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Early Social Media Company SplashCast Calls it Quits

SplashCast Throws in the Towel

SplashCast Throws in the Towel

One of the earlier players in new media/social media, SplashCast, has officially thrown in the towel and called it quits. The Portland, Oregon based start-up CEO Mike Berkley had the following to say in the official closing blog post,

"...over the last few months the company has had to make difficult decisions relating to allocation of limited resources.   SplashCast has been unable to secure the necessary funding to continue operations.  SplashCast accomplished great things with tiny resources.  Despite the fact that we were ultimately unable to survive the headwinds we faced, it’s remarkable what we were able to achieve".

Playing in the online space since 2004, the company became more widely known in early 2007 when they started getting into the social space releasing tools very similar to the Mevio tools including: building channels, organizing online content, delivering unique online advertising campaigns, delivering video to facebook and myspace and more.

It is sad to see another online media company forced to call it quits, but I guess it opens the doors for the ones out there still working hard and living the dream to be successful.

(insert moment of silence for SplashCast)

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