture"Alec Empire "We All Die"Interview with Alec Empire of Digital Hardcore RecordingsEc80r "We Need A Change!"Christoph De Babalon "My Confession"Interview with Alec Empire of Digital Hardcore RecordingsHanin Elias "Nizza"The Curse Of The Golden Vampire "Ultrasonic Meltdown"Interview with Alec Empire of Digital Hardcore RecordingsBomb 20 "You Killed Me First"Alec Empire "1000 Eyes (Radio Edit)"Interview with Alec Empire of Digital Hardcore RecordingsKillout Trash "Straight Outta Berlin"Patric C "Snuff Out"Interview with Alec Empire of Digital Hardcore RecordingsSonic Subjunkies "Central Industrial"DJ Bleed "Deaf Dumb And Blind"Interview with Alec Empire of Digital Hardcore RecordingsShizuo "Sweat"Atari Teenage Riot - Destroy 2000 Years of Culture

DATE: Fri, 02 Oct 2009
SIZE: 57.2 MB
solipsistic NATION No. 161: Eskmo, Live

If you've listened to solipsistic NATION for a while then you know the first Friday of each month I feature a live set from an electronic musician. It's a lot of fun and recently we've had some great performances from KiloWatts, Iambic and Exillon. What began as a one time segment has become a regular feature on solipsistic NATION.And that takes us to today's show which caused a minor dilemma for me.A few months I asked Brendan Angelides, who records and performs under the names Eskmo and Welder, if he'd like to be a guest on the show. Brendan was kind enough to send me a link to one of his mind blowing mixes. I couldn't wait to play it on the show.When I arrange my interview with Brenda I discovered is... kind of live. Live in the sense that his mixed the set in his studio. By this point I had already promoted his show on solipsistic NATION and didn't have enough time to set up an interview with another musician and feature one of their live sets. That aside, I decided it didn't matter because Eskmo's music is just so great. Plus, in a couple of months Brendan will be back on the show with, this time, one of his Welder live sets!Speaking of live sets, next month we'll have tow live sets on one show, one from Masmöd and one from Terminal 11. Oh, and next week our special guest will be Alec Empire. We'll talk with Alec and her select tracks from his label, Digital hardcore Recordings.Stay stuned!Eskmo The Ancestor Mix [FREE DOWNLOAD]Animal Collective "Daily Routine (Intro)"Eskmo "Harmony"Eskmo "Trudge"Interview with EskmoEskmo "Hypercolor"Eskmo "Process"J. Rodgers "Mediation Point (Eskmo Remix)"

DATE: Fri, 25 Sep 2009
SIZE: 60.4 MB
solipsistic NATION No. 160: Decibel

I've got yet another jam-packed edition of solipsistic NATION for you this week! We'll talk with Mad E.P. and O' Slick, Sean Horton from the Decibel Festival taking place in Seattle this weekend, mutantrumpeter Ben Neill, and Thesis from the Echodub collective record label. And of course I'll play you the best of all genres of electronic music!Mad E.P. is a crafty musician who jumps from genre to genre and yet somehow makes those genres his own, whether it's breakbeat or hip hop. Mad E.P. and O' Slick join us to talk about their forthcoming collaborative album, Brimstone Bangers.As I mentioned, we'll also talk with Sean Horton, the founder of the Decibel Festival, a four-day annual music and arts festival dedicated to live electronic music, visual art and new media. The Decibel Festival began in 2004 and has been gathering momentum each year. This year's festival features more than 100 performers hailing from 10 countries in 14 venues across Seattle, conferences, panels and workshops. You can check out the schedule here.We'll also talk with Ben Neill. Ben is a trumpeter and composer and his music has been recorded on such labels as Astralwerks, Verve, and Six Degrees. Ben is another artist who makes each genre his own and his new album, Night Science, is an offering of some heavy, heavy dubstep infused with his mutantrumpet.Finally, we'll talk with Thesis from Echodub. I recently discovered Echodub when I downloaded their Anechoic Chamber net release dubstep compilation album. I love dubstep but I have to admit that most of the stuff I hear is plodding and uninspired but nearly everything I've heard from Echodub is beautiful and moving.That's the show. I hope you dig it because there's a lot of sweat equity behind this edition of solipsistic NATION. If you do dig it (and I don't see how you couldn't) then why don't you show some love and give solipsistic NATION a quick 1 to 5 star review on our iTunes page.Oh, before I go, I want to let you know that next week's show will feature a special mix from Eskmo and the following week we'll talk with the legendary Alec Empire, the founder of Digital Hardcore Recordings and Atari Teenage Riot! I'm also working on a show that will include an interview with Amy Grill, the director of the documentary, Speaking in Code, and a chat with King Cannibal. I'm still working out who will be the other guests on the edition of solipsistic NATION so stay stuned!Photo Credit: Yago VeithMad E.P. "Hellbass"Mad E.P. "Fire & Mud (Instrumental)"Interview with Mad E.P. & O'SlickMad E.P. "Apocalypse (Filthy One)"Truckasauras "Hold On (Dutty Larry Mix)"Heyoka "Galactic Tea Pad"Interview with Sean Horton, founder of the Decibel FestivalVoodeux "Bones"Ben Neill "Afteimage"Ben Neill "Monochromatic"Interview with Ben NeillBen Neill "Futura"Absense "Good Love" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Apathesis "Untitled" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Interview with Thesis of EchodubMoonchild "The Glass Lake" [FREE DOWNLOAD]

