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Podcaster License Plate

What I’m finding out is that you can do, or get, just about anything in San Francisco (where I now live)…proven by the license plate seen here. I love podcasting, but Joe Carpenter of A Guy, A Girl and A Bottle Podcast loves podcasting a bit more than I do. Either that or he got […]

PR Web Offering Free Podcast Interview with Upgraded News Releases

If you are really into the whole press release thing and looking to share valuable information with the world, then you are going to want to check out the new PR Web service. Apparently if you buy into their upgraded release package (around $200) you can not only get your press release out to the […]

Use Melodeo? Get NPR Programming on Your Phone

Another press release I found today mentions that 45 NPR programs will soon be available through the Melodeo mobilcast podcasting software for your mobile phone. Melodeo Gets NPR Podcast Win Seattle-based Melodeo, which develops a mobile phone software application for enabling users to stream podcasts to their mobile phones, said this week that NPR will […]

College notifies applicants via podcast

What better way to introduce podcasting as a university tool than to send your college acceptance information to incoming students via podcast! From iPodNN: College notifies applicants via podcast Fitchburg State College is distributing emails with a link to a podcast to all accepted applicants for the fall semester, in an attempt to ease the […]

To be on TV or not to be on TV : CNN Money

Another interesting article caught my eye today about the state of the advertising industry in regard to the :30 second TV advertisement. It seems that a lot of marketers are noticing a decline in traditional TV advertisings effectiveness. So what does this mean to us podcasters? To me it seems there will be a lot […]

PodTech Receives $5.5 Million in Funding

I know this post is a little late as this news has been out for a bit now, but congratulations are in order to the PodTech group and their recent funding. Congratulations guys, keep up the great work! PodTech.Network, Inc., a media company dedicated to podcasting and delivering Fresh Voices, has announced that it has […]

Microsoft Podcasting Client

About time we heard something from Microsoft in regard to podcasting. It seems that they did a demo of a new podcatching application at a recent conference. From WebProNews.com: Giovanni Gallucci reports that Microsoft demo’d its upcoming podcasting client at Mix ‘06. Not much information, except that performance was excellent, with a Rocketboom video playing […]

Ups and Downs of Evoca : The Social Software Weblog

A new recording service was announced recently called Evoca that allows you to record audio (or upload it) to their site. Sound familiar? Yes, it does remind a bit of Odeo too…however, I have to agree with the Weblogs Inc folks in pointing out one interesting thing and that is while they have cool services, […]

Get your podcasts transcribed right here : PodClerk.com

If you really want your podcast converted from audio to text, a service is now available for you to get it done. From their site… PodClerk.com offers transcription of your own or your favorite podcasts into a plain text, html, rtf, pdf or even xml. Just submit the URL of your podcasts (.mp3 or rss […]

AT&T Podcast Ad on NYC Phone Booth

My brother (from www.thedizzyband.com) sent me this photo he snapped with his cell phone this morning. It was on the side of a phone boothe in New York City. AT&T Podcast Ad on NYC Phone Booth, originally uploaded by theFerf.

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