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CDC Podcast Teaches You How to Protect Yourself Against Swine Flu (in English and Spanish)

Slobbery, gross pig nose.

Photo by Ollie Crafoord (on flickr)

The CDC as well as the Minnesota Department of Health have been actively researching and providing information to people around the world with information about the Swine Flu (or the H1N1 flu). Some of the methods published most recently are both a Q&A in text format as well as associated audio podcast with tips on how to stay healthy and not become infected with the swine flu. These podcasts are easy to access, are available in English and Spanish and are freely available around the world! What a great use for podcasting, hats off to the CDC!

For those of you in the dark (and might I add a 'shame on you'), here is a short description of what the swine flu/H1N1 flu is:

"H1N1 (referred to as “swine flu” early on) is a new influenza virus causing illness in people. This new virus was first detected in people in the United States in April 2009. Other countries, including Mexico and Canada, have reported people sick with this new virus. This virus is spreading from person-to-person, probably in much the same way that regular seasonal influenza viruses spread."

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