DATE: Fri, 18 Sep 2009
SIZE: 54.5 MB
solipsistic NATION No. 159: Amplifier

I've never said this before about previous editions of solipsistic NATION but today's show is not safe for work. I figure we're all adults so I don't feel the need to give such a disclaimer but I decided just this one it would be be a good idea to cover my ass so you can cover yours.That said, I don't have a lot to talk about this week's show other than listen to it because it rocks so I thought I'd take this opportunity to talk about the gear I use to make solipsistic NATION. It's a question that comes up now and again so I thought I'd address it.First off, I rock the Sennheiser e 835 microphone. There are better microphones out there but Sennheiser e 835 is a solid, inexpensive microphone and it has served me well.I run my Sennheiser e 835 through a Behringer Eurorack UB502 mixer which I then run through an Alesis NanoCompressor which is connected to my Mac Mini.I use Skype to conduct the interview for the show and Wiretap Pro to record the interviews. Wiretap Pro has been updated and is now called Wiretap Studio but Wiretap Pro is perfect for my needs so I never felt the need to purchase the upgrade.I use Sound Studio to record and edit my voice overs as well as my interviews and the IDs for which are then run through an application called Levelator to further smooth out the highs and lows in the audio.I use GarageBand to sequence and mix solipsistic NATION. I suppose I could use GarageBand to record and edit the voice overs, interviews and IDs as well but I find that Sound Studio gives me the fine degree of control I require. Besides, as I mentioned, I'm using a Mac Mini and while it's a great computer I think I would pushing the machine to it's limits to simultaneously run Skype and GarageBand and I just don't want to take that chance while recording interviews for the show.Once the show is mixed it is exported to iTunes and I then encode the show as an MP3 at 128 kbps/44.100 kHz using an application called the iTunes-LAME Encoder. It usually takes 15 minutes to convert the show to MP3 using the iTunes-LAME Encoder and while I could use iTunes' built-it MP3 encoder which is much faster (it takes just a few minutes to encode a show in iTunes) the iTunes-LAME Encoder delivers a MP3 with superior audio. If I'm going to compress the music to a MP3 I might as well give you the best sounding show I possible can.In the past I've also been asked why I don't encode the show at 192 or 320 kbps for higher audio fidelity. The answer is simple. I'd love to encode the show at 192 or 320 kbps but that would significantly increase the file size of the show which in turn would increase the time it would take to download the show to your computer. solipsistic NATION has a global audience and not everyone has a high speed internet connection and I want people to be able to download solipsistic NATION as quickly and easy as possible.I've also been asked by some people why I don't encode the show as an AAC. This is another dilemma I had to wrestle with. AAC is great because at 128 kbps an AAC file supposedly sounds better than a MP3 encoded at 128 kbps. Also, I could include album art, links and additional information in an AAC file but the problem is that AAC files can, for the most part, only be played on Apple hardware and software like iTunes or the iPod. I want solipsistic NATION to be as easily accessible to as many people as possible and encoding the show an an AAC would limit the size of my audience. Who in their right mind would want to do that?So there you have it: that's how I create each edition of solipsistic NATION. As you can see, it's a pretty inexpensive operation. It's pretty easy to produce a show but I have to admit that even though I've been doing this for a couple of years and have it down to a science it still takes a considerable amount of time to produce each show. But I find producing solipsistic NATION a fun and rewarding experience and I hope you enjoy each show.See you next week!Photo Credit: TReynolds08hai! Robotto "Breathe" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Lucidstatic "Aux8 (Copy Paste Repeat Remix)" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Bassnectar "Teleport Massive (feat. Zumbi)"edIT "Artsy Remix (feat. The Grouch)"Alice In Videoland "MF"Thunderheist "Jerk It"The Robot Disaster "Guitars Are Overated (Suxx Rmx)"Mochipet "Anthem"Tiga "What You Need"Starkillers Vs Armand Van Heldan "Funk.Phenomena"Kanye West "Robocop (MOTOR Club Remix)" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Larry Tee feat. Amanda Lepore "My Pussy (Jeff Doubleu Mix)"Aaron LaCrate "Just Wanna Featuring Samir"

