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8 Ways to Connect Online and Offline Customers : Yahoo! Small Business

In this months (August 2006) edition of the Yahoo! Small Business Newsletter the writers brought up the topic of podcasting. The title of the newsletter was "8 Ways to Connect Online and Offline Customers" and the point of this newsletter is to help small businesses using their services do more and better business. So when I saw that one of the 8 ways was podcasting, I thought I would share it with all of you.

I have been a Yahoo! Store developer for about 5 years now and even run a few of my businesses through the Yahoo! Store shopping cart as well. I really enjoy getting the newsletters from Yahoo! and am glad to see them talking about podcasting as a viable marketing and communication tool.

Here is a Snippet from the Newsletter:

Create a podcast. Expand your online resources by providing online customers the option to download podcasts on your web site geared specifically to them. Podcasts are an effective way to drive traffic to your site, especially in the age of the iPod. If you have certain items in-store with information about related podcasts, it will spur technology-savvy customers to visit your site.

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