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Midwest Teen Sex Show Picked Up By Comedy Central!

Midwest Teen Sex Show on Comedy Central

Midwest Teen Sex Show on Comedy Central

If you are not familiar with the Midwest Teen Sex Show, you are missing out on a real (sexual education) treat. This video show is a comedic sketch show that has its own unique way of telling the world about popular sex-related topics such as: condoms, intercourse and the influence that the internet (and Saved by the Bell) have on teens sex lives.

But the big story here is not the quality of the content (although it is a high-quality production from writing to videography), the story is about the Midwest Teen Sex Show being picked up for a pilot by Comedy Central! Congratulations guys!!

From Entertainment Weekly:

"Comedy Central unveiled its new programming slate today, and it’s pretty standard CC: Dude shows, cartoons, cartoons about dudes, gettin’ high, stand-up stuff. But there was one surprising bright spot: Midwest Teen Sex Show...which is nowhere near as filthy as it sounds, is a hilarious but legitimately informative Web series that explores issues of sex and sexuality through sardonic, often bizarre sketch comedy."

I'm not the first to congratulate the guys at MTSS, but allow me to throw mine on the pile. It's great to see long time podcasters (listed on Podcast Alley since 6/2007) see such success.

The Condom Episode:

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