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The 6.5 Questions
1. How long have you been podcasting?
My first show was in February 2006.

2. How many shows have you done?
I just finished show #62 (posted 23 April 2007).

3. How has your quality/performance changed since your first show?
Well, I really had no idea what I was doing on my first show. I knew the individual sections I wanted to include in each program, and I had my topics ready, but I really wasn't sure what my voice would be. Would I be personal? Would I be explicit? I had no clue. Now I realize that I will basically talk about anything! I don't have many boundaries. I hit the record button, open my mouth and words just fall out. These days I am less shy and tend to act as stupidly as I want, which people seem to enjoy... or at least tolerate :)

Technically, in the beginning, I was completely in the dark. The world of "digital sound" was a dark and scary place for me. I started out with a friend's microphone and pre-amp, but eventually I bought myself a USB mic and, even though it was cheap, the sound quality is far better. Then I bought myself a MacBook and began to use Garageband, which has allowed me to use more sound effects and music in my show. Now I have little jingles between each section and I can easily create a silly song whenever I want to.

4. What podcasts do you listen to and which are your favorites?
I listen to so many podcasts! Here is my list of essentials: Dawn and Drew, Naughty Karate, DSC, Something Missing, FilmSpotting, Chub Creek, The My World Podcast, Just Not Right, TV Guide Talk, PK and J.

...but I think my favorite podcast is Distorted View Daily. Tim Henson is a god.

5. Tell us about your show and who should be listening to it?
BLARM is not only the name of the podcast; it's also an acronym for the various sections in the show (Beginning, Likes, Alarm, Rude and Misc.). Whenever I try to explain what it's about I usually fail miserably. Basically, each show is around half an hour long, and I usually spend that time talking about ridiculous things like having sex with a Golden Girl, how much I love Chef Boyardee or my opinions on Crème Brulée. I like to sing songs about my topics, so it's fairly common to hear me sing about, for example, my new underwear. In the end, I guess, the show is about me and my small city life in St. John's, Newfoundland. I like to think it has a pleasant pointlessness to it.

As for who should be listening? Well, I do get pretty saucy at times and I definitely have a potty mouth, so I think this show is mainly for adults. What type of adult? Who knows. Probably somebody who enjoys a frank discussion about poop :)

6. What is your background (especially if relevant to your podcast)?
During the day I am a website designer, so I guess that is the only technical connection I have to podcasting. When I was a kid I had a HUGE desire to be Mary Poppins, so that may also explain a lot.

6.5 Is there anything else your listeners should know about you, your show, etc?
The main thing people should know is that I am a total dork and I don't think I have a serious bone in my body. BLARM is a complete reflection of that.

I am also a big lover of listener feedback. Good or bad - I love it all. People should email me at

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