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PodShow and Limelight Networks Launch PodShowPDN

It’s official… PodShow has announced their partnership with Limelight Networks, the world leader in delivering digital media! This is a giant step that gives podcasters the tools they need to take their shows to the next level and getting rid of a lot of the headaches and concerns that surround podcasting now. PodShow, Inc., the […]

French Made TV Podcast. Entertainment or Education?

Here is an interesting podcast. A few woman, dressed up as French Maids, teach you (in all their frenchy-goodness) how to do stuff. From what I can tell, there are two episodes available online now. One is how to give CPR the other is on how to create a Video Podcast. From Their Site: Here […]

Purdue University Audio/Video Podcast Support

Being a graduate of Purdue University, I try to stay in touch a bit with what they have going on. I graduated from the School of Technology and am glad to see the school is still making me proud. Not to long ago some folks started recording audio of different lectures on Purdues’ campus (over […]

Motorola and Yahoo! Demonstrate Mobile Podcasting : WebWire

From WebWire.com, the internet press release resource, we find out that Yahoo! and Motorola are getting together to provide advanced podcasting support for Motorola cell phones. Subscribe to podcasts directly or drag and drop them from your PC, then listen to the episodes on your cell. Today at 3GSM World Congress 2006, Motorola, Inc. , […]

Voy Latino Music and Podcasting Site Launched

While the music side of the Voy site is a streaming Latino radio station, the Podcast section is a bit different. It is the start of a great Latino podcast directory. Currently they seem to have about 19 different podcasts listed, I’m sure this list will grow with time. If you are a Latino Podcaster […]

RocketBoom Sells first ad Spots on Ebay for $40,000!

An Ebay.com Bidder won 5 advertising spots in the RocketBoom podcast recently. Each ad can be from 15 to 60 seconds and will run once a day for a week. The total winning? $40,000. WHAT YOU ARE BIDDING ON Rocketboom is a three minute daily videoblog based in New York City and is one of […]

Learn to Play Guitar with Podcasting. Seriously!

Here is another great podcast, one that is entertaining and educational. For those of you who have no idea how to play guitar, this may be the podcast for you. It is a video podcast that seems to be quite amazing. They show you, all in one screen, what the note is, when to change […]

Rocketboom Podcast on CSI : Jawbone Radio

I know this is a few days late, but none the less…here it is. Amanda from the RocketBoom (video) podcast was on a recent episode of CSI. Thats right, the popular TV Show C.S.I! Congratulations! Thanks to Len from JawBone Radio for posting a link to the video. I think we may have a winner […]

Coca-Cola Sends Bloggers To Olympics : MediaPost

Found this interesting story today when doing my podcast news round up. Seems that Coca-Cola is paying to send bloggers and podcasters from around the world to fly, and stay, in Italy during the Olympics. Seems like a cool idea to me, can’t wait to see what the outcome is… LONGTIME OLYMPICS SPONSOR COCA-COLA HAS […]

PK & J Podcast and Soccergirl Song!

Ok, this isn’t really important podcasting news, but I just wanted to pimp the PK & J Show. They wrote and played this funny little song about the Soccergirl Incorporated Podcast a while back that just cracked me up, and they played it again at the VERY begining of their 51st Episode. So, thank you […]

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