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Podcast Girls Gone Wired!

While browsing the homepage of Wired today, I saw a few podcasting articles and they were both about women! Well, one was about Di from Nate and Di and the other was about Madge Weinsteinn from Yeast Radio, but you get the idea...

Girls on Wired

Women Warm the Podcast Bench
Thumbnail photo Nov. 16, 2005 The podcast industry skews heavily toward male performers and listeners, data shows. Pundits blame insularity, the geek factor and internet creeps. By Steve Friess.

A Podcast Star is Born
Richard Bluestein is the voice behind Yeast Radio, one of the most popular podcasts on the web. But for the crowd of thirty-something geeks gathered here last week for a pre-convention bash, the voice was a vision. A 6-foot-tall vision, to be exact, dressed to thrill in makeup, a blond beehive wig and ill-fitting flower-printed muumuu.

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