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Entertainment Weekly Feature: Harry Potter on the Web: The best sites

Congratulations to MuggleNet, and their podcast, which was recently mentioned on the Entertainment Weekly website for the best sites on the net for the Harry Potter Movies....

If you know as much about the wizarding world as a Hogwarts upperclassman, this is the site for you. Here, fans nitpick mistakes, write fan fiction, and hold literary discussions about the characters on a weekly podcast.

Entertainment Weekly's EW.com | Feature

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  1. You have GOT to listen to MuggleNet's Podcast if you have ANY interest in the Harry Potter series. It's one of the coolest shows out there!!

    from the SG Show


  2. That's good, but you should really listen to PotterCast, the Leaky Cauldron's one. (http://www.pottercast.com). Entertainment Weekly should be ashamed for missing out which podcast offered more content - though it is admittedly easy to get lost in the overarching shadow of MuggleNet. If you're a Potter fan and you're missing out on the interviews, fan reviews, interactions, *intelligent*, mature, excellent, funny discussion on PotterCast, then you are simply not getting the Potter podcast that's more worthwhile. The MuggleCast guys are good, and funny, but are so wrapped up in themselves and so unconcerned with making their show better or more focused on Potter. They're good for a laugh, but PotterCast is where the Potter meat is. Listen to one and you'll be hooked.


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