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Flickr: Photos tagged with podcastexpo

Come one, come all…let the PME photo taking and tagging begin! I will be keeping my eye out for all the photos that pop up from the Expo, so make sure you tag them with podcast expo so we can find them! Flickr: Photos tagged with podcastexpo

Get the "Add to My Yahoo" Icon for your Podcast

Ever wonder how you as a podcaster could add that “Add to My Yahoo!” icon to your website so people can subscribe to your blog or podcast through My Yahoo? I found a page today that will help you create your own button.Get Yours Now! “Millions of people visit Yahoo! every day. Make it easy […]

Yahoo! Search blog: Video Search To Go!

On a Yahoo Employee blog recently I found a post from Andy Volk, a Product Manager for Yahoo! Video Search. He has a nice tutorial showing you how to use the Yahoo video search to create an RSS feed and how to subscribe to it in iTunes, and eventually transfer it to your new video […]

WashingtonPost.com Now Video Podcasting

The Washington Post announced recently that they have decided to start producing a video podcast. They have produced one episode already and in it the columnist Rob Pegoraro gives a demo of the new iPod video and some of its features and limitations. Check out the links below for more information. >> washingtonpost.com video podcast […]

New Scientist tests ad-funded podcasts

Found this story today…will be interesting to see what the results are, if they publish them. Others have tried this in the past, but still no word on how successful they were. “Science and technology news provider New Scientist has begun testing a podcasting service, with the intention to include audio adverts. The first edition […]

Wired News: No Porn for You, Video IPod!

Although some have emerged already, according to WIRED magazine (in an interview with L.R. Clinton Fayling, president of Brickhouse Mobile) video pornography will be slow to adopt the new iPod video format. I guess that will leave it to the amateurs to make all the money offering their personal skin flicks to the masses. Here […]

ABC News: Assessing the Potential of Podcasts

If you are into podcasting, or thinking about it, you may want to give this article a read. A writer from PC Magazine (through the ABC News Website) interviews people from both sides of the fence. Find out both sides of the story, from believers, to nay-sayers, in this article. “The beauty of podcasting may […]

ABC Radio Networks Debuts New Site

“ABC Radio Networks has launched a comprehensive new Web site, ABCRadio.com, incorporating new features that provide a central location for listeners, advertisers and affiliates to obtain complete information related to all of ABC Radio’s News/Talk, Sports, Music & Entertainment, and Urban & Hispanic programming. The new site features an ABC/ESPN Radio podcasting directory, as well […]

Motorola announces groundbreaking music podcast

“Motorola will release a podcast for its ROKR iTunes phone next week – one of the first podcasts on the planet to feature legally-licensed music from big name music acts. The company describes the inclusion of music – a major step the podcasting phenomenon – as: “Marking another step towards full legitimacy of a format […]

'Ancestor' on Pace to be Most-Popular Podcast Novel Ever

Saw this post pop up on the Yahoo Finance site today and was really proud of Scott Sigler. He has worked really hard and created great content for podcasters to consume. If you are reading this and like great sci-fi stories, you should go check out botht the Earthcore Podcast and the Ancestor Podcast, both […]

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