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GENRE: Health | Downloads (15252) | Comments (40) | Get Podcast | Visit Site

The 6.5 Questions
1. How long have you been Podcasting?
We have been broadcasting a live talk show every Tuesday night since we launched in 2004. Since that time, we have been trying to make it easier for people to download our program. It was not until we learned about podcasting that we found a more facilitating way for listeners to obtain our files.

2. How many shows have you done?
Since our launch in 2004, we have broadcasted over 72 shows and have interviewed more 250 guests from all across the world.

3. How has your quality/performance changed since your first show?
Despite three months of planning and pre-recorded test runs, our first live show was disastrous. Our show was an entire hour late, due to an unknown server issue. One of our guests who was on hold was becoming upset at how late it was getting, and our phone system was not connecting to our studio mics. At the last moment before we called it quits, the streaming server finally started working. We then figured out a way to record our phone conversations, relieving our on hold guest. Ironically, our show subject was posttraumatic stress!

4. What podcasts do you listen to and which are your favorites?
I cannot say I have a specific favorite podcast, since I listen to many different ones every week. I never look at the top 10; I look for new podcasts that are just added, or the podcast that is at the bottom of the list. It is enjoyable to see the underdogs grow and figure out their way in this exciting new online world.

5. Tell us about your show and who should be listening to it? is a resource by paramedics, for paramedics. Our main feature is a weekly online radio show that delivers interviews with industry experts, and allows listeners to send in their questions via email or live chat. Each show is conveniently archived, and searchable by keyword and date.

We also provide a forum area where EMS personnel from around the globe can ask questions, and share ideas and best practices with each other.

As well, we provide the EMS News Digest, an audio update of the latest in EMS news – a fast and easy way to stay on top of the ever-changing EMS industry. The EMS News Digest is a special feature that we also provide to our affiliates, allowing them to keep their site visitors up to date. is proud to feature select sponsors and advertisers on our shows and throughout the site. Our site visitors trust us to provide only high quality products and services, and our advertisers reflect that commitment to excellence. Our shows provide a venue for audio (radio) ads, while the rest of the site is a venue for visual (banner) ads. To learn more, please visit our online site:

6. What is your background?
I have worked in EMS for over a decade. When I was still in high school, I worked with an ambulance service during my Spring Break and have been active in EMS ever since. I began my career as a lifeguard, progressing to the fire service, to my current position as an advanced care paramedic for Emergency Health Services Nova Scotia. I have participated in Operation Parasol at CFB Greenwood in 1999, and was present during the search for survivors after Swiss Air 111 crash in 1998. I have been featured in medical publications and national radio programs. Currently I am the executive director of, an online resource for paramedics where I host the website’s featured radio show.

6.5. Is there anything else your listeners should know about you, your show, Etc?
Podcasting is one of the most exciting things to happen online in a long time. Keeping in the spirit of the Internet, I think podcasters should work together to help each other grow and develop podcasting into professional businesses. Getting more people interested in Podcasting should be our communities’ number one goal. There is no “i” in podcast!

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