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Different kinds of funky. Deep, dirty, underground dance music. Heavy disco dub and jackin funk house. Electric boogie and cosmic rhythm mixed and sliced by Brad Slyde for broadcast on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal Canada.
Recent Episodes for (((HEAVY ROTATION)))
DATE: Tue, 21 Sep 2010
SIZE: 120. MB
Hot N Heavy

Ron Basejam "Hot Fridge" (ISM) Lego Boy "Disco Beans On The Wall" Timewarp Inc. Mix (Kraak) Burnt Island Casuals "Truth Temptation" (Under The Shade) Los Charly's Orchestra "The Funk Inspector" Extended Version (Imagenes) Chris Nemmo "Nautilus" (Klik) Philippos N "Stealth" Bottin Mix (Freshit) Kolombo "My Old Piano" (Union Match) Marcus Marr "Well Alright" (New Finger) Umbo + Balatz "Disco Thang" (Timewarp) Julius Papp "Disco Moroder" Funky Mix (NeoDisco) Nemesi "Cosmica" Lindstrom + Prins Thomas Mix (Opilec)

DATE: Wed, 21 Jul 2010
SIZE: 123. MB

Kinky Movement "Bounce" (Funkfield) Markus Ferdinand "Beautiful Dream" Wattie Green Mix (Shak Digital) South Of Roosevelt "To Be Somebody" (Smooth Agent) Bleep District "Don't Stop Now" (Lost My Dog) Corduroy Mavericks "Mack Attack" (Ficus Tree) DJ Flipsta "Be A Freak" Corduroy Mavericks Mix (Serial Sickness) DJ Bene + Javi Lopez "It's OK" Freaky Behaviour Mix (Greenhouse) Jores "Funk Till You Jack" JMC Mix (Brainkat) Quell "Interesting Story" Soul De Marin Mix (Juiced) Zare "Big Band Theory" (Kinjo) Wattie Green "Play A Tune" (Juiced) RTHM "Moonshine" Wattie Green Dub (Knocturnal Emissions) South Of Roosevelt "Found Me A Lover" (Guesthouse)

DATE: Tue, 29 Jun 2010
SIZE: 113. MB
Slow N Sweaty

Space Ranger "Galactic Spice" (Love Monk) Taras 3000 "White Clothes" (Shanti) Cantoma "North Shore" Idjut Boys Instrumental (Leng) Stay Ali "97" Datassette Mix (Technofavrik) KZA "Unfaithful Fernand" Version 1 (Endless Flight) Burnt Island Casuals "Scotch Hop" (Under The Shade) Ichisan + Nakova "Banana Split" (Nang) Prins Thomas "Morfar" (Full Pupp) Nassau "Blackout" Rekutt (Barking Dogs) Funky Instruments "Funks Get Closer" (Tonite)

DATE: Fri, 21 May 2010
SIZE: 128. MB
Party Dancing

AtFunk "Nu Room" (Timewarp) Husky "As I Go Along" Joe Pompeo Mix (Blockhead) JMC "Keep The Party Dancing" (Greenhouse) D-Reflection "Wanna Party" Dub (Sniff Your Ears) Kinky Movement "Listen Up" (Mindtravel) Soul De Marin "Cool It Down" (Sampled) Wattie Green "Early In The Mornin" (Juiced) Brian Heath "Full Circle" (Guesthouse) Chuck Love "Freak Technique" (Large) South Of Roosevelt "Take The Bomb" (Juiced) Tommy Largo "The Same Thing" (Guesthouse) Kinky Movement "All Nite Long" (Kinjo) RTHM "Moonshine" (Knocturnal Emissions)

DATE: Fri, 16 Apr 2010
SIZE: 131. MB

Ralph Lundsten + The Andromeda All Stars "Discophrenia" (EMI) Will Powers "Adventures In Success" Dub (Island) D-Pulse "Prekrasna" (Theomatic) Mario Basanov "Do You Remember" Arithmatix Mix (Future Classic) Rubber Room "Cockroach" (Eskimo) Loin Brothers "Heavy Helmet" (Future Classic) Phreek Plus One "New York Dolls" (Compost) Roland Schwarz "Step In" Faze Action Dub (Tjumy) Lorenz Rhode "Something Hot" Snax Dub (Exploited) Tad Wily "Ayo" (Smash Hit) Elitechnique "Munich Emotions" (Clone)

