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The 6.5 Questions
How long have you been podcasting?
We recorded and put out our first show on June 1, 2005, so we just passed our one year anniversary. In podcasting time I guess that makes us the equivalent of a pre-historic mosquito trapped in molasses waiting for John Hammond to find us and splice our DNA with frogs and create some kind of new hybrid podcast. Okay, so I went a long way out on a limb for a Jurassic Park reference – so shoot me.

How many shows have you done?
We're coming up on number 100 very rapidly and will be past that in under a month. We are doing about 8 shows per month now. We have one of the most dependable and reliable show release histories amongst podcasts. We've only taken one brief hiatus when we were building our new studio. Our shows now sometimes go three hours each if we get on a roll, but all of them are over an hour. We are providing about 3-4 hours of programming each week. We might get to a point where we break it out into 5 shows per week, each one about an hour, but that's down the road.

How has your quality/performance changed since your first show?
Surprisingly not much. We put a lot of thought into the show and production value early on. We invested in good equipment and audio early on. Both of us come from tech backgrounds, so we put a premium on good sound. Our talents and personalities have grown a lot. We're very aware of what works and what doesn't work with our audience. We definitely rely on our fans from back when we started to get the inside jokes and callbacks that we lob up every so often. We did begin doing live shows early this year, and we are really finally getting into a routine. Doing live shows has helped us build our broadcasting skills, and we've both learned a lot about ourselves, our listeners and what direction we need to go in the future from doing the live shows. Our plans now are to do one live show and one pre-recorded show per week. They will differ in content, with the pre-recorded shows being more like our earlier shows – silly, random, and conversational – while the live shows will be more like typical talk radio, with current event talk, news topics, and audience participation from many sources. We broadcast live audio and video weekly during our live shows. It's really starting to become popular.

What podcasts do you listen to and which are your favorites?
Adam doesn't listen to podcasts. He is too busy to be bothered with that. I listen to a lot of shows here and there, but I honestly don't keep up 100% with any show anymore. There are so many bad shows now, it's ridiculous. And that's not a slam on anyone – it's just a fact. With over 30,000 podcasters out there, it's just inevitable that most of them are going to be unbearable. Of course, people think that about our show, so who am I to talk. I guess the good thing about podcasting is that even people who don't have anything to say don't have to go broke trying to say it. And someone somewhere will be crazy or bored enough to listen – at least once. I hate even giving shoutouts because when you leave someone out they will get all pissed. I do want to mention Caked On Stripes – it's a very underrated show and Deric and Bri are hilarious and deserve more listeners. If only more “comedy” shows would be more honest and not worry about being politically correct, the world would be a better place. We're also pals with Dawn and Drew, Airferg, Zipperfish (and their 9 million shows they do this week), PK and J, Distorted View, The Bionic Genius Roundtable, Apocalypse Radio, and anyone else we forgot. There's a list on our website of shows we like. I'm too lazy to go copy it right now. And don't be a baby if we didn't mention you. Get over it. Things happen.

Tell us about your show and who should be listening to it?
Well the people that should be listening are people that like honest, brutal, unbiased and unrestricted comedy. It's very politically incorrect. It's very abrasive and not for hypersensitive people. A lot of people mistake our honesty and lack of boundaries as hate in one form or another. It's exactly the opposite. We just aren't afraid to make fun of everything – cancer, black people, disabled people, Mexicans, rednecks, hurricane victims, 9/11, religions, etc. There are no limits to comedy. Comedy comes from honesty, and honesty has no limits. Political correctness and hypersensitivity have consumed this country, and there is guilt when it comes to certain topics. Often our discussions or views are labeled by others as taboo, when they should indeed be discussed. If anything, our problem is we have too board of an audience. Our show has had success, and gets a lot of attention. Therefore, many members of the podcasting community who have no business listening to our show do so, get angry, and continue to listen. If you are ever hurt, or offended or turned off by a joke on our show, you shouldn't be listening. Period. Why? Because first of all, we'll offend you again, and secondly, you just admitted you were offended by what you knew was a joke, and that makes you incapable of understanding humor – especially ours.

That being said, I don't want to give the impression that every show is an all-out edgy slam-fest. The majority of the show isn’t spent on belittling any specific group or person. We're just trying to produce entertaining and funny content.

What is your background (especially if relevant to your podcast)?
Adam and I both come from technology backgrounds. We both have masters degrees. I'm more geared to business and marketing – the psychology behind it really intrigues me. I'm also a professional standup comedian, as is Tony Gaud, the other host of the show. Our backgrounds in comedy allow us to think fast, come up with varying points of view on topics, and (hopefully) entertain with a certain level of built-in ability. Adam's sense of humor is right in line with what ours is, although he has never ventured out on a stage (unless you count that one time he shed his clothes at the strip club, but he was drunk and, in his defense, he had just done six hits of acid and we convinced him that his pants were made of fire).

Is there anything else your listeners should know about you, your show, etc?
We love people and we aren’t really a bunch of jerks. We just play that way on a podcast.

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