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Learn to Play Guitar with Podcasting. Seriously!

Play Guitar PodcastHere is another great podcast, one that is entertaining and educational. For those of you who have no idea how to play guitar, this may be the podcast for you. It is a video podcast that seems to be quite amazing. They show you, all in one screen, what the note is, when to change notes, how to hold the guitar, how to strum the guitar, where your fingers should be and more. I have to admit, I was quite blown away when I saw this video podcast series.

In this podcast, you get 35 episodes (for the entry level guitar player) and learn everything from how to hold your guitar, what the different pieces of a guitar are and how to play a few notes to playing entire songs, jamming with a band and how to play transitions! Enjoy.

>> The Main iPlayMusic.com Website
>> The iPlayMusic Podcast

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  1. Allways is wellcome a training course (podcast) so you can teach your self with many tricks. Is a nice job and we are all pleased to see such a good guys.Don't stop please ! I want to learn more .


  2. The content is great. Also, how do you get the four frames in one?


  3. How do you get the four videos into one effect?


  4. Nice video effect. Video lessons are a great way to teach guitar. I use them to teach lead guitar myself!


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