DATE: Fri, 11 Sep 2009
SIZE: 59.2 MB
solipsistic NATION No. 158: Exquisite Corpse III

Today on solipsistic NATION I have got a sweet Exquisite Corpse mix for your ears!This is actually the third Exquisite Corpse mix on solipsistic NATION but even so, I feel I need to tell you what an Exquisite Corpse mix is. You actually might have played a version of Exquisite Corpse as a child.Here's how it works: someone hands you a piece of paper and you have to draw the head of some person or creature, real or imagined. Let's say you draw the head of an ostrich. You then hand the paper to the next person but the ostrich head would be covered so they couldn't see what you had just drawn. That person would then draw a torso and they decide to draw the buxom figure of Marilyn Monroe. They then pass the sheet of paper to the next person but covering up what they had just drawn as well as the head of the ostrich. The next person decides to draw the legs of a gorilla. Yeah, let's go with that. The legs of a gorilla. Once the drawing is done everyone gets to see the complete picture and have a good laugh. The Exquisite Corpse mix goes something like that.For today's show I have chosen a song to kick of the Exquisite Corpse mix and then sent it to a podcaster. And not just any podcaster but a podcaster who, like myself, plays electronic music.Once they have the song they have to choose a song that would segue nicely after the track I have selected or go off into an entirely different direction.The song they have selected is sent off to the next podcaster and so forth and so on until the Exquisite Corpse mix is complete. Each podcaster only hears the most recently selected song and must base their selection solely on the song they have just heard.In fact, the mix you'll hear today will be just as much as a surprise for them as it is for you.At the end of today's show we'll hear from each podcasters and find out who they are, what song they chose for the mix and why. Enjoy!Oh, if you dig today's Exquisite Corpse mix then you'll definitely want to listen to the first and second Exquisite Corpse mix.Photo Credit: Sam JavanrouhThink Tank "A Knife & A Fork" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Selected by Bazooka Joe, solipsistic NATIONDynastic "Kabouter (Remix)"Selected by Gareth Noyce, RK2Dan Berkson, James What "Mescaline Circus (Original Mix)"Selected by Ryan ScottVoide "Space Sponge"Selected by Snowy, ElectronicastAleksi Virta "Princess Melodiae" [FREE DOWNLOAD]Selected by Pete Cooper, BleepshowZeropage "Void Sensor"Selected by Michael, Electronica MonthlySlepcy "With Charles Bukowski On The Ride"Selected by Spartacus RooseveltDementio13 "Your Link Does Not Work"Selected by Pixieguts, PixieCastBeckett & Taylor "Smash"Selected by Anji Bee, The Chillcast

DATE: Sun, 06 Sep 2009
SIZE: 74.1 MB
solipsistic NATION No. 157: KiloWatts, Live

Today's show posed an unusual problem.solipsistic NATION is an hour long program, more or less. That's usually not a problem but once a month on solipsistic NATION I feature a live set from an electronic musician and not all of their sets are an hour long. When that happens I'll either play some of their studio tracks afterwards or if their live set is around 30 minutes I'll pair them up with a live set by another artist. Problem solved.But as I said, today's show posed an unusual problem.Our guest on today's show is Jamie Watts, AKA KiloWatts and will listen to his performance at the Forward Festival in Washington D.C. recorded earlier this year.I've always dug KiloWatts' music because Jamie has a knack for crafting songs that have a kind of hopeful buoyancy to them. Go listen to The Headphone Experience or Native State Records editions of solipsistic NATION to see what I mean.Jamie's been a busy guy this year. In 2009 he released Six Silicates and Undercurrent and a third album, Focus & Flow, out later this month that is a collaboration with Vanek. I was lucky that I asked Jamie to be on the show months ago because otherwise I don't know where he'd find the time to do it now. Jamie was kind enough to send me a recording of his live set at the Forward Festival and here we get to the problem: instead of just clocking in at an hour or less Jamie's live set is an hour and 20 minutes long!As a rule, I try to keep solipsistic NATION to an hour . I suppose I could of just chopped off 20 minutes but I really didn't want to do that because I really like his live set and I know you will to. In the end I decided to play his entire set. This is a podcast, after all, so I don't always have to adhere to a rigid length to the show. The only problem that remained is that for those of you who listen to solipsistic NATION on KYOURadio will only hear the abridged version of Jamie's performance at the Forward Festival. Happily, you can always listen to the performance in it's entirety at, enjoy today's show. Come back next and we'll do it all over again. But completely different.KiloWatts "Live at Forward Festival (Washington D.C., March 21, 2009)"Interview with KiloWatts

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