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Reality TV Magazine: Survivor Live To Be Available As Free Podcast On The iTunes

CBS will promote free audio downloads of select CBS programs on the iTunes Music Store, it was announced recently by Larry Kramer, President, CBS Digital Media. The extensive suite of CBS podcasts includes the Survivor Live program. Survivor Live is an Internet talk show featuring Entertainment Weekly’s Dalton Ross and former Survivor Jenna Morasca as […]

Call for short audio hello for Derek of Skepticality

A recent thread started in the PodcastAlley.com forums that I would like to bring to your attention. For those of you who do not know, Derek of Skepticality (a great podcast) has been in the hospital with some serious issues. From what I gather, he seems to be doing a lot better physically but we […]

Entertainment Company's New Site Offers Free Podcast Adventure Novel

“In preparation for its 10th anniversary, educational entertainment company, Candlelight Stories (www.CandlelightStories.com) has opened a redesigned web site which includes new free podcast content. The podcast, called ‘Pirate Jack : A Podcast Novel’ is available via the Candlelight Stories web site. It is being offered in weekly chapters that are in MP3 format. Anyone with […]

iPod Nano Spoof

This doesnt belong here, but I thought it was quite funny. This is a spoof on the new iPod Nano ads circulating the world, and worth the 60 second download and the 30 second watch, in my opinion. iPod Nano Spoof (video/quicktime)

Digidesign Mbox 2 | Sweetwater.com

I own the original Mbox and love it. It has phantom power for 2 condensor mics, 2 aux (1/4″) inputs, stereo out, midi control, ProTools LE and more. However, they announced today the new Mbox 2 has been released. Boasting new features, and a new sexier layout, here is what they have to say about […]

Diggnation and Dolby Provide Surround Sound Experience

“Diggnation, a weekly web/tech culture show, today announced a collaboration with Dolby Laboratories to deliver a special one-time demonstration podcast offering a preview of Dolby(R) Headphone technology. Dolby Headphone technology delivers 5.1 surround sound over any set of standard headphones. Recorded at Dolby Laboratories in San Francisco, Episode #14 will be available to listeners on […]

Whirlpool is podcasting

Always interesting to find companies that do it right. I like the idea of letting people find it naturally. I guess they could just be lazy, but none the less, I thought it was interesting. “The podcasts were produced and moderated by Whirlpool’s director of customer insight, Audrey Reed-Granger, who has a background in broadcasting. […]

Podcasting Puts the Three R's in Sex Education

Finally, some has done it! I knew it was only a matter of time, and thanks to Jackstreet Media, it has come to be. Sex education comes to an iPod near you. 🙂 Education is, in my opinoin, going to be a huge market in the podcasting world and I am glad to see that […]

iTunes on Windows Mobile

Ok, this is not the most exciting thing ever, but it to me is more interesting than the crappy itunes phone. At least this has an operating version of itunes on it that people could use and understand. “Rumor Mill: iTunes on Windows Mobile. I can’t confirm it myself, but this is a little too […]

BusinessWeek Editors Choice: Podcast Alley Best Podcasting Service

Business Week recenly published the results of their “Best of the New Web” survey, including the editors picks. Included were podcasting sites such as Insomnia Radio, IT Conversations and Skepticality as well as podcasting services from PodcastAlley, Odeo, iTunes and AudioBlog. All included should be delighted…I know I am honored. “In our travels around the […]

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