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Amateur Traveler
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The 6.5 Questions
1. How long have you been podcasting?
My first episode went out July 9th of 2005.

2. How many shows have you done?
I do weekly episodes but missed two weeks when I was in Australia and Tanzania respectively. This week my 69th episode will be released.

3. How has your quality/performance changed since your first show?
All evidence of the first show has been destroyed. I have no idea what you are talking about.

No seriously, I have been using the same equipment all along so the biggest changes probably came as I became more comfortable talking in a room by myself. I think that people would probably hear a bigger difference between my first interview and my latest interview than between my first show and my latest show. I have a better idea what I want to get out of an interview now that I did initially.

4. What podcasts do you listen to and which are your favorites?
I subscribe to 100 podcasts last time I looked so I won't try and list them all. They tend to fall into the following categories:

- Technology shows like Twit, IT Conversations, CommandN, Geek Brief, etc
- Podcasting shows like Podcast411, School of Podcasting Morning Announcements, Podcast Brothers, etc
- Travel shows like Notes from Spain, Travel Commons, etc
- Music shows like Accident Hash, Coverville, Building the Church, etc
- Christian shows like Rev Tim
- Educational shows like the Word Nerds

I listen to very few Audio Blogs but love The Bitterest Pill because Dan is such a good story teller. I also listen to The Radio Adventures of Dr Floyd because the two guys who create it are two of the funniest people on the planet.

5. Tell us about your show and who should be listening to it?
My show is about travel and travel stories. It is intended for people who love to travel or at least dream about travel. Since I don't do enough travel myself, the show often features an interview. The guest might be a personal friend, a fellow podcaster, a listener, or a travel professional. We share travel tips, things you would not learn from the guidebook, funny travel stories and surprises.

I knew I wanted to do a podcast before I knew what the podcast would be about. Then on Memorial Day in 2005 we had friends over and I realize that most of the best stories people told had to do with travel.

6. What is your background (especially if relevant to your podcast)?
By day I am the Executive Vice President of Engineering and Operations for a company that creates internet community for major companies like Campbells, HBO, eBay and the NBA. So, the technical part of podcasting has never been a challenge. I still hand code my RSS feed.

Other than a little experience at my college radio station I had not done any audio work before starting podcasting, although I have done a fair amount of public speaking. I do, however, come from a long line of story tellers. Some day I will do a podcast about the stories my father told me growing up: the time my grandfather walked into the bank while it was being robbed, the story about their dog that saved my aunt from a rattlesnake, etc.

Growing up we did a lot of traveling for vacation, usually pulling a small trailer between various national parks. The success of a vacation for the Christensens was measured with an odometer.

I enjoy learning new languages before I travel and have studied German, French, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, Turkish, Russian and Swahili. I find the language to be a great window into a culture. For instance in Swahili the language uses the same word for guest and stranger. In Chinese the character for good is a woman with a baby. Although I have studied a number of languages I am only fluent in English and that only when properly caffeinated.

6.5 Is there anything else your listeners should know about you, your show, etc?
Two of my passions are learning new things and humor. I think both are reflected in the show. A number of people have commented that the show has a "comfortable" style. I like that. I think my grandfather would be pleased with that.

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