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Podcasting Legal Guide - Creative Commons

Ever had questions about the legalities of your podcast? Do you have questions about trademarks, copyrights and other legal issues regarding podcasting? If so, you will be interested in the article published on the Creative Commons Wiki. They have outlined a few of the top questions asked when it comes to legality in podcasting for […]

First Podcast with 10,000 Podcast Alley Votes

Congratulations to the Dawn and Drew Show! They are the first podcast on Podcast Alley to cross the 10,000 Vote mark! That is quite an impressive accomplishment, so hats off to Dawn and Drew and their faithful minions. If I could throw you a party, I would. >> See their Podcast Here

Coming of Age : Opposing Party Orders Withdrawing of Podcast from Website

In an interesting story that popped up today on the Reporters Without Borders website, it seems that electoral authorities have ordered the removal of a podcast from one of the candidates websites in a Singaporean election. This is the first time (to my knowledge) that a government anywhere has taken podcasting so seriously to the […]

An Obituary for Mass Media

I saw this story pop up from the BBC yesterday about them updating their site to incorporate socially driven media/content, but this spin on it from WebProNews.com deserved a hilite because, in my opinion, they hit the nail on the head with the title, ‘An Obituary for Mass Media’. Click through to their site and […]

Apple Chomps Into Forbidden Fruit: Ads

According to AdAge, Apple may be planning a start to advertising inside of iTunes, and potentially your iPod, very soon. From what we can gather from the article, ads will appear in the botom left hand corner of iTunes only while you listen to podcasts. If you have a few minutes…check out the whole article, […]

Jacobs Media Survey Reports: Podcasting is Emerging as a Viable Content Medium

An interesting survey was performed recently by Jacobs Media of 25,000 respondents from over 75 Rock-formatted radio stations from all over the US and the results were quite interesting, especially in regard to podcasting. Some pretty interesting statistics. From the Report: Finally, podcasting is having an impact. One-fifth (22%) of those who own an iPod […]

Two executives leave startup Melodeo

While podcasting is still very young, one of podcastings funded companies is losing their top executives. In an interesting article published today 2 members of the team at Melodeo, the folks trying to bring podcasting to mobile phones, have up and left. It seems awfully early in the game for people to be dropping out […]

Podcaster License Plate

What I’m finding out is that you can do, or get, just about anything in San Francisco (where I now live)…proven by the license plate seen here. I love podcasting, but Joe Carpenter of A Guy, A Girl and A Bottle Podcast loves podcasting a bit more than I do. Either that or he got […]

PR Web Offering Free Podcast Interview with Upgraded News Releases

If you are really into the whole press release thing and looking to share valuable information with the world, then you are going to want to check out the new PR Web service. Apparently if you buy into their upgraded release package (around $200) you can not only get your press release out to the […]

Use Melodeo? Get NPR Programming on Your Phone

Another press release I found today mentions that 45 NPR programs will soon be available through the Melodeo mobilcast podcasting software for your mobile phone. Melodeo Gets NPR Podcast Win Seattle-based Melodeo, which develops a mobile phone software application for enabling users to stream podcasts to their mobile phones, said this week that NPR will […]

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