DATE: Fri, 19 Mar 2010
SIZE: 146. MB
Roller Rhymes

***WARNING: May contain language not suitable for some listeners*** Jam Funk "Keep Control" (Mama's Big Funk) Bryan Jones "Body Move" Tom Drummond Mix (Funkfield) Crux, Derty D + Forrest Avery "Split Open Jack" (Market House Meats) Freaky Behaviour "Jim Big Swing" (Ficus Tree) Soydan "Circus" (Guesthouse) Biboulakis "Hoe La La" (Guess Who) JMC "Rebellion" (Gourmand) Corduroy Mavericks "Gettin It On" (Greenhouse) Camouflage "Hot Box" Enjoy Yourself Mix (Funkfield) EDIT Lamanex "Turducken Cover" (Spatula City) JMC "Dam I Look Good" (Greenhouse) Jazzmopper J "Frozen Fairy Tales" (Highjack) DJ Soydan "Roller" (Limon) Bibz "Girls" (Footwear) Joey Ramirez "Get Your Jack On" (Recycled)

DATE: Sun, 10 Jan 2010
SIZE: 122. MB
Get Up

AtFunk "Sequence 75" (Timewarp) Tom Drummond "Downstrokin" (Blockhead) Uriah West + Rescue "Gimme The Beat Back" (Lingo) Sonny Fodera "Outta Control" (Drop) D-Reflection "Wanna Party" Fresh Dub (Sniff Your Ears) Wes "Let's Go Back" (Kolour) Organized Crime "Play The Part" (Spatula City) Soydan "Lost Coin" (Yakuza) Jam Funk "Fit The Shoe" (Monokini) Corduroy Mavericks "What Good Is Music" Wattie Green Mix (Juiced) Wattie Green "Straighten Up" (Spatula City) Sonny Fodera "Moondance" (Sly City) Nick Maurer "Wash My Hands" Miles Maeda Mix (Shak Digital)

DATE: Sun, 10 Jan 2010
SIZE: 109. MB
Heavy Cuts

ZZ Top "Cheap Sunglasses" EDIT C.M. Lord "Flashback" EDIT Nightlife Unlimited "Just Be Yourself" EDIT Karen Silver "Hot Stuff" EDIT Hair "Disco Spectacular" EDIT Scum "Lay Down" EDIT Melba Moore "Standing Right Here" EDIT Ephraim Uzomechina Nzeka "Zombie" EDIT Wild Fantasy "Africa" EDIT Bombers "Pistolero" EDIT Yes "Roundabout" EDIT Alan Parsons "The Voice" EDIT

DATE: Wed, 18 Nov 2009
SIZE: 131. MB

Soul Circus "Beats To Match Your Feet" (Union) Jacky Jones "Magicsoul" (Roundhouse) Livio + Roby "Grand Finale" (Fumakilla) Tim Nobody "Mishmash" (1200 Traxx) Malentedex "Gypsy Kings" (Exploited) Maximus Million "Swangin" (Maracuja) Bimbo + Lemar "Music" Bobby N Klein Mix (Flatpack Traxx) Wattie Green "Natural Mystic" (Flapjack) Mastiksoul "Let Your Mind Be Free" Dub (Guesthouse) Jason Hodges "Shake It" (Aroma) Akaquela "Revenge A Delante" (Sneak Tip) Sun City Hustlers "On The Come Up" Wattie Green Mix (Flapjack) Mastiksoul "Whisper" (Tango) Mark Picchiotti + Alec Sun Drae "Feel Like Singin" South Of Roosevelt Dub (Blueplate Global) Drive D + Goshva "Blanca Primavera" (Mulen) Missy Elliott "Lick Shots" Acapella (Elektra)

DATE: Mon, 19 Oct 2009
SIZE: 128. MB
Disco Distortion

Sorcerer "Distort Yourself" (Tirk) Roberto Rodriguez "Venus" (Eskimo) Disco + Co. "Phantom Rock" (Tubetracks) Disco + Co. "Bass Power/Cold Coke" (Tubetracks) Disco + Co. "Space Drums" (Tubetracks) Timewarp Inc. "Back To The 60s" Valique Instrumental (Timewarp) Space "Mixed Up" EDIT Vangelis "Let It Happen" Beatfanatic Remix (GAMM) Crazy P + Syndromes "The Hit" (Kolour) Ed Royal, Badkat + Lady Daisey "Hip Hop To Funk" Dan Vans + Stefan Obermayr Mix (Innvision)

