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GENRE: Comedy | Downloads (19422) | Comments (96) | Get Podcast | Visit Site

The 6.5 Questions
All questions answered by Jerry [j], Rob [r] and Bryan [b].

1. How long have you been podcasting?
[j] Since the 60's. [b]1965 to be exact. [r] Most people think of it as mid-Feb 2005.

2. How many shows have you done?
[j] Our entire lives are the show. We've been doing this since we were kids, [b] but for podcasting specifically, we've done about 60 shows so far.

[r] I think we've all gotten a lot more comfortable, for one. Mainly I think that we've all gotten a lot quicker-witted. We still bomb every now and then, but that's the best thing and the worst thing about recording a show live without any editing.

[b] Yeah, I agree with Rob. We had a rough sounding show or two at the beginning, but for the most part they sound very much the same. I think our comfort level and a good feeling of what the show is would be the only differences you can hear. Well, that and the fact that I've finally got the EQ adjusted so that I don't sound as much like real-life.

[j] Quality - The first show was recorded on a PC. The rest have been on a Mac which is an improvement. There seemed to be a lot more noise in our earlier shows. The noise has been limited by a better audio interface, noise reduction plug in filter, pop stoppers and I don't scream into the microphone as much.

Performance - In the beginning I kind of felt like I was trying too hard to think of things to say. I learned to just be as I would be on any normal day hanging out with Rob and Bryan. We also used to do a song in the middle of our show to break things up. We've gotten away from that and I sort of miss that part. The final thing would be that now that we have many people calling into the show, it brings a different dynamic to our show. I act differently in a crowd of people than I do with just the three of us. I have to sort of block it out. That may sound bad but it's not the interaction with outsiders causing a problem. It's just that I tend to listen more and talk less to get a feel for personalities before I speak. We do get some pretty strange calls and voicemails.

[b] I wanted to add that through the whole show, things like the music and the calls seem to run in cycles, and I doubt it will be unusual for us to go back through some of the things we've done before with regards to these segments. Mostly I just want an excuse to yell into the microphone again.

[j]Ours is my favorite. Sorry but I just don't find the same kind of humour anywhere else. It still cracks me up listening to our back catalog.

Adam Curry's Daily Source Code - I heard him on the radio in December 2004 talking about something called podcasting. At the time, no one I talked to knew anything about it. So after I got an iPod and Mac I started downloading his shows and listening.

NASA - Because I like space and stuff - I don't know about that guys voice though. He sounds like a pussy! - I guess I signed up for this one as a one off and just never deleted it. Itunes updates it and I just end up listening to it when I'm working.

I occasionally listen to the Twisted Pickle. And that's pretty much it. Get off my back.

[r] The Twisted Pickle is my absolute favorite show. There's a lot to be said about someone that can carry a full show by themselves, and it helps to be damn funny, too. Being a raving skeptic, Skepticality is another favorite. And how can you go without the Daily Source Code? Great info there.

[b] I may be the worst listener of the three of us (it shows by my non-stop talking on the show). I never listen to our show, though it's one of my favs. I listen to Nate & Di, Twisted Pickle and keep in touch with things to come via the Daily Source Code. I try to keep up with our 138 brothers and sisters at Bibb and Yaz, The Keeme, Podcast 411, Skepticality and I really like to listen to Phil's Bit Jobs for the Masses whenever I can. I'm just getting started with Gabberjaw.

[j] Anyone who wants me to tell them about the show. Go to

[r] I think that our show should be listened to by anyone with ears and a sense of humor. Or better yet, people with ears that want a sense of humor. Nothing in this world makes me laugh harder on a consistent basis than these two guys.

[b] I would say if you breath oxygen, you are a potential listener. It's hard to say who should listen. I've found old people that think some of our stuff is funny and teenagers that like to listen. I'd say anyone stuck in an office all day that is desperately in the need to be entertained, or feel like they are part of hanging out with potential mental patients that like to sound intelligent... You've just found your show.

[j] A fireplace, couch, mantle, and a picture on the wall of an old barn.

[b] professionally, I'm a graphics guy and a technology whore. Personally, I'm just the guy that these two can make laugh hard enough to spawn nose bleeds or make me stop breathing. Jerry is my step-brother of 20+ years, and Rob is a close friend of more than 7 years.

[r] Without trying to bring anyone down, I think that adversity can do two things to people -- it can make them humorless, close minded people, or it can, in my case, make them bring a sense of humor to everything.

[j] Yes.

[r] I don't think there's a lot more to say about the show, because our show is so hard to describe. Give it 30 minutes, and you'll either be horrified or hooked.

[b] What Jerry said, but as a question. "Yes?"

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