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Podcast host will PodCast as he runs 110th Boston Marathon

I have always loved this podcast (being a runner and tri-athlete in a previous life) and will be looking forward to this unique podcast by Steve DURING the Boston Marathon!

“Phedippidations” the thirty minute weekly internet radio show for runners, will provide complete coverage of the 110th Boston Marathon on April 17th before, after and during the race.

Running his 13th official marathon, and his fifth Boston Marathon, show host Steve Runner is a long time writer for the international newsletter and website “Run the Planet” ( http://www.runtheplanet.com ), which attracts the largest world wide running community on the Internet.

The internet radio show, Phedippidations, located at SteveRunner.com is a PodCast about running.

This will be the first time that a broadcaster who is running the Boston Marathon will provide mile by mile coverage as he is actually running the race.

Phedippidations has previously presented the running of the 2005 Bay State and Cape Cod Marathons last October, but the significance of presenting the Boston Marathon to his listeners is not lost on Steve.

“This is the world’s oldest annual Marathon and one of the most prestigious road races on the planet” said Steve, “I’m honored to be able to bring the experience of running this great race to my listeners, from the perspective of a middle of the pack runner.”

Phedippidations is a PodCast ( or “RunCast” ) of thoughts, opinions, observations and rambling diatribes composed during distance long runs. “I record much of the program on the road while I’m out training for my next marathon”, said Steve.

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