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Jul 2nd, 2006, 08:54 PM
ShortCummingsAudio.com (the weekly six-minute humorous essay podcast) has made it to episode three.

In case you've missed the show, here's a quick re-cap of the first three essays:

Episode 1: The Rites of Spring
So what happens when you combine a guy, power equipment and a sprinkler system
Could be a recipe for disaster...or the Rites of Spring.

Episode 2: Reformed Eater
I see fat people. They're everywhere. They don't even know they're fat. And the worst part is...I used to be one of them.

Episode 3: Hiking Tips
So you think you might want to go hiking this summer
Before you take off for the great outdoors, consider these handy tips. If they don't convince you to give up on the idea, nothing will.

You can find all of these (and the future episode) at www.shortcummingsaudio.com

Each week you'll be treated to a brand-new audio essay. No rambling here, just tightly focused verbage, wordplay, and wry observations on life.
Give it a try...six minutes a week is all I ask.