DATE: Wed, 30 Sep 2009
SIZE: 142. MB

Corduroy Mavericks "Breaka Dawn" (Flapjack) Orikawa "Back Home" (Control) Skip Pennyworth "How We Roll" (Fetish) Nate Laurence + Scrubfish "Beatmaps + Burlaps" (Control) Filthy "Shake Your Booty" (Private Parts) Faze Action "I Wanna Dancer" Disco Rock Dub (FAR) Anhanguera "Disco Dub And Delicious" (Lunatic Jazz) The Salsoul Orchestra "Love Break" Acappella Soydan "Kill The Rhythm" (Guesthouse) Jangatha "The J Word" (Uma) Sonny Fodera "Outta Control" (Drop) RTHM "She's Absent" (Lingo) Neighbour "Alien Situation" (Kolour) Joshua Heath "How Y'All Feelin" (Salted) Soul Circus "Beats To Match Your Feet" (Union) Mark Picchiotti + Alec Sun Drae "Feel Like Singin" South Of Roosevelt Dub (Blueplate Global)

DATE: Tue, 08 Sep 2009
SIZE: 115. MB
Electric Love

The Destroyers "Lectric Love" Eddie Tour Edit (East End) Locksmith "Unlock The Funk" (Arista) Bohannon "Throw Down The Groove" EDIT Evelyn "Champagne" King + The Brothers "Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine" (RCA) Vernon Burch "Brighter Days" EDIT Harry Thumann "Underwater" EDIT American Gypsy "I'm OK You're OK" EDIT The 202 Machine "Get Up (Rock Your Body)" Dance Mix (Lotus) B-H-Y "Touch Me While I'm Touching You" EDIT Direct Current "Everybody Here Must Party" Instrumental (TEC)

DATE: Wed, 15 Jul 2009
SIZE: 125. MB

Kinky Movement "Frequency" (Lingo) Kinky Movement "Frequency" Sonny Fodera Mix (Lingo) Wattie Green "Natural Mystic" (Flapjack) Goldfish "Cruising Through" Kyle Watson Mix (Pacha) Tom Drummond "Funky Fresh From 83" (Sly City) Scrubfish + Laurence "Sake To Me" (Spatula City) RTHM "Honey" (Spatula City) Reckless "Still In The Groove" Hi Fi Remake (Sexafonic) Neighbour "Drunk On The Funk" (Super Hi-Fi) Sound Navigators "The Grind" Chuck Love Mix (Chillin) Uriah West + Rescue "Gimme The Beat Back" (Lingo) Yam Who "Wax The Van" Rework (Electric Minds)

DATE: Thu, 18 Jun 2009
SIZE: 111. MB

The Monsters "Funkit" (Masterbeat) Greg Wilson "I Was A Teenage DJ" (Reactivate) Debtonate "Human Race" Neighbour Mix (Funk Weapons) Neighbour "Drunk On The Funk" (Super Hi-Fi) Erik Rug + Dynamax "Tribute" L'Aroye + Ky Disco Mix (Telegraphe France) Munich Machine "Get On The Funk Train" EDIT Renata Barnes + Co. "Dance Express" EDIT Jermaine Jackson "Erucu" Edit (Ballroom) Brenda Harris "Making Love" EDIT Claudja Barry "Sweet Dynamite" EDIT District Of Columbia "Hail To The Teeth" EDIT

DATE: Thu, 07 May 2009
SIZE: 117. MB

Nick Fonkynson "Fetia Avae" (Super Hi-Fi) Faze Action "Disco Warrior" Dub (FAR) Mikkael "The Workshop" Marcus Aurelius Mix (Lingo) Fabio Bacchini "Blue Light Jazz" RTHM Mix (Control) Sound Diggers "Monkey Spunk" Jonn Hawley Mix (Bumpshop) The Candy Dealers "Stepping Out" Toka Project Mix (Flapjack) Jazzy Eyewear "We Gotta Bounce" Tovar Mix (So Sound) Inland Knights "Sound System" Discouraged Ones Mix (Funkfield) Bear Who "U Step" Inland Knights Mix (Dust Traxx) Pete Le Freq "Burned" Nathan Stewart Mix (Llama Farm) Kinky Movement "Freak Trip" (Amenti) Nate Laurence + Scrubfish "People Like We" (Guesthouse) EDIT Chuck Love "Freak Technique" Dub (Large)

There are 49 more episodes in this feed. View All Episodes
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