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E-Content 100 Winner
Reel Reviews - Films Worth Watching
GENRE: TV & Film | Downloads (26817) | Comments (155) | Get Podcast | Visit Site

The 6.5 Questions
1. How long have you been podcasting?
I have been podcasting since mid-October. Id never had a blog or site before. For me it was all about jumping into podcasting.

2. How many shows have you done?
I have roughly 25 Reel Reviews shows up and Im adding more all the time. Ive done 3 of the Cinephile Series where we get really deep into films like Memento and Mulholland Drive. Ive also had some success with the first few of my Podcast About the Podcast series, which is a how to for people new to podcasting.

3. How has your quality/performance changed since your first show?
Like most people I started by plugging a basic mic into my laptop and recorded away. What no one ever tells you when you start podcasting is that you have to become your own audio engineer. Turns out there is a reason audio engineers are paid well, there is a lot to learn. Since that time I have really worked hard to get the best sound possible out of my podcast. I have upgraded to a broadcast microphone, hardware voice processors and a stand-alone recording device. In fact, I did a podcast about how I have upgraded along the way and include audio clips to sample the differences as well as pictures of all the gear and editing software. (

4. What podcasts do you listen to and which are your favorites?
Daily Source Code for my daily podcast news and updates. Evil Genius Chronicles I like Dave Slusher's take on things, he speaks the truth. Rock and Roll Geek Show Michael Butler is awesome nuff said. Dawn and Drew - Got to get your dose of DnD! Viva Podcast Check out Greg and Lisa if you havent already. Grape Radio friends of mine that do a great job with wine.

There are too many to list. Podcast Brothers, Bitterest Pill, The Point and Two Rights to name a few more. When this runs Im going to kick myself for forgetting someone.

5. Tell us about your show and who should be listening to it?
If you like film you should give us a try. Reel Reviews is a podcast about Films Worth Watching. It consists of the regular Reel Reviews - a podcast running roughly 10 minutes, oriented towards encouraging listeners to check out quality films they may have missed or those worthy of a second viewing. My goal is to arm the listener with a good list of films "to see" for the next visit to their video store or online service. The second podcast is the Cinephile Series that run 30 plus minutes in length, and take a more in-depth and scholarly look at a given film. Recent examples include Memento and Mulholland Drive. The greatest compliment I have received is when someone suggested that you listen to my Reel Review before seeing the film because it will enhance the film watching experience. That is exactly what I am going for. I felt like I hit a homerun when I read that.

6. What is your background (especially if relevant to your podcast)?
I live in Newport Beach, CA with my wife and two young sons. I own my own business and have been fortunate enough to indulge my passion for film. When we built out home we included a dedicated theater, which is where I watch the films and record the podcast. All together I have over 1200 films on DVD and laserdisc so I enjoy taking requests from listeners.

6.5 Is there anything else your listeners should know about you, your show, etc?
Reel Reviews recently entered into a syndication deal with Now that they also run our content we have access to some prerelease DVDs and filmmaker interviews. Everything is moving so fast in podcasting I just try to keep up the pace and deliver better and better shows for the listeners.

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