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Another Podcast Hosting Site MIA!

It has come to my attention that there has been another death in the podcasting family.... www.slapcast.com. From what I've seen, there looks to be an issue with the domain owner either having forgot to renew the domain or choosing not to (or maybe it got hijacked!). Either way, this is a tragedy to the podcasters using the SlapCast service.

If your podcast was hosted or controlled by SlapCast.com and you have lost your podcast... please contact me ASAP. It doesn't make sense and we want to help you get your podcast up and running again.

Send an email to [email protected] with your show name and contact information and lets get this fixed. PodShow will be happy to help you get your podcast running again.

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  1. Thanks guys/gals!

    It will really help me out.

    -Mike AKA Benzoid


  2. Chris - rumors of SlapCast's demise are extremely premature. You are correct about one thing--it was a domain renewal issue. A hyperactive spam filter caught my renewal notices.

    SlapCast.com is alive and well.


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