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Firefly Talk


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This is a podcast all about Joss Whedons Firefly and Serenity, with weekly articles, Firefly news, forum recaps, and fan-fiction repots.
Recent Episodes for Firefly Talk
DATE: Thu, 27 Nov 2008
SIZE: 19.7 MB
Firefly Talk #65, Thanksgiving Show

An article from our most recent contest, called "Why I wouldn't dream of going to work in the jungle without Firefly", by Sharmini Kumar, and the first part of a convention clip with Ron Glass.  Happy Thanksgiving, US browncoats!

DATE: Wed, 27 Aug 2008
SIZE: 22.6 MB
Firefly Talk #64, August 27th 2008

The final results of our third article-writing contest, featuring excerpts from all of the finalists, and the entire winning article.  Congratulations to everyone who made it to the final round!  And big thanks to the Prop Store of London, which donated props from Serenity for the contest.

DATE: Mon, 18 Aug 2008
SIZE: 25.7 MB
Firefly Talk #63, August 17th 2008

A fun Q&A session with Tim Minear from a recent CSTS event, Part 2 of our interview with Joy Davidson (author of 'The Psychology of Joss Whedon'), and the article titles of all entries that have made it into the final round of our latest article-writing contest (final contest results next week). Good luck, browncoats!

DATE: Sun, 01 Jun 2008
SIZE: 31.7 MB
Firefly Talk #62, May 31st 2008

Part 1 of an interview with Dr. Joy Davidson (editor of "The Psychology of Joss Whedon", advice columnist, sex therapist, and frequent guest on primetime TV), more from last year's Browncoat Cruise, more on our new article-writing contest (including prop prizes that were used in Serenity), and an article about the fighting styles in Firefly and Serenity, entitled "The Brute, the Brawler, and the Ballerina", by Jason Couch (misattributed in the show, sorry!)

DATE: Mon, 07 Apr 2008
SIZE: 2.27 MB
Firefly Talk: Special Announcement

The third Firefly Talk article contest is now under way.   Deadlines are the last days of April, May, June, and July.   Good luck, browncoats!

DATE: Tue, 01 Apr 2008
SIZE: 32.4 MB
Firefly Talk #61, March 31st 2008

Late-breaking news about a new Special Edition of the Firefly TV series box set, a first look at the new Serenity comic 'Better Days' #1, an interview with QMx about upcoming Serenity goodies, more with guests from the Browncoat Cruise, and an article entitled "Subtext Aboard Serenity", by Rich Katz.  We're back in business, browncoats!

DATE: Sun, 23 Dec 2007
SIZE: 31.7 MB
Firefly Talk #60, December 22nd 2007

For your holiday pleasure we have the first part of a Q&A session from the Browncoat Cruise, some discussion of the new revelations about Shepherd Book, the writers' strike, and an article entitled "Healing and Healthcare", by Sharmini Kumar.   Happy Winter Solstice, Browncoats!

DATE: Thu, 25 Oct 2007
SIZE: 29.6 MB
Firefly Talk #59, October 24th 2007

Our 2-year Anniversary Show!  Features an interview with Jane Espenson (writer of "Shindig", co-executive producer of Buffy and now the new Battlestar Galactica), the details about a new write-in campaign, and an article entitled "Why Zoe Washburn is My Han Solo", by Jennifer Le Roux.

DATE: Mon, 01 Oct 2007
SIZE: 32.7 MB
Firefly Talk #58, September 30th 2007

Part 2 of Ron Glass speaking at DragonCon 2007, breaking news from QMx about the Mal's Pistol Replica, and some shiny news from the Podcasting Expo in Ontario.  Happy Serenity Day!

DATE: Mon, 24 Sep 2007
SIZE: 31.8 MB
Firefly Talk #57, September 23rd 2007

Part 1 of a Ron Glass panel from DragonCon 2007, an interview with the creator of the Blue Sun travel posters, and an article called "Faith of the Heroes: Religion in the 'Verse", by Mike Smithwick.

DATE: Thu, 30 Aug 2007
SIZE: 3.32 MB
DragonCon 2007 Update

Last-minute news and information about where you can meet our crew members this year at DragonCon.

DATE: Sat, 25 Aug 2007
SIZE: 27.3 MB
Firefly Talk #56, August 25th 2007

A QMx interview with Geoff Mandel (the graphic designer on Serenity) and Andy Gore about the new Serenity Blueprints Reference Pack, a bonus QMx interview with Ben Mund about the new Serenity Ship Papers (available today at 6pm!), and an article called "The Crossing", by Rachel Steele.

DATE: Thu, 16 Aug 2007
SIZE: 28.9 MB
Firefly Talk #55, August 16th 2007

Contains a recent interview with Joss about the new Serenity Collector's Edition DVD (get yours next week!), and an article from our recent contest, entitled "In the Spaces: Reading Between the Lines", by Ben Weiss.

DATE: Sat, 11 Aug 2007
SIZE: 3.79 MB
Summer of Serenity #18, August 11th 2007

Our final Summer of Serenity mini-podcast includes a musical selection from the Persephone Pickers.   Try it, you'll like it!

DATE: Fri, 10 Aug 2007
SIZE: 5.37 MB
Summer of Serenity #17, August 10th 2007

Listen to River Tam Gray and our own Barbara Jungbauer walk the browncoat line at the latest Can't Stop The Serenity screening, in search of the elusive Firefly virgins.

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Recent Comments for Firefly Talk
Great podcast

Very informative and fun. Still learning things about Firefly and Serenity.

Submitted By: chad.swanson.argh@... (on 2-2013)


FIREFLY IS THEE BEST SciFi SERIES SINCE STAR TREK !! In terms of the depths of where the creative writing process can go for one is truly as limitless as space itself. Joss Whedon, you are a visionary as sure as G. Roddenberry was, make no mistake! The amazing!!!!! first season of Firefly, after the pilot overall was luke warm is as false as a radar detector. Every new show needs to get familiar with the characters. NO surprise by the second part of the series first season the fan following began and tho it seemed to Fox too little too late and evidently the suits have deemed from what Ive read its DVD only success and perhaps a side b type cult following. NOT TRUE. BRING FIREFLY BACK! I am really pleading and been proactive posting everwhere I can online to sign petition just google petition: firefly and sign them, for pages!! because the fan base is out there and it will !! grow larger than anyone at Fox can see are they blind dam it?! This series that barely got to take off kicked ars out of the proverbial gate with a core cast of excellent actors, I take exception to 1 couple that just doesnt have that chemistry on screen-yes between the married couple. That becomes resolved in any case. So 95% great cast and solid bondafide writing with a fabulous foundation from port to stern on Serendity her creation, and just a punch of CGI relatively. WHen you consider how much so many other shows have had the reverse regarding all the alien life forms, varied socieities, gadgets etcetra and yes, some awesome actors, and then the writing in no particular order as the writing has to be solid or the best of actors cant fix that. FIREFLY took the low starting budget it had and it kicked a** !! WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY IS IS NOT ON THE AIR AGAIN, PLEASE!!!!!! BRING BACK FIREFLY!!! PLEASE. IT has the makings with a larger budget to add al kinds of great special effects, aliens, all those elements we sci fi lovers enjoy yet to be done with Firefly mostly, and because of Joss Whedons outstanding foundation hes laid down in the writing of Firefly as she took off this series truly could be the next Star Trek in terms of longevity. I know most all of the core actors are currently working on other things but hey I think they would rally around their schedules for Firefly. I watched the bonus footage and those actors love what Firefly is, every aspect. Firefly is NOT just for a movie that ends up being a token one time out thrust to make games, nor to simply make a movie with that tyipcal 95% effects 5 % whatever else amidst some war in space that just goes on and on. Speaking of which Caprica comes to mind and too much way too much was relied on to that end with what started out so very good and then the writing just took a nose dive the whole clone number counting yet looking at the same actors trying to figure out which numbers were on the good side versus bad. FIREFLY IS NOTHING LIKE THAT AND NO WAY WILL BE BC THE WRITER CREATOR EXEC PRODUCER HAS PROVEN HES AWESOME AT WHAT HE DOES! FIREFLY NEEDS TO FLY AGAIN on TV as a series again, and movies, and DVD n Blue Ray. PLEASE!!!!! bring this gem of an s f series back tto life again. I emailed Murdoch at fox even and just put the plea in the subject filed for what it was worth. Who konws what may come of fans doing such things, but I had to try. Ive posted for days if not going into weeks a lot of places online for ppl to google peitions: firefly and just take 30 seconds to give a good email signature including support from non sf neutral ppl who have nothing to lose to help those of us who want to see Firefly back up on air, running again!! I hope someone reads this that can do more about than I can? take some of my suggestions to post around the net also? and by all means if you have any links you can send me about supporting Firefly coming back on air by all means let me know!! and GOOGLE THAT INFO INTO THE SEARCH FOR ANYONE WHO TYPES IN THE WORD FIREFLY EVEN BETTER!! Peace & Prosperity

Submitted By: sylphish@... (on 3-2010)

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