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Rumor Girls
GENRE: Video Podcasts | Downloads (17822) | Comments (68) | Get Podcast | Visit Site

The 6.5 Questions
1. How long have you been podcasting?
I started a podcast called the Mary and Karla show with my friend Mary in July of 2005, which seems like ages ago in podcast years. In September of 2005 we started a video podcast and things really took off when in October we recorded a video promo for Adam Curry and he included it in his feed, it was the first time he had done this and everyone who received the Daily Source Code RSS got a video of us. Shortly after that the iPod with video came out and we continued to build a very large audience. In January of 2006 we started a video show with my sister called Rumor Girls, as the Mary and Karla Show was winding down. Rumor Girls then became our primary focus as we signed on with Podshow, which has always been a strong supporter of us. The third part of our team, my boyfriend Franklin McMahon, has produced all our shows, he has several successful shows of his own including Media Artist Secrets and Secrets of Second Life.

2. How many shows have you done?
Weve done 40 episodes of the Rumor Girls Video Podcast, 15 episodes of Rumor Girls Diaries and 30 episodes of Rumor Girls UNCUT. We always have at least a couple of new shows every week.

3. How has your quality/performance changed since your first show?
Initially we shot our video shows on a Casio Exilim EX-S500, which is actually a still camera that shoots 30fps 640x480 video to a 2GB SD Card. It scaled down great to iPod format and it was so portable we could do a show anywhere undetected. But as the Rumor Girls fan base grew, we decided we wanted to shoot in a more archival format, so we switched to high definition, our main show is now shot in HD with Sony camcorders. But we still wanted to keep the technical spontaneity of the early shows, so the Rumor Girls Diaries episodes are shot with still cameras and laptop webcams.

4. What podcasts do you listen to and which are your favorites?
I love Yeast Radio! Madge Weinstein is explicit but very entertaining to listen to. Of course Daily Source Code, I love it when Patricia is on with Adam. Eat This Hot Show is great too. I have to admit I love Media Artist Secrets, it really is one of the most motivating and fun self-development shows out there, not that I am bias or anything! Karen is a big fan of Anji Bee, so she loves the Chillcast as well as Anjis new video diary show. Wed like to see more women doing video shows! Frank has a lot of favorites including The M Show, MacBreak, TWIT, Penn Radio, Podcast Salad, TEDTalks and Yeast Radio. Ironically we have a lot less time to listen to podcasts than we used to, be we try to keep up.

5. Tell us about your show and who should be listening to it?
Well our Rumor Girls Video Podcast show is pretty much for all ages, it gets a tad racy here and there, but we have fans who are from 12 to 80, so we try to keep the appeal geared toward a wide audience. Our Rumor Girls Diaries video podcast is short and spontaneous, whereas the main show is well produced, these vignettes are short and fun. Well shoot them at a bar, on the couch, in the shower, pretty much anywhere. Its just us and a laptop, so its more intimate. Rumor Girls UNCUT is a whole other story! Its explicit and anything goes, we do this show with Frank and the three of us will talk about anything. The vibe of the show could shift at any moment, wed be laughing one minute and then one of us will slam their mic down and walk off. Its totally real and unscripted and we have a blast doing it. We record it during happy hour at our local martini place. Its like TWIT with booze. If you want to get to know the real us, UNCUT is a great starting place.

6. What is your background (especially if relevant to your podcast)?
I am a professional hair stylist, I love hair and love creating amazing looks. I work a lot with people, which really helps with podcasting, especially with our great fans. Karen is a graphic designer, shes been doing that for years. She recently started her own company and she loves it. Frank has a production studio called and is a photographer and media artist. His background is in broadcast television as a writer and director, so those skills have really pushed our shows out there. Hes very talented on just about anything concerning video, audio, graphic design, motion graphicsyou name it! I think well keep him!

6.5 Is there anything else your listeners should know about you, your show, etc?
Were not perfect but getting there, we are driven and love what we do. The show is basically about us. We dont do tech news or talk about this weeks sports games, we talk about our lives, the ups and downs and try to keep it as real and unfiltered as possible. Its more reality show and comedy than anything else. Building this show with my sister and boyfriend has been awesome, but mainly we love our fans and its that connection that keeps us going. We have a lot of ideas and plans for the next 12 months, its been an amazing year already! We invite everyone to check out our shows at and, it may take a few episodes to get into the groove, but we hope to hook you in! If you want to get to know us, check out our video shows. If you want to see our bad ass side, grab some episodes of UNCUT!

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