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Podcast Alley Feature Release: Tutorials & How To's

Podcasting can be quite tricky, especially for those people like my wife (sorry Amy, I still love you) who don't care about the technology...they only care about making great content about what they are passionate about. While tools are being developed every day to make those people happy and to take away the technical barrier, they are still not that easy to use.

With that in mind, I finally got a free minute to open the doors to the Podcast Alley Tutorials section. Having only been open for a few hours, it only has 3 tutorials in it, but trust me...it will grow! As a matter of fact, this is your call to action:

"Are you an Expert with a certain program, piece of hardware, website or other technology that can help podcasters? Do you want to share your knowledge with the users of the best podcasting community around? Do you want to be adored by podcasters world wide? If so, Podcast Alley needs you!"

Again, all kidding aside, Podcast Alley is nothing without its contributors. If you want to become a writer for Podcast Alley, send me a PM in the forum or email [email protected] . We are looking for people who love to write tutorials, hardware and software reviews, blog posts, podcast reviews and more.

As always, suggestions, new features and comments are always welcome. Enjoy!

UPDATE: I forgot to add links to the tutorials and reviews section, doh!
>> PCA Tutorials Section
>> PCA Reviews